Breaking down the future of the Republican Party

Former GOP consultant Tara Setmayer and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discuss what the GOP may look like under the Biden administration.
7:32 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Breaking down the future of the Republican Party
Or let side tickets are political roundtable joining today's ABC news political director Rick Klein and former GOP congressional communications director. Terrorists have Maier who's now with the Lincoln project welcome to both and Rick. You know what do we know about that we've heard that there was a conversation this conversation between. Vice president Hansen vice president elect come O Harris but I know about that with a tell us. Gel works alluded to his formal but cordial all happened yesterday and believe it or not it's the only communication between. The outgoing ticket any incoming ticket top presidential has not called Joseph Biden to concede or to talk about the transition all this is the only communications. Brussels although there's some possibility. That if he did he do that Kabul Harris and her husband will be invited over. To the vice president's residence at the naval observatory in advance of Wednesday take a look at the new digs a little bit but it is remarkable that it took this long time and in new and it's another indication that Mike Pence is kind of chilling the leadership void right now a lot of things that a president would normally be doing now done by the vice president. And Tarrant ten Republicans voted to impeach the president in the house who what do you expect to see in the senate. Well I think that it was encouraging in one hand that ten Republicans have the courage to stand up for this side of pro democracy in America and against sedition and insurrection. But disheartening that there were over a 190 plus Republicans who did not. And V signal in the senate. The east seems to come from whatever Mitch McConnell decides to do the fact that Mitch McConnell has been playing footsie a little bit about his intentions. And makes it clear though that that the president doesn't have the same amount she unilateral. Support that he had the the last time he was in peak so. I think you're gonna see more could members of the senate. Both for impeachment this time and removal list this time around vs the last time which. Whether you get to seventeen it remains to be seen by cash if this doesn't qualify for conviction. Inciting an insurrection a violent one that cost lives including that a police officer I really don't know what. Dies. Forward to one consequence is that president trumps approval rating has plummeted. So I what does that say about a potential impeachment trial could have impact how senators vote. Some polls matter to some members of congress also you we are our ABC news Washington Post poll out today. Additionally a slight majority that thinks that the president should be and kept from holding office ever again maybe even face criminal charges by. Inside those numbers 60% of Republicans telling us that they think the party she continued on the trunk path and to me the most disturbing number of all Terry 18%. But try supporters think that what happened last we get the capital was acceptable. That is mind blowing and it's just a tiny window into the hole the presidential has over his party did that one in five trump supporters even now. Think that what happened that siege of the capital that armed riot at the capitol was okay it was exceptional behavior. And Tara you know after the president refused to accept the election results Yousef on our show that you were leading their Republican Party. More Republicans have have followed suit since the siege on the capital and just yesterday we spoke to a former Republican congressman is saying that he has opted. To stay with the party but he's not sure for how long what do you see for the future of the Republican Party. Feet eight act its two explained in the numbers that we just saw it's not aid bright future for the Republican Party they're at a crossroads here. The more members in in the freshman class. I have come inch that seem to not want to go to our map pack but you also have skewered on members and others who arch this is aid brewing civil war within the Republican Party each and frankly if they do not make the decision. She's shy away from trump is amend the malignancy of trump is out of after what we just saw take place should that I fear that it will be the end of the party as we know what. You know it's. For those we're seeing in the discussions that I've been a part. Are looking to possibly action off because it's so difficult to start a third party so do they start a faction with in the Republican Party that holds some of the more extreme members the trumpet swing a bitch accountable. How will they be giving copper like Bill Kristol and his organization during primaries will they be funded so they're protected the ones that stand up to trump is these are a lot of discussions that are being that are taking place right now but I think of the words of JF KH where he says each may and must decide. For himself the course he will follow and that's what every single Republican who was standing homicide of tribalism an anti democracy. Needs to decide moving forward to the parties to survive and terror in I think to many people that you have become synonymous particularly when. The RNC decided at their platform essentially was trump is adamant during the convention so. What what does it mean to be a republic in what are those values if you don't support trump what are the values and may you have Republican. Shore that's that that's the issue right now Wright beat the party itself. That is still the party of trump in that they don't have a platform of ideas they don't have a platform to govern it's become a party of cult of personality that is simply saying no party of opposition party of grievance party now that seems to go down the road of authoritarian ism and sedition. Still for those other report more traditional Republicans like I used to beach. If they do not have a place they're assessing what we're we go how do we do this should do are we still the party of fiscal responsibility now. Are we the party of law and order clearly not anymore are we party the puppies mixed now that never used to be the the position. There are a lot of it internal soul searching about what the Republican Party actually stands for and what it needs to be a Republican which is why I chose to walk away because it's nothing that I believe in anymore. And the ones that are still staying in think that they can wrestle this party away from the malignancy trump isn't. I wish them the best of luck but not quite sure how successful they'll be given the current structure of their leadership. Well let me bring that's it to Rick Rick I we've had political parties guy out Federalist party wig party the progressive party. But look what's next for the Republican Party do you think and it hold together. See I'm historical analogy you might think of as the Bull Moose Party. Back in 1912 and former president Roosevelt split off and the Republicans. I am really built around a cult of personality in the cases of Roosevelt now he didn't succeed but he did. Sink the presidency and hand the presidency to the Democrats. So do I there is a lot of danger politically but I talked to about one Republican who voted for those articles of impeachment the other day a house Republican and asked him. He's a third party recently inevitable. And I d.'s where the national movement goes and he says that's what I hope it goes because of it doesn't go there there's going to be a greater reckoning is that the Republican Party because to his mind into the mind of many Republicans many of whom supported trump. If you're trying to negotiate with people that don't accept facts that don't acknowledge the presidential. Honestly and fairly lost the election. You really can't do much else in terms of trying to get along so there maybe those hoping that the parties essentially burns down before it can rise up. And Rick we're out of time to really quick is this military sendoff the president asking for gonna happen. I he'll get something I think we're taking red carpets military ban something that has did asylum the trappings of the military style event. On his way down to have to Florida and his political retirement. Tonight Rick Klein and terrorists admire thank you both.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Former GOP consultant Tara Setmayer and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discuss what the GOP may look like under the Biden administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75283619","title":"Breaking down the future of the Republican Party","url":"/US/video/breaking-future-republican-party-75283619"}