Bronx Principal Accused of Making Bomb Threats

NYC Department of Education investigates comments allegedly made during staff meeting in November.
2:02 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Bronx Principal Accused of Making Bomb Threats
Shocking claims from teachers at a school in the blocks and they say their principal. Threatened to blow to school with them inside homework and Bronx intermediate school 232 -- -- tight eye lasers are part of mark. -- is there tonight historian markets. And live educators say that it was a teacher who had made these kinds of comments they would have been fired immediately but because it's a principle the city. It's dragging its feet a principal whose leadership they -- into. A reign of terror. I'm scared every day I come to work it is very difficult -- -- to -- to -- -- is hiding their identities but speaking out against their -- the principal -- -- 232 in the -- I don't feel -- the school with the community. I -- feel like. -- I respect that at all. And it's really about making -- cost is now the subject of -- department of investigation probe over comments made during a staff meeting in November. Acosta allegedly told teachers he was stressed out and felt like donning a terrorist type best to blow them up the little. That worked best was mentioned. Other words follow. I think is outrageous and I really don't believe bed. You don't principal would say something like that. I met him before -- really nice. MSU 32 is actually a high performing school earning an -- radio over the last several years but educators claim -- -- doomsday type talks are unsettling. As -- biblical passages posted in classrooms containing phrases like we will never ever surrender our freedom and we are afflicted in every way but not crushed. For now -- remains on the job. It seems there was an initial investigation released by school safety and they didn't feel was marked -- as far as the removal plan he's there doing his job man. You'll finish out the school year there and we'll see what happens with the investigation. But the chancellor says that these are allegations are not a fact and so he's waiting on the outcome of the investigation. In the meantime graduation ceremonies for and that's to 32. For tomorrow.

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{"id":19431830,"title":"Bronx Principal Accused of Making Bomb Threats","duration":"2:02","description":"NYC Department of Education investigates comments allegedly made during staff meeting in November.","url":"/US/video/bronx-principal-accused-making-bomb-threats-19431830","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}