Brother of Botham Jean hugs Amber Guyger after murder trial

Brandt Jean took the stand to make an emotional statement to Amber Guyger after she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of his brother.
4:21 | 10/03/19

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Transcript for Brother of Botham Jean hugs Amber Guyger after murder trial
And as we now turn to Dallas and that emotional moment in a court room mom. Where former Dallas police officer amber Geiger was sentenced to ten years behind bars for shooting. Both of John an unarmed black man in his own apartment and moments after Geiger was sentenced. Both them John's younger brother stunned the court room with this moment take a look here. If you truly are a sorry. I don't know. Does do for myself I. Press reviews you. I know if you go to god and ask him. He rules review. I don't evil want to go zoo. I want the best. For you. Because I know us well that's exactly what both when ones who do. I don't know who's possibly put Schwarzenegger over please. Please. Yes. It's pretty powerful they would it even brought the judge to tears really emotional there and I want to bring in an attorney Benjamin Crump he's the attorney for both of Johns. Family and he joins us on the phone now. An attorney prompt you know really no words for that moment there what did you make of that happening. There was an extraordinary all red and her. Underscores our extraordinary despair that is both from. We're doing extraordinary human being and you know this was a historic case. And your work history we have teachable moments and his government praised. All of the world. Is learn from this whole ordeal of this tragic a loss. Also they are Christian people. And they believe in Tokyo moose. And so that's what you sow his book the Koran. Prior to demonstrate. Where his brother would have been where. It is we are. Devastating to being on the news. Dreary period. Or emotions Syracuse on their court and even to this morning. Yes. Raw emotions. But incredible grace and forgiveness there. But the send ten somehow when asked about this because the sentence floor amber Geiger was ten years. And that's still has a lot of people pro testing. Absolutely. I have represented merely. But I Meehan who have been wrongfully convicted. And spent decades in prison did do anything wrong. And the dating game in news. Consideration like this white policewoman who you just unarmed black man in his own apartment. People in our community. Have been sentenced to more seven marijuana. Nonviolent crimes so it continues. To underscore the threat that we have a lot of work to do and of America. Her new book. Constitution. Equal justice under the law all citizens. And end before it before we go I just when askew I'm did that hug it you know change your perspective. On out come her fate. Well I'll. It wasn't in the presence of the jury it was after the jury had. It entered their home birth for ten years broke. I think this was a historic case is the first term a white police woman as have a picture big spirit. Curriculum a black man and Americo murder. Seoul. We are still all of our review process this. It was just so been extraordinary. To see happen is family nobody would do better grant was on a dubious. Yes it was it's emotional tune into watch back. And down by just one think you've heard joining us today and now I'm giving us your words. Thank you are curious of them is what the Bramlet. Think you.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Brandt Jean took the stand to make an emotional statement to Amber Guyger after she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of his brother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66038034","title":"Brother of Botham Jean hugs Amber Guyger after murder trial","url":"/US/video/brother-botham-jean-hugs-amber-guyger-murder-trial-66038034"}