Bullied Boy Dies Weeks After School Fight

Bailey O'Neill was taken off life support following an alleged January fight with classmates.
1:28 | 03/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bullied Boy Dies Weeks After School Fight
One day after he turned twelve years old this weekend appearance of Delaware County sixth grader Bailey -- -- To -- off life support no more phone calls from all know when I am now. Snow in the say daddy. -- the worst feeling. The Darby township school student was placed into a medically induced coma in January after having violent seizures. Days before Bailey's father -- says he was the victim of a bully. And got into a school York price suffering a broken nose and concussion he wanted to walk away. He should and shouldn't ever happen. What happened -- Bailey O'Neill and who will be -- responsible. And certainly that's the question that we look at district attorney Jack Whelan says that the -- there could be possible simple assault charges against one of the two students involved. He's working to find out if -- was a factor. He's waiting on autopsy results to be grow would kill this seemingly healthy boy I would hate to see anyone rush to judgment. Before really knowing the complete story as to what occurred be restored to renew the call -- action against bullying his father has received support on his battle for Bailey FaceBook page. He's gotten calls from all over including the flyers. Local nonprofits teach anti bullying says. The statistics are staggering but under reported 34% of US students say they've been bullied during school. No dialogue has to be collaborative and knows those key players are -- law enforcement community here educators from the school board -- the the teacher in the classroom and the parents.

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{"id":18655525,"title":"Bullied Boy Dies Weeks After School Fight","duration":"1:28","description":"Bailey O'Neill was taken off life support following an alleged January fight with classmates.","url":"/US/video/bullied-boy-bailey-oneill-dies-weeks-after-school-fight-18655525","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}