Building Explosion Reported on NYC's Park Avenue

Firefighters are battling a three-alarm building fire in East Harlem.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Building Explosion Reported on NYC's Park Avenue
We do know that -- we're hearing from. Police and fire the Pacific gas and we do believe this is a residential building. This happening maybe. Twenty to thirty minutes and I'm not sure exactly what's going on we have heard that part of the building. It's compromised. -- We tarnished. Yet what will have a better idea here as we swing around right now that the wind is blowing the smoke directly at -- so -- plan at the moment is to get around to the other side of this. They get a really good look at that spoke out of the way and be able to get a sense -- what's going on down the street level. -- and the worry too was with that thick thick thick smoke blowing right into those buildings. If and especially if if we have. I guess -- level to with the police and third alarm fire near Gallup. If if they're gonna evacuate any of those buildings adjacent I was going to say tell -- that what you're saying this is the building this is at -- in part. This is the building here can't what I can tell you is that we're gonna count this is going to be a six story apartment building. Directly adjacent to the subway tracks here that of course -- -- elevated on park avenue. You can see very plainly smoke and fire on the top floors of this building it looks to be like the heaviest concentration of fire. Is on the -- as a matter of fact let me -- down in -- little bit closer. I would say that the top portion of this building. Has partially collapsed and that kind of correlates with the reports that we're hearing the other thing I want to point out -- this is get first impressions pulling up by the -- -- Michelle there is debris. Everywhere if you look at -- adjoining roof here directly to the north of the building take a look up here in the subway tracks it looks like we already have. MTA workers at their clearing debris. There is splintered debris down on the street level where we see firefighters. There's a lot let me let me zoom into this picture -- here you can see. Cars it looks like a -- they -- two cars parked. With debris it looks like dust it looks like some lumber down there. A portion of this building definitely came down what that that was a result of the explosion whether that happened after the explosion occurred during and of course we're gonna find out. In the time to come right now we can tell you that there was definitely something to brought a portion of this building down. The fire continues to burn out of control this is a three alarm fire assignment and it looks like most this fire concentrated near the top of that building. -- we don't know about injuries at this point but if people were living in that building. Taking a look at that it's it's gotta wonder were still waiting on reports from officials.

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{"id":22875093,"title":"Building Explosion Reported on NYC's Park Avenue","duration":"3:00","description":"Firefighters are battling a three-alarm building fire in East Harlem.","url":"/US/video/building-explosion-reported-nycs-park-avenue-22875093","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}