Brothers Charged in Pregnant Teen's Killing

Eva Casara's baby survived the Christmas Day shooting in a suburb south of Chicago.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Brothers Charged in Pregnant Teen's Killing
Most of either to -- family left court today without saying a war after a judge denies bond her boyfriend and his brother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. The Sarah's boyfriend sixteen year old Valentin Anthony Lee and his brother 21 year old Dion take Coakley of Chicago. Are both charged with first degree murder for the Christmas Day shooting of a pregnant teen. Lee is the father of -- baby. Q so you vote. Will miss -- it's really hard on the family. In court prosecutors said the attack was a result of a robbery gone bad. Authorities say it happened after leak Coakley and their brother and the Sarah left the home of the Brothers grandmother. And went -- -- 152 and Dorchester the south suburb. Where they planned to rob someone to Sarah arranged to meet. Investigators say when that person drove with a passenger to -- and Coakley got into the car and had a conversation with a driver who then told Coakley to get out. Prosecutors say he did but then tried to open the driver's door and that's when the driver pulled away. With the Sarah still in the backseat Coakley in one of the other Brothers allegedly open fire on the car unintentionally hitting Kucera in the head. I don't believe -- all of that she knew what was going on you know what him and his Brothers did it. You know it did a lot. Speculation. When the driver his passenger realize she was still in the car and had been hit they dumped her body. The seventeen year old was found between two homes in the 11100 block of east a 152 street bypass survive. She managed to stay alive long enough for her one pound five ounce baby later -- ley Lani Harris -- -- -- to be born. Despite the arrest police are still seeking a third brother as a suspect. I ask you to turn yourself -- you know who you are. We know we'll.

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{"id":21370264,"title":"Brothers Charged in Pregnant Teen's Killing","duration":"3:00","description":"Eva Casara's baby survived the Christmas Day shooting in a suburb south of Chicago.","url":"/US/video/brothers-charged-pregnant-teens-killing-21370264","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}