The Breakdown: US ships 1st donated vaccine doses to nations in need

Plus, the White House calls on businesses to boost cybersecurity and the NFL says it will halt controversial “race-norming” practice.
35:32 | 06/03/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: US ships 1st donated vaccine doses to nations in need
Hello everyone. Welcome to the break down I'm Terry Moran Diane to office today and we are learning new details about that wave of cyber attacks it is targeting the United States and are vulnerable infrastructure and the country's biggest meat processing company has resumed most production after a ransom where attack for some 900 US plans to shut down. The FBI's willing to criminal organizations based surprise surprise in Russia and as president Biden plans to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin about cyber security. When they meet face to face me in less than two weeks we have the latest from the White House and what to know how about that national security implications in just a moment. Meanwhile jobless claims to get another pandemic low that's good news dropping to thread an 85000 in. The past week beating expectations by nearly 101000 claims and that is. Really good but it where should you look. If you still need a job. We're going to be breaking down the industries that are hiring right now and the NFL has agreed to. Ended the practice of so called embracing the warming in connection of the landmark concussion settlement. The controversial practice assumed that black players start out with a lower cognitive functioning than white players yeah that was the actual policy in the NFL and some for black players say it was used to deny them money in their brain injury claims we're gonna take a look at that we're gonna begin. With the White House announcing it has shipped the first komen vaccine doses that the United States government is sharing with other nations in need. The US has committed to donating a total of eighty million doses around the world by the end of the month and the first million of which are set to be delivered to South Korea tonight. Our White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us live. For more on this now. So Karen eighty million doses that'll that'll help where the rest lives does is going on suicide the South Korean how big of an impact do you think this can have around the world. It's going have an impact Kerry but of course the administration and leaders around the world health officials are saying. It's just the beginning and more of course needs to be done but let's just break down some of the numbers eighty million doses. Is what the Biden administration has committed so far to sending over C is. They now estimated 75%. Of those doses will go to co backs. That's global initiative to try and get vaccines distributed all around the world countries can't buy in on that they're getting loans to do that they can get them through donations but this is kind of like big catch all plays who will then start distributing it and the White House says this is the best way to do the bulk of these doses because you insure that it's done equitably. The other remaining 25%. Will go to partner countries. Countries at the United States has relationships with neighbors Mexico and Canada. And K Terry countries that have reached out directly to the United States asking for these doses so. As you say you South Korea both get their first batch 29 they think a million of them will be getting there. And there's also going to be a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean south and southeast Asia and Africa. And it helps us all every shot and every arm around the world keeps us all a little safer so a president Biden here at home. On the vaccine rollout he's calling for a month of action to reach his goal of 70%. Of the US adult population. Having at least one shot by the fourth of July how's that going and what kind of initiatives did they have did try and make it happen. They still have to make up a lot of ground you know about 63%. Of Americans have already hit that number of a one shot in the arm at least one shot if you're getting Pfizer and the dirt nap. And the president wants to see this done and 7% by July 4 Independence Day holiday where the nation can declare itself somewhat independent of the virus. And to do that they're taking a very multi strong approach on this you're gonna see the vice president come on Harris leading. A tour where she's gonna go to communities to try and drum up interest and awareness about the vaccines senior officials cabinet secretaries will be doing the same thing. But the two things Terry they've had two pronged approach here is one in San nets get people who've. Navy they wanted to do read but they just needed that extra little push. Free beer free doughnut said chance to win scholarships or actual cold hard cash they're a lot of different things of the administration is turning to private businesses to do. Baseball teams doing it at stadiums and and you get some free tickets the other part of that though is the people who want to get a shot they don't need to be lured in with the don't matter beer but it's not convenient for them or they feel it's not convenient and I think what really interesting things we heard from the president Esther say yesterday Terry is. They're partnering with some of the largest child care companies in the United States' suit people. He didn't drop off their kids get some child cared to go get a shot. Ordered child care if they're not feeling well after the shot they will be able to do that and that's they think it's gonna make a big difference for some Americans. We'll have that will make a big difference for sure those. Lotteries that Peres giving the best odds of any lottery every lead to win a million dollars you didn't used to a hundred million people are under many tickets are sold lot fewer here. So let's turn for a moment. Do the White House calling on businesses to state take steps to strengthen their security in the wake of these. We should cyber attacks a housing administration responding to this wave of attacks as the president prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin. Yet at message today from this cyber security expert in the administration telling businesses. They need to start making sure they're doing what they need to do to protect their companies to protect their customers wouldn't let a nudge or reminder of the things that they can be doing and already should be dealing. And he also the other part of this of course is that summit with Vladimir couldn't which is coming up now in less than two weeks. A lot of questions about whether this is rewarding including. While these ransom where attacks and cyber attacks keep happening. The winehouse has made it very clear Terry I ask this question our colleagues have asked this question. They say they don't see this is or award but that this is a chance for the president to really push Vladimir Putin's. On this issue of cyber security that that's what he's going to do it will be a big topic of their conversations. In Geneva in two weeks now the other thing though is what are they going to do in response right now and wounded on the question of retaliation. Terry. The White House is not getting any. All options right now our on the table our colleague Mary Bruce asked yesterday about retaliation and what president Biden might do. And the president said that he's looking at this issue closely Mary also asked if he thought that President Putin may be testing him with these ransom where attacks. And Biden seem to stop laugh a little bit and then said no. No pollutants contesting every president an entire century so far Karen Travers in Washington. Thanks as always thanks very. Well these revelations about cyber attacks on urban transportation systems on a major food supplier and health care companies and major gas pipeline. They raised major questions about what's next. What puts you US businesses and essential services at risk so joining us to discuss as Tom postured. ABC news can German or former Homeland Security advisor to president trump and president. George W. Bush said Tom. As they just said you've been involved in two administration trying to protect the country from the and cyber attacks and other threats to their Homeland Security. Are you surprised that here we are a you know all these years later and that these dramatic vulnerabilities have been exposed in just a few weeks. Unfortunately I'm not and then I I talked to in new Berger the White House official that the Scott Martin's former responsibility now this morning. San I was really encouraged about the memo she put out on behalf of the administration today. Essentially warning them that the threat is increasing. That foreign governments are willing to intervene some more upstanding independent. Supporting these groups. And essentially telling any company that thinks there outside the target list to think again. And you know I think a lot of Americans have been surprised obviously you know we've heard about cyber text and now we're living them. There impacting our day to day lives in me and in some ways and that threat the prospect that this would increase is somewhat alarming so real for people who are interested what kind of ideas what can we be doing better not just. Citizens but our government to prevent a major attack on our nation's infrastructure should company's plan on just paying these ransoms. Into the horizon as colonial pipeline did. You know it as as a matter of public policy that's a terrible idea you don't wanna reward. The bad guys you don't want to fund their efforts. And paying ransom does both. As an individual corporate risk management matter you can't fall some of these companies dissent especially those in authority to enact. They've got to find some way to resume their business operations. So Americans should be walk by worried about this. I think a number of things have changed but the geo political landscape around all this is only one of them. I think the other is that these criminal groups are finding that there incentives are lined up with all of the had a series of the United States. And we've got all sorts of vulnerabilities. Says today it was a meat processing plans yesterday and oil pipelines. Tomorrow may be an energy grid energy provider we're really local. A story you rely on. Besides this is a risks are a little bit hard for people to understand but they're computer systems are very vulnerable so are the messages that the west put out today it was. Threats are serious and they are increasing. Meaning there where. What's going on in what the future plans of these bad guys are. In MP and a borderless world every time you media turn on a device you're inviting. A lot of people you don't know perhaps in your company and your home. And into transit agencies we're learning more about. The attack on that New York metropolitan transit agency the largest in the country that happened in April the matches Massachusetts transit agencies. Hacking group involved believed to have been Chinese and the FB announced FBI now says the attack on JBS meat company likely carried out by a group in Russia. So how do you rank. Or evaluate the threats from those two adversaries and and we have to column at this point Russia and China in this fear the cyber security sphere. Yeah you know since there's a lot of debate as to who's the bigger threat what I'm worried about now is the fact that the two countries are clearly working together. China and Russia are showing all sorts of evidence that they've rekindle there's the so called Sina Soviet alliance. Something very troubling. And it goes into this larger geopolitical risk picture that I just have referenced a moment ago. If the Chinese and the Russians come together and their desire to destabilize the United States. Then we are intact in a sort of Cold War to. And in my view the battle space of that new Cold War will be as a proxy battle fight of cyberspace and and you just allow a third party that you call a criminal group enough for plausible and I ability to carry out the taxes that help undermine the United States and we Foster them allow them to operate. That's why I saw president Biden saying this he's going to hold. Countries accountable for the groups that operate within those countries against our interests to be an escalation in a very positive development. Well and he had an opportunity as you know less than two weeks to deliver that message personally to one of those adversaries. President Vladimir Putin who spend their third since Clinton was president. And it seems to me he's played just about every US president since then they viewer comprising Joseph Biden. And going up against this canny and ruthless adversary. What do you tell. You know interestingly the first thing at Thomas not to underestimate him of course Joseph Biden doesn't need that advice he's dealt with President Putin before. But this seems to be a slightly different version of prudent and we've seen in the past. He's almost gone through different phases this is kind of cool and three point oh if you will he's not all that popular home. Now he's always rigs certain election literally we've always felt that he's put a heavy some on the scale. But this time is different he's facing opposition from the young professionals in Russia that don't agree with his tactics. They're turned off by the sect these poisoning in jail and jailing his political opponents. He's now taken to arresting members essentially their House of Representatives they're Duma. Just for meeting. And they've got an upcoming major election in September where he'll no doubt lose some seats in his party. So I think what we're seeing is prudent consolidating power he's he's changed their constitution to give him two more terms in office. Then he's essentially. Telling his oligarchs to go out and do whatever they and they need to to undermine the United States and now he's starting to roll troops to the west. These are all things that are almost going to guarantee that she's got a strident aggressive president. Biden in his face. So I don't see how he gets anything from this but I do believe there are some opportunities for us to perhaps at least drive a wedge between China and Russia. And there may be some pressure points as you say within Russia for those young Russians who have known no other leader and don't really have a great future. Vladimir Putin and his cronies get richer and richer. And they don't and then maybe there is an opportunity for US pressures are Tom Bonser as always for that expert opinion thanks very much. Thank you Terry. Sort of turning the economy now earlier today we learned that. 385000. People filed for unemployment last week that does not good for them obviously but. It's a good sign because this marks the first time that number has dropped below 400000. Since March 14 20/20 one Covert nineteenth. Forced shut down to cross the country. But what did these positive new numbers mean for the millions of Americans who are still looking for a job let's bring in ABC news business correspondent dinner Bolton. So agenda which industries out there. Are doing a lot of the hardware to which of the best industries if you're looking for job to go looking. Terry there are three industries that are stealing all the others under but in the best way possible so leisure and hospitality. This is really where we're adding that most Johnson back to the economy not a huge surprise this was this actor that was really hurt the most during a pandemic. But if you look at comparison charts here you will see its basic at least three times this string. Unlike any other categories and certainly standing out heads bars and restaurants reopened at full capacity. As hotels reopen in his people feel more comfortable even going to outdoor concerts. All of those events all of those outings this fall under that category as far as eat peanuts this are taking this data from. That all fall under that category next up he's. Heaven tying for silver and bronze in that you might. Health services a big part of me think about your dances thinking now sound elective procedures or check ups and needy people wouldn't put off during and out of me. Oh my shoulder hurts but it's not hurting that much you might put off that we need during a pandemic. Now you're going back to your doctor's office looking back that doctors office is also bringing back his or her stash. Interestingly enough on the third category. Trade and transport which are very much a link to sell at department stores reopen as we all want cheese shop believe more in person they're obviously passage begins for us a look at lower in those places. So the trade and transport is really adding and you can county away infer hugely Reese now part of that Terry. Well general Glenn now let's talk about the geography of employment as we come out of this pandemic. Is. The entire nation coast to coast hiring at the same rate or are are their bright spots in spots that are still struggling. Assume there are Red Sox and spots that are still struggling though we're really at this pivotal moment we're seeing a huge shift for well I'll just point out. That this stage that were at least it stressed. We hit fully regulations which locked down there the winds that if you look at their unemployment rates compared to the others. I held up reasonably steady so Florida is a good example of that. The governor resisted for better or worse closing a lot of businesses. And so Florida as a state unemployment has held very steady if you can parents you for example California. Or New York. But here's the underlining factor here are your it and admit it we saw a huge economic shifts. Towards good news and away from services because quite frankly most of us were scared to interact with other humans so obviously that's an up and patterns. And spending patterns that is beginning to shifting. So in his latest set of data and what we see your tons of services jobs being added. And today's jobs being. But on each charge of the GE to see basically the West Coast. And the north east gaining strength as we returned to shoot the portable normal services based economy and Terry you notice is well tomorrow. Sheer number every economist engines during every marketer does it and paying attention to it. We're gonna find out how many jobs were Agassi US economy last month. For those keeping track their home there are still still rather seven point six million jobs missing if you like from the US economy if you compare that he February 20/20 number so that's going to be a big pivot point for investors and citizens are Terry. Partly because job growth has it seems slowed a little bit people reluctant may be to come back ABC news business correspondent Deirdre Bolton. Thanks very much. Shares when that now we turned to the sports world and to a story that acts you honestly when I heard about act I couldn't believe it was real the National Football League. Has agreed to end a practice. So called race no warming in connection with a landmark concussion settlement you probably heard about. Some form players say that the controversial race storming practice assumed that black players start out with a lower cognitive functioning. Yes you heard that right the NFL using a formula that assumes a black. Players started out would lower cognitive functioning than white players and that was used. To deny the black players equal money in the brain injury claims one billion dollar brain injury lawsuit for repetitive concussions injuries ESPN's Ryan Smith. Has the full story. The NFL is pledging to make sure race no longer plays a part in the landmark 2013. NFL concussion settlement program. Which is so far paid eligible former players suffering from the effects of head injuries. Hundreds of millions of dollars Mo doesn't give you an expiration date you just explorer but players like former Steelers defensive end to even Henrik. Say they didn't qualify because of the color of their skin despite battling memory loss headaches and depression. Symptoms Henry suspects are long term effects of head injuries he sustained on the field his claims were denied I just want to be looked at the same way as a white guy. At the center of the firestorm. Controversial practice known as recent warming in medicine. It's supposed to help doctors make better diagnoses. By using race to make assumptions about a patient's background critics say using it to determine level of brain injury. Is discriminatory. Because it assumes black players start at a lower cognitive level than white ones making it harder for black players to prove enough damage. To qualify for payouts. How did you react when you learn. There was a different standard being used for black players to get benefits as compared to white players. Arthur O sol tree and I still feel that worry though the NFL says there is no merit to any claim of discrimination. An NFL spokesperson now tells ABC news. They are. Committed to eliminating race based norms in the program. Saying the league will review claims that were previously rejected. Are you. Attorney Chris seeger is representing the former players he's the same man who negotiated the landmark settlement eight years ago accident it was in the details of the settlement. That a recommendation of recent warming in evaluating former players. Was included. But he's now under fire from a growing number of his own clients who feel he let them down in the original negotiations. And in his more recent response to criticism of the program. I'm really sorry that anybody anybody any client of mine in this program has been made to feel that way. That was a big mistake it was a failure of the system now in an exclusive interview with ABC news. Seeger is making the shocking admission day I was wrong. I didn't have a full appreciation. Of the scope of the problems I'm on top of this and I'm going to eliminate race Norman from the settlement and if that results and we haven't scored every single claim again. Especially where ray storming was applied. I will fight to have that. So for former black players who have felt discriminated against what arguments you made to them as to why you are the best person to represent them in this process. I'm fully cognizant of what this country's history of what is happening black people in this country I know this very well I can't say I'm walking in somebody else's shoes. But I'm not oblivious to it this has to get fix this is deeper than just the NFL confession settlement. Well Ryan Smith Kidd joins me now for more and a long and our ABC news conjured housing granderson gentlemen welcome and Ryan you've been on this story don't just great reporting as I say I couldn't believe it. When I saw apparently explanation is that they used cognition is a kind of shorthand for socio economic and other about background issues that may. Result in different results from the task for that tells me that they're test isn't working. What do you think about that but also what happens next now big players have been affected. Be yet to your first planetary idea was this fact when this a settlement was agreed to back in 2013. They wanted to claim diagnostic tools to analyze whether or not players and reached a level of impaired cognition in order to get a claim award. So this was one of those process seized. And Chris seeger their requirements in the back then. That was what was used to help get a better picture people from different areas different races different ages. There's also components for different education levels it turns out using in this way in this settlement. Ends up as many people feel being discriminatory so what are now doing is the NFL is bound to get rid of it. But it's never as simple as it seems the NFL is coming up with different alternatives. For evaluating players. Other than brainstorming and Chris seeger is looking back trying to see who was impacted by this is someone who's claim might have been denied because trees Germany's use. And trying to get them paid so well. To both sides have to come to some sort of agreement as to what we're placed great storming and other things. Analyzing claims in the way they want under the settlement and if you go back and re score some of those claims and people. Who were previously denied because of race now owed money. Back across and tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. They're doing all right then they can drive forward but but clearly they do want to limit their exposure so valiantly they are taking these steps as Ryan just told us how significant do you think it is. I think difference. I'm sorry there's there's there's that it makes its founders of the NFL wasn't an audit that makes us out of that the NFL wasn't cognizant of what it was up to. We just imagine you're going through this lawsuit you're very much aware commander so hard to reply race or me but your vote by calling Karen a particular Emmys for. Basically racial injustice. And that you want coming captain make it out of the league for protests and racial injustice while simultaneously using a racially unjust system to determine who should be compensated. So when you ask me about the Stoke City and as well it always seems as this week epitomizes. Being successful in spite of yourself. Witnessed domestic violence what was trying to concealed information from departments gain in tax brains to begin with. It always builders they are responding to her own ineptitude more Korean proactive to a problem. And they have. We have this problem in their. They're still as you point out there's still condoms swamp and around and it Ryan. Yeah you spoke with several of these former players' wives and what impact has this had on them and their families. Policy Norman's Terry you've got. It in perspective for people imagine if you have a family member whose has seen. Multiple head injuries playing the game we have people that we talked to are experiencing dementia at age 32. There'll psychologist telling them that they going to see them they say yes you're the kind of person who should be getting a clean. And then even sometimes they get that award for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. And the animals than fighting them and you know tells been fighting saying you didn't apply these norms like ray storms. And those injured and being rejected and it easy years long fight for those families. They learn about our reporting and they say wait a second all this time this was part of it. I competed just like the white guys standing with me on the offensive line and you're denying my claim in accepting others. And had six miles East Point is that he makes a great point. The NFL when this story heroes. Said there is no discrimination here that these things that these race norm neural psychologist her client. That their their optional they're recommended not require. We uncovered emails and information as part of our reporting. Where doctors were coming forward and saying this require that we're getting calls and we don't. Put in place. We're getting calls if we say that somebody should your claims and we even talked to a doctor said. After I sent a claims or go through. The rebels say did you apply the rainstorms why didn't you and he said straight up. It's discriminatory. So I think housing makes a very good point Vienna fellows now saying hey. It's still discriminatory but we've got remove these rays storms but this isn't something players and their families have been talking about and we've been talking about and reporting. For months and there has been no progress in till this statement now the question will be whether they actually do. Radler and I know you'll beyond that no surprise no shock that the NFL. That behaving to the highest standards but LC let's broaden the discussion for a moment here we talk about a racial reckoning. The two countries been having since the murder of George put a lot of people did young people rose rose up. Of all backgrounds and colors take to streets and cut it to some degree this system. Cocoa look at the issue it at the very least but what does this say this story out of the NFL what does it tell us about. And the way the NFL is at least seeming to try to address or what does it say about where we are right now as we struggle to achieve. Justice in harmony among all people in our country. Doesn't really fascinating question because a lot of people like to try to separate sports from everyday life deliverance in metropolitan sports heart intermingled. And hears it of it another example that productive intermingled and bailed white wall lovers and this is what I mean. Do you believe the NFL and his group of scientists created race Mormon. What are our favorite history no it did not get applied originally that was already established. What does that tell you that there were other entities in this country there was using this same racist process in order to make determinations whether based on health. Education etc. this was a racist system that was put in place I believe as far back as very early eighties. Used to be applied. When it comes to compensation. When it comes to education. When it comes to health. That is the epitome of systemic racism so whenever you see an elected official like almonds are ground say hey I don't sees signs program. And you nobody NFL it's not just seeing signs of everybody took what the larger society was using and and applied it to discriminate against black people. What what are you talking about. That is systemic racism but it raises just don't. That can literally separates the races based solely upon race so to told raw answer your question I think it's just one more reminder. That the insidious nature of racism and their tentacles are both system and racism. Are so far reaching that we're just beginning to scratch the surface or anyone patted themselves on the back because we held a couple of brought marches. Companies recognize Jim team last year at some sort of big statement towards racial reconciliation. Needs to take a closer look. And what racism and where racism students' systems look like before we start congratulating ourselves about defeating it. Long way to go as this story out of the NFL. At least has the benefit of shining a light on some of that distance to east we have to go. Standard the granderson and Ryan Smith who reported this story forced thanks Scott. Well as we celebrate pride month this month we're gonna take a closer look at LG BTQ military veterans and asked. Aftermath of the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell law. When we come back we'll talk to an Iraq War veteran and LG BTQ rights advocates about what needs to be done yeah. Welcome back. As we celebrate pride month for this month sort of focus on thousands of LG BTQ plus veteran acts who still cannot receive full benefits. Because they were not honorably discharged under that Don't Ask Don't Tell rule in the military that was there for so long the policy. Directed military personnel Don't Ask Don't Tell don't pursue and don't harass service members about their sexual orientation. Policy was criticized. For forcing military personnel in this secrecy and for falling short of total acceptance of their ability and right to serve. In the military's later repealed in 2011 and the President Obama. So service members could be openly gay without a threat but now more than a decade after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Some veterans still cannot receive full benefits. Such as loans in tuition and assistance and medical treatment which they earned because their service. But because they were not honorably discharged under that policy. There are ineligible so joining us now is Iraq War veteran our current army reservists and LG BDQ rights advocate. Tony woods for more on this Tony thanks for being here on this on this important shot and I think about this room. So I'm here and you tell us. Thanks can you tell us more about. I Don't Ask Don't Tell and how some discharged veterans were able to get vet benefits and some were not. Yeah yeah Syrian look at this issue and I do or Israeli ministers reflecting on the ten year anniversary of fuel. You know Manila are saying we did and it's this really phenomenal. You want my soul are actually able to go back and serve again continue to Wear the uniform answer country. But what I realized new researching reflecting is that they're actually between world Q. And point 11 Don't Ask Don't Tell them away is 10001141008. Lesbian bisexual service members were she military because there's stories teach. I oh. All we're doing songs ho really on you apply fuel and saw we were lucky. I an honorable discharge not meant I have access to benefits like. We'll all monster GI bill. Or medical care for anything from. Some peace here will keep your seats you receiving a coup in nineteen vaccine. But many veterans the project on hundred donors on Moscow and its predecessor. To actually happens it's because their commanders choose a final law more hours. Civilian and other than honorable discharge or dishonorable discharge she's far from getting access to really important benefits. So what what has. I've driven you to get active in this cause and and to find and help and try and change of policy so that does who did not receive the honorable discharge that you did and deserved it. Do have access to same benefits. Well you know my motivation one of course is a member Leo received huge community is really important that we do right by these service members who serve our country horrible and kicked I don't know what reason to sexual orientation. But I also suffer this is actually a matter of national security. Young people today who are thinking about joining the military these are good hard look at how we treat our service members and those who conservative pass. And needed to end their decision making and whether or not that you only when an officer. There's less informed me mark colonies find morally rearm aren't sacrifices of those who lost their lives to service. Veterans that even those who serve. But we're also looking. You know how we treated people who you know served to be treated and while all eyes and hear from the injuries they might have I producer. It's because you really important national security and respect for the combined administration work with congress to look at this issue here sleep. And or to discharge senses and those who were kicked out for no reason sexual orientation. Well I can I follow up from Antonio what is this six that upgrading the status does that require an act of congress would it go on a case by case basis who would decide. Right now Burton under scrutiny on this is on the individual service member to go forward and to request the change their status. Will it actually looks like it is potentially. Many many many months 1218 months Vietnam War. Fruit and fight against the bureaucracy trying to this change. And for many people being cheated out of the military in this manner was really track so we're asking these people who serve our country our ability. To really track experience and find in individuals to try an axis of these these benefits. Full permit these people that this is a critical moment when you need access to really important care whether it's easier to steal more facts or Agent Orange or getting X school in nineteen Mexicans. We shouldn't be asking them to fight. And needed as individuals. You buy administration and congress to operate justice charges didn't masks or anyone who was discharged simply because of their sexual orientation. That's not bitterness not our enemy congress and my administration to step past. Got it. Iraq War veteran and LG BTQ rights advocate Tony woods. Thank you thank you for your service in the service of all of our LG BTQ fellow Americans who served in the military as well thanks for being here. Thanks so Deborah. So that doesn't for the breakdown today thanks for joining us I'm Terry Moran have a great day.

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