The Briefing Room: Manafort defense rests, Trump campaign suing Omarosa

Manafort's defense team rests as the Trump campaign announces it is suing Omarosa for an alleged violation of her non-disclosure agreement.
14:40 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Manafort defense rests, Trump campaign suing Omarosa
Happy Tuesday who knew it was only Tuesday on John's ten Tucci in Washington alongside Justin official what a crazy week and we still have many more days to go Amoroso medical Newman. Dominating the news with her new book on hinged we're gonna dive into all of that it's the only story we're talking to today. For the most part but there's another big story that still brewing over in the eastern district of Virginia so I do wanna start the air and that is the ongoing case of Paul man a forty it is the first case that has gone to trial. By a special counsel Robert Mueller is investigation our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has been watching this with us all day. And Pierre. We we sort selling pretty surprising today in court which was the defense which for the last several weeks we've been hearing was going to put on a case. They switched course and rested. You're absolutely right the prosecution rested their case and who knew a short time there after the defense rested their case without putting on a single witness. I think what this means is that they believe that. They're cross examination. Rick gates the former partner Paul man a fort. Raise enough doubts. That the case is weak. We'll see if that turns up a lot of people are surprised today that they put on not a single witness and no real defense. And I want to bring in our colleague Catherine falters she's been over the course is this trial began Allendale eleven and capturing you were telling me earlier you caught up with. The lead defense attorney Kevin downing whether he CDU for this sudden change. Eighty egging him he said that they believe the government has failed to meet the burden of proof and they've rested on out of course. We asked him what he would say to those who believe. Say this makes his client look guilty and he said a quote. We live in the United States of America and your presumed innocent until proven guilty and we believe the government cannot. Meet that burden of proof he said that they were so confident in this case I think we're here to said that the defense is confident in our cross examination of the U over at some dozen. Witnesses the prosecution caught is exactly right in my I've talked to a decent out of legal experts say David say you know this isn't necessarily. I'm usually this isn't an unusable strategies and defense. File this nation of course the didn't rule he's he will not in their favor have anything you know it's not necessarily an unusual thing company's fourth case of John. And peer lastly before we let you go but now we know tomorrow the judge is asking both sides to keep their closing argument short. And that we had to the jury and any sense of how long something this could take is really mean others eighteen counts has been pretty clear cut deeper trial. Now it's they had the jury's hands. It's an inexact science project managers will come back. People only want the test tube here yorba for a few days we figured you can pull this off. Right and we look the jury will have at least. If Thursday and Friday. To deliberate a lot of people think that they could come back as early as by the end of the week. And again if it's a fascinating case in this and that the government had. Mountains of documented. Hard paper evidence of what they allege took place they put on a number witnesses. To reinforce their case. The defense is saying that none of that is believed be believed and that metaphor was basically somewhat a victim in this case though. That is basically what the jury is looking at we'll see how they decide. We'll be watching every step of then you'll be leading the charge Pierre Thomas thank you very much sir we appreciate it let's go over to the White House where our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl was in the briefing room. We're gonna die now into Amoroso she is the only thing we're talking about this week it feels and John before we get T like you wanna play your exchange with Sarah Sanders right at the top of today's briefing. Getting into the language the president has been using attacking his long time aide let's listen that. We've heard from the president you Twitter Amoroso. Describing her as pretty he's crying little life to all of is this any way for president talk about any American little somebody that he hired. Maybe the highest. Ranking African American woman to certain his White House. I think the president certainly voicing his frustration. With the fact that this person has shown a complete lack of integrity particularly by the actions following her time here at the White House. Carson's friends and obviously the president wanted to to give her a chance and he. Made clear when general Kelley came on and he. Voiced concerns. That this individual was didn't have the best interest of the White House and the president and the country at heart. The president said do what you can to get along if you can't a given full authority to carry out the decision to let her go. Jon Karl in images just listening to ask that question that is the 64 million dollar question. He has known on grocer for quite some time he is written now on Twitter and so disease they fired her three times from his reality TV show but yet. He beat her up crying position in his west wing John. One of the highest paid staffers in the west wing. The highest ranking African American to serve as White House staff for the entire time. And also. You know you and I were discussing offline and John whether or not there were as anybody in this White House staff. Who had known the president as long. As onerous and I think the only name that you and I could come up what was Keith Schiller worked for awhile. As the a director of Oval Office operations and that's it this was a unique. Situation this is somebody lot of relationship. With Donald Trump and with the trump family that went back long before he was a presidential candidates. On like. Virtually everybody else in this White House so it is. Fascinating to hear him talk about her of the way he is talking about her now in. What I was trying to get that John is he's president of the United States and me directly talk about anybody as as a dog. As a as a as a low life is is really quite sorry I mean obviously he's upset with yet to say but he is the president yet means terra Sanders words were that. He was voicing his frustration best and I mean we've seen him do this before but. It is. Quite Stein here see that and that is John that relationship and law and and and to that point about the relationship that's why it's so implausible for certain you know they're suggest that. Well if the media is giving her the platform and really it's our fault for putting her out there. He hires three times out. She she was at the White House for year. More times four times poured that out right at times. Three on the the Brent this once that was it. My three times and then hired in the White House. You know that this that we are the ones giving her the platform he tweeted about her no less than six times yes well and it. Well want to actually gave it what is it that's another point here which is. I think that the coverage. The Amoroso story. Much of it as pointed out that she does have significant credibility problems this is somebody's had only nice things about the president where he was fired. Even in the days after she was fired she told ABC news that she did not think he was a racist I'm never would've worked for a racist so she does have credibility problems. This story was probably on its way to fading away. And these poured fuel on the fire by attacking warrant such personal failure the fact. And yeah and the fact that his campaign is actually you know seeking arbitration try to enforce this. That's art this non disclosure agreement I mean and really. It's really amazing. Yeah and that's really been the thing now Jon because so the reporting on that is we know is that any employee of the trump campaign had to sign and BA and non disclosure agreement. The folks that joined the White House apparently had a sign. Another and DA and Amoroso claim that when she laughed. Laura trump and others offered her job to join the president's reelection campaign and then want her to sign up third and the case and now. This group in New York that from campaign aides filed arbitration against her. They're gonna try to bring her is part of that agreement and you know basically jars shaker down for money let's be honest with drug presence could do here. And at the end of the day. But really I mean this comes down to you how enforceable b.s and d.s are and the question that you and I have been bouncing around all day. Can't you get the public employee the White House employees to sign a nondisclosure agree. Well. You know what we have seen what it's been standard practice and government is when you have. A clearance and we have access to classified information obviously. There is something more than an India and you go to jail with you. We feel classified information either wall your government. Employment or after. But this is different this season and DEA and non disclosure agreement. For public employees. This is something that it does break new grounds and John as you know there's been a lot of discussion. And on verbal Democrats and Republicans in Washington. About protecting whistle blowers rightly opposite direction making sure that that somebody who is a government employee feels free to come out. And you to talk about misconduct that is seen without fear of retribution so here. The idea in the first confirmation of this that we have from anybody at the White House by the way. Was on Sunday on this week when Kelly are on way told me that yes she and other employees did sign this non disclosure agreement. I have a hard time believing that between legal. Experts that I've spoken to on this us to concur it's such an agreement would ever be enforceable you could ever say that somebody that was a employee ultimately of the United States taxpayer. Could be asked by the president United States not to disclose anything. That it happens. On the job. It's going to be a fast same tests we're gonna have to watch how that all plays out and let's face it it's not gonna go away we'll see it live in a country characters. Sweater but I do you wanna go to one other topic related to this job you can hang with us I don't know we still have. Cavern folders with us. But it egg cavern let me bringing you into this conversation because you NI. Were reported earlier today from our sourcing so Amoroso made this claim. On MSNBC. That she had been interviewed by the special counsel as part of their investigation she does not seen that interview. Win an interview with Muller's team might have happened but sources close to the White House had told me and EU. That the teen that was actually building this list out all of trump administration employees that work going for interviews with mall or they never had almost on that list Katherine. Right exactly remember if she left the White House as an employee in December of 2017 that you and I have been reporting on the story for. Over a year now and that's write her name. I never came up as one of those that Mueller specifically. Wanted to speak to on that list of White House officials. Has the and I have reported all are his team has. Pretty much concluded. I'm the interview with why the interviews with White House employees so you're at her neck her name never came up so it's unclear as to when that interview took place but sources say it wasn't Washington the White House play. And and and John just lastly UN the other thing that we know Muller's folks have been looking into is that hacking of these DNC you know she was also. Asked that today during an interview with Katie chair on MSNBC. She's seen the trump knew about that if that's true on the she certainly playing into it. Yeah I mean the question I would have is how which you know that right you viewers who covered that campaign. From start to finish high. Covered that campaign from start to finish I. I don't I don't know how she would have had visibility on yeah even at that she and I don't know. Yeah I was asked. How she knew it she would not answer she advocated and said he answers Sanders during the white house press briefing which he knows this. Is not yeah an an and I would just say get jobs to support you just have to look I. I covered the campaigns start to finish I never knew her to be in conversations like that and I've also known. Now covering special counsel's case we've never heard her name it's part of any list for interviews but this is an ongoing story you're gonna have more of it tonight on world news will be watching it and thank you sir we appreciate it we're gonna move on here in the briefing rumor just an official and we've been. What his other story play out didn't really up in the briefing today but it's been all over the presence Twitter feed and that's the firing of FBI agent Peter struck has been. Focused on this since before. Struck extermination but now I mean you and I we're we're we're having this conversation yesterday about. It sort of feels like it they were gonna do this why did this happened so long low lying now and how the multi get out of that has to say. And regard you know he and he has always threatened. He's threatened numerous times anyways to get involved in these Afghan decisions he's Justice Department decisions which would be. In overreach rilya. By the president and for all we know he didn't it get involved but that but what struck was fires is something he clearly wanted. Com and now it is just enormous political animal for him to say that the Muller investigations discredited now because. Struck was critical to that investigation until early on when it first started and now he's saying the whole thing's tainted possible thing. Meyer on changes to eggs and further with those kind won't go away they're not going anywhere will be keeping an eye on that as well lastly you know once again to Tuesday night in America which means the primary night did you know they get this far in August but so be it. Four primaries happening tonight from Connecticut Minnesota Vermont and Wisconsin. President already weighing in on those we'll have complete coverage tonight on You can catch all the latest there any time and that is gonna do it for us in the briefing room for just an official. I'm John San teaching make sure to download BBC news Apple's latest. Any time any day and it there's a briefing tomorrow maybe we'll be back. Have a great day you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"14:40","description":"Manafort's defense team rests as the Trump campaign announces it is suing Omarosa for an alleged violation of her non-disclosure agreement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57177746","title":"The Briefing Room: Manafort defense rests, Trump campaign suing Omarosa","url":"/US/video/briefing-room-manafort-defense-rests-trump-campaign-suing-57177746"}