Breonna Taylor grand jury tapes released

ABC News’ Alex Perez reports on hours of audio released from grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.
5:32 | 10/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breonna Taylor grand jury tapes released
Until a highly unusual move an embryonic Taylor case today the Kentucky attorney general released fifteen hours of audiotape from the two and a half day grand jury investigation into Taylor's death. After a judge ordered it. That grand jury did not charge any officers with Taylor's death and just one former officer with endangering Taylor's neighbors. The prosecutor said this at the time. According to Kentucky law. The use of force by Mattingly and Cosgrove was justified. To protect themselves. This justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges. In mystery on a Taylor's death. That of course sparked outrage and protest the tapes released today come after an anonymous member of the grand jury filed a lawsuit accusing the prosecutor. Try to deflect responsibility for the charging decision. BC's outs Phares has been pouring over these newly released tapes and joins us now. Thanks so much Alex so let's start off with what we learned today about the case especially about the question of whether. Those three officers announced themselves before barging into Triana Taylor's home in the middle of the night. Well Lindsay for so we can't puncturing enough just how rare it is to have a look at the grand jury proceedings at this point in the criminal case now in terms of what we learned from them vis A tapes when it comes to police barging in we've learned. From we knew from before that the officers were serving eight no knock search warrant but. We've learned through testimony that they say once they arrived there they discussed the fact that jamarcus Glover that's really Taylor's ex boyfriend in sort of the center of the war and had been taken into custody earlier that evening so they say. Because of that they turned this into eight knock and then now owns warrants and so several officers testified. That they actually knocked and identified themselves before barging and now we know. That Brea as boyfriend who was Kenneth walker who was inside the home with her at the time the apartment he says police did not identify themselves. But several officers in testimony contradicting what Kenneth walker said what others are saying they knocked on the door for at least two minutes identifying themselves and they knocking identifying themselves again and then knocking in testimony one of the officers describe those. Few chaotic seconds wind up. They barged through that door and the gunfire began and that let's take a quick listen to Selma of that testimony describing the chaos. Or. Hey movie yeah. Her game. OK yeah. Okay. OK below. Saul. You okay. This is there. Okay. Yeah. And so there in that audio recording we hear one of the officers in testimony describing those few seconds calling chaotic saying he saw a lot of flashing lights and then. Suddenly everything went dark also saying that it happened a very very quickly. And Lindsay we know it was in those second step Rihanna Taylor was shot and died almost instantly there on the scene Lindsay. And as we heard earlier the Kentucky attorney general said publicly ended two of the officers were quote justified in firing into Taylor's home because her boyfriend fired first. Do we know the attorney general said that to the grand jury and was that the grand jury's conclusion as well. Well Lindsay is from listening to what the attorney general has said publicly and hearing all of the information on these tapes we know that the attorney general never presented a case on those other two officers to the grand jury so. They did not reach any conclusion when it comes to those two other officers because the attorney general said from the beginning. Because they Kenneth walker fired at them they were justified in using their weapons and so there was no case to move forward with the grand jury may never heard anything on those other two officers Lindsay. Every so or that some of the grand jury proceedings were not recorded and made public why I was. Why was at the Cason and what was left off. But Lindsey the attorney general says that this is Custer me customary that a prosecutor statements. Their recommendation. To the jurors and the jury deliberations themselves those things were not recorded and because of that we're not part of this release that was made to the public today. The attorney general says they just don't record those portions of it because that's not considered evidence only be evidence is recorded so. Those moments and those things we won't actually ever know Lindsay. Alex Perez thanks so much for your reporting.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"ABC News’ Alex Perez reports on hours of audio released from grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73400518","title":"Breonna Taylor grand jury tapes released","url":"/US/video/breonna-taylor-grand-jury-tapes-released-73400518"}