Britney Spears opens up about her conservatorship

The pop star spoke out in court about her conservatorship, saying, “I just want my life back.”
9:52 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for Britney Spears opens up about her conservatorship
Good afternoon I'm Dan a state of thanks for joining us Britney Spears has just dropped a bombshell as she addressed the judge this afternoon concerning her conservative ship. For thirteen years the court has given her father Jamie control over much of the pop star's life and money. Now Britney call that conservative ship quote abusive. And says she wants her life back let's go right to ABC news contributor Chris Connolly has been following this porous Criss and Britney is not mincing words here. Very much so yeah I use it well I deserve to have a life I think is the sentence that stuck in my mind and the words came out so fast. That in some cases the judge had to ask her to slow down some court reporter could get the mall in she spoke for more than twenty minutes and while she remained composed throughout. You could hearing her voice a torrent. Of emotions and words. Describing the agonies that she's felt over the last thirteen years and she came after everybody. Her conserve leaders the conservative ship her parents her family her managers her handlers her therapists. It was a Britney Spears we've never heard before and it's one that. Whose words will resonate for many months afterwards as we. Cut for the first time a real sense is so what she's actually been feeling. What she's actually been going through the reading these last years of conservative ship she wants her life back in no uncertain terms and the voice. And the words that she sure where those were dramatic in the extreme. And I heard you say they were actually a few times or what she's actually been feeling because it wasn't that long ago. Britney got an answer Graham addressing her fans and she told everyone I'm okay I'm happy and here today in court she told the judge you know I said that. But I and mean that I'm not okay I'm not happy I'm traumatized. You're absolutely correct and I think she said in part she felt she'd said she had to say those things because she felt people might not believe for. I think people are gonna believe her now I think for the power for a motion. Is really gonna resonates certainly for those are the people of in the supporters of the free Britney movement this is exactly what they anticipated she might say and what they saw what was going on and for anybody was a rooting interest for Britney Spears whose lectured music it's that it's a chilling moment it really cuts. Anna and I used just so we're believe there are want to bring in ABC news bloom legal contributor channel Lloyd for that because. Shot up for us listening and I'm sure for Britney fans around the world is really compelling testimony but. The court has a lot to factor ran in listening to someone who is currently under a conservative ship. Testify on her Honda have so while Lester what the court has to take into account here. Accord is gonna have to take a lot more than just what listeners saying current nominee and she valuation to terminate her British show and such dare I know look short and you valuation and I know the Doris. And she said she didn't want to be evaluated again and a judge is going to look an objective standard to determine her competence. Words alone Ruble the impact and I think it will make your mind that not ED and all in determining whether or not sure should show. And shy we're now hearing that mr. Spears' lawyer Jamie Spears' lawyer. A read a statement in court saying that Jamie spears is sorry to hear his daughters and so much pain mr. spears loves his daughter. And misses her very much how do you expect this all to play out now that we've heard this from Britain directly. I think what you're gonna see is a court is going to be very sure obviously the conservative ship does not meant should be a situation in which someone is present and huge help them drizzle and change their return injured being able to manage their own shot and are a lot so that it is how easily change and getting better if this isn't something that as a judge sentenced to it is not being heard and it will be reevaluated. And there's many portions of addiction you re at portions of the conservatives -- shouldn't be given her and some of them may remain in a lot of that is an Egyptian army acts such tasks I ask you where they feel she is with her mental health issues. And Chris the court took a quick break after britney's testimony they're coming back now. How to look how the rest of the day expected to play out with his hearing. I'm sure they'll be continued conversations and things like that but I think you have things that people wanted to hear they've really heard now I mean let's face it the essence of pop music is that it validates the emotion and feelings of young people emotions and feelings to get belittled and ignored by adults especially parents. And britney's music made people feel like they could live full emotional lives but they weren't just daughters and sons. So for Britney herself and her fortieth year to have to be seeks the court not civil little not to ignore her own feelings and emotions. It saw a heartbreaking moment. And shot she is Steve telling things like what she says being forced to work I think at one point Gina referred to herself as feeling like a slaying she said that she was forced to do work she didn't wanna do and that when she tried to push back on anything including taking on just one will look choreography that she didn't think they should do that she was reprimanded for that does this sound like a normal terms of a concern readership. Absolutely not none of those things details something that should be happening in a concerted your (%expletive) acting what you might see is that judge is looking really happily it aren't you calm as to how this has been proceeding medium on life. It's also going to be your lands where she is with her status in a very different someone saying that's my health he standpoint or they're seeing from some other standpoint that isn't healthy men shall all of that is a fracture and how we see the judge moving forward on this particular case. Hey Chris how do you see in this. We moving forward for Britney herself she's gotten up in court and said something that. It seems like from her demeanor today she's been wanting to save for a long time and finally worked at the courage to do it. But Nino a lot of people have been asking what's next for her will she perform again will she not how do you think this all impacts her future. I think we've seen pop star is recently Taylor Swift comes to mind understanding how much power they really have. When they call upon their fans and the people who love their music. And they speak their truth Britney has never really done this Britney has not really utilize the power she might have had Britney is not always had. Maybe the best relationship to power were to be able to affect her situation. This is a watershed moment this is gonna change the way people feel about Britney and her conservator ship she's never topped like this before and so whatever happens inside the courtroom with the conservative shift the dynamic outside the courtroom. In terms of people who love Britney love for music and field at thirteen years is more than enough as Britney says I'm not just good at what I do. I'm crater what I do and a lot of people agree with her on that and think as she says it's time for me to have a life. And the judge apparently just set I would encourage Chris Montgomery along with other professionals to really -- miss spears is saying because you know part of the goal of this therapy. Is to help in the way it's being presented it is not you know accomplishing that and the best way. That it could be so it seems like that judge at least has been. Receptive. To what Britney Spears has said so far but Chris you touched on something that seems to. Have got a broader implication here particularly in the times that we live in outlets social media so prevalent it's interesting what we've seen this free Britney movement started with just a few britney's dance school don't know her personally who aren't connected to her directly in any way raising questions in rallying behind her and questioning this conservative ship. And for a long time people wondered you know do these people really have any idea. What's going on behind closed doors and it sounds like from what we heard from Britney today in many cases the case they have been making by dissecting her social media and other things like that has been vindicated. And I wonder how much and what Brady said today in court is due to the strength. That she got from her fan base and what that means for the relationship between fans and stars going follower. No those are all good questions that mean she's certainly delineated in grand in granular tones in some cases and ignore misty itself the objection she had to the way she was being treated in terms of therapeutic Lee in terms of being able to do her job in terms of relations with her family and stuff. It is really ironic that in this era of social media where anyone can pick up the phone and have a microphone to speak to the universe on social media that this is the first way in which we hear britney's real story. Not through social media not through anything she says but through our listening under her speech key into a court. It's it's quite remarkable and and as you say there's a lot in what she said that vindicates the feelings of the free Britney movement and I think the idea that Britney deserves some of the independents that she called for is that that call is going to resonate. In a lot of places in the weeks and months to come. Current and it sounds like the judge in the case is now looking to schedule future proceeding so they can figure out exactly where to go from here but again she incurs a parties involved really listen. To what Britney Spears said today so one way or the other Britney Spears was heard today in court not only by the judge in the parties involved but by the world and you can bet. Her fans for listing channel Lloyd Chris Connelly great to have you both thank you. And that does it for us here today you can see a full wrap up tonight on ABC news live prime with Lindsey Davis. At 7 PM eastern I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us. And have a great evening stay say.

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{"duration":"9:52","description":"The pop star spoke out in court about her conservatorship, saying, “I just want my life back.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78453019","title":"Britney Spears opens up about her conservatorship","url":"/US/video/britney-spears-opens-conservatorship-78453019"}