Breaking down President-elect Joe Biden’s pandemic relief plan

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, ABC News economic correspondent Deirdre Bolton and infectious disease specialist Dr. John Brownstein analyze Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan.
8:34 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breaking down President-elect Joe Biden’s pandemic relief plan
Let's bring ABC news political director Rick Klein is certainly an ambitious plan that was just outlined there by. President elect Biden he's said it will not come cheaply but we can not afford. Not to do it at what sit out to you Rick and how realistic is it's in his proposal to move forward in the new congress. This is a staggering array of of program changes subsidies. Legal changes. A long time priorities of progressives many of them tailored and enhanced for the Kobe age. The price tag of of some two trillion dollars of course stands out given the divided politics that were in. But the calculation here for reform from president elect Biden is that he needs to go BA to try to establish very early on in his presidency. If there is a Biden coalition and that it can rally in his words with some unity. Our around the magnitude of the challenge very critical of the way if Kobe nineteen vaccine has has been held hasn't ruled out trying to to marshall's some degree of unity in a time where people are just so divided you can imagine a more invasive. Atmosphere in the country and in the congress than the one that is confronting Joseph Biden yes the Democrats control congress that they are very very narrow majorities and it is my take everything that Joseph Biden can Muster to try to get packages like this through the house and especially the scent. And this plan comes on the Specter of a looming impeachment trial in the senate in the first days of the Biden administration. How does connect complicate the legislative calendar and for getting bipartisan supports this plan. Do you think about it -- the opening days of the Biden presidency are going to be consumed with an impeachment trial. We're gonna see that in the senate this and it's gonna have to focus will be some of its time on that as opposed confirming appointments and of course considering this proposal. And and even we have this atmosphere of tension on Capitol Hill as we've reported a members of congress are some of them fearful that other members of congress may be out to harm them those are very serious allegations. No and even guarantee. Really the safety of the inauguration itself. I'll do you hear from from president elect Biden. His desire to to address a joint session of congress next month as the first time he's outlined that plan to talk about it what he calls build back better program. I'm again try to get some political momentum early on to try to cut through where this is and I'll tell you this the Biden team has long said that whatever the noise of Donald Trump and there's been a lot of it especially lately. The American people recognize what the challenge that Joseph Biden he confronts really means and called in nineteen getting the economy back. Beatty navy's beyond that they're trying to confront the nation's didn't divisions he be thinking gets and unity. I don't of a shared commitment to defeating corona virus once and for all. ABC news political director Rick Klein thanks so much Rick. Inviting just laid out as you heard a bold one point nine trillion dollar Covert relief plan with most households getting an additional 14100 dollars enhanced unemployment benefits of 400 dollars a week and other measures we'll see this can get through congress and to help us unpack this plan would bring an ABC's economic correspondent Deirdre Bolton. Deirdre thanks so much for joining us what essar would Biden's plan would mean for the average American in those who are now lot of work. -- what it really means is it is a necessary. A lifeline and we look at those numbers of Americans who are out of work more than eighteen million people are receiving some form of unemployment insurance. Even if you look at today's numbers the initial weekly jobless claims. It was the worst number that we have seen since August cheer economist told me that the number was absolutely shocking. Still there are a hundred people who need help. If the president elect Biden's plan is passed. There would be support for workers and for businesses are for families of course keep her mind what we spend collectively. Is two thirds. Of our economic activities so I did in addition to people having obviously stresses from not having a job. You have a job you don't spends from an economic standpoint that holds our growth back Lindsay. And here for the US deficit hit a record breaking 573 billion dollars in the first three months in the budget year and that's more than 60% higher than where it was a year ago in this deficit doesn't even reflect the 900 billion dollars of new stimulus it's already past so what does he exploding deficit mean for our economy. It's not great is not fabulous there's nobody is sure we're telling here that that that difference is then being as somewhat concerning if you like meaning we are spending more. Then we are bringing end however the counterpoint to that is if you look at the last recession when we're coming out of 20072009. There were some mistakes are made or where stimulus was hold back quite many people's argument and by many people's observations. Too early that made our recovery longer. So I think it's quite clear that he used you seem to take away any kind of stimulus we heard from the Fed Chairman Jay Powell speaking today. In a question and answer session at Princeton N essentially saying. It's just it's too early to take away any kind of stimulus so most people that I have been speaking with news this analogy getting his pretty good Lindsay. Is to say if you're outside of your home do you see it burning down. Your obviously concerned about that but you're not gonna worry about the water damaged that's coming from the firefighters. Who are trying to put the fire out that's where we stand right now from a fiscal standpoint Nancy. Good analogy really puts in perspective for us Deirdre Bolton. Thanks so much and let's bring an ABC news contributor and infectious disease epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein doctor exactly a month ago today a first Kobe vaccine was administered according to the CDC about eleven million shops have since been distributed that you just heard president like Biden say that they have a gold 100 million shots in their first 100 days it realistically possible to achieve this and should we be prepared experience in long lines all around the country like we have seen and in places like Florida. Thanks Lindsay I mean aside and tell them a hundred million. Donuts is a hundred days is definitely law Yates clay and operational Charleston bar aren't toward the biggest challenges we've ever seen it is possible and T get it done and that we will get this pandemic. Under control the proposals are split on specifics. But I think we can get to. 200 million number that is improving the existing infrastructure. I think that's nations it's really been that extending access to the vaccine based on each of preexisting conditions. Adding you know improvements of the federal supply chain of course he also ERI really aren't threatening eat better messaging and communications hopefully defining will go to better education around the vaccine we can't get into his candidacy debacle we've gone into testing clearly a hundred no he would get a how great year to herd immunity which is about 200 million people so of course that's exciting but the logistical challenges are going to be extreme right now you can put the weapons fully understand your eligibility or both appointments apple department can really get into some of those are in. How groupies why weren't we don't want these nations that he also super spreading say so all lot of challenges and obstacles and hopefully some of this after all how to resolve that. And when it comes to the vaccine you've been saying the problem isn't about manufacturing and shipping but the need to expand access so do you feel that the twenty billion dollar proposal towards a national vaccination program just proposed by president elect Biden we'll help alleviate some of that is at a not. Yet you know. He's refined me you might need to work to eat some of these charms. Is I think you know this doesn't help to have vaccines and warehouse is it's all just last mile problem right so how we improve access unity vaccination centers improving. Assets for heart reach populations. Extending access. He's also largely. Civilizations in truth larger he has and fuels ever -- BG two large numbers of people of course you know the seats themselves have to still work out that she is not just a federal problem you have to work identifier populations build networks of providers and so there's a lot of effort in place in the State's action to -- this he about the odd clash is an extension of public health workforce 100000 new individuals being brought into supports say that happens I actually think he did you really neat if they didn't and the on this pandemic. Doctor brown sing until we like to hear that. There could be a dent coming up soon so we appreciate that optimism and your outlook thanks so much.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, ABC News economic correspondent Deirdre Bolton and infectious disease specialist Dr. John Brownstein analyze Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75262231","title":"Breaking down President-elect Joe Biden’s pandemic relief plan","url":"/US/video/breaking-president-elect-joe-bidens-pandemic-relief-plan-75262231"}