California Doctor Murdered in Exam Room

Dr. Ronald Gilbert was allegedly shot by a suspect believed to be in his 70s.
1:16 | 01/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Doctor Murdered in Exam Room
The body of a prominent urologist shot to death in his own office is taken away from -- health center hours after he was gunned down. He's been identified by witnesses and employees in the building -- 52 year old Ronald Gilbert of Huntington Beach. -- A great doctor I historically the U. -- -- -- -- -- Very nice. Newport Beach police say the victim was shot six or seven times in the upper torso in a patient exam room on the building's second floor. Another man in that room believed to be patient in his seventies was immediately taken into police custody. I thought it was construction like that now banners like just didn't -- Claudius the lab supervisor on the third floor of the building directly above doctor Gilbert's office what's going on with the world today I mean schools now I gotta worry about going to -- kids. Come on people you know we need to -- each other. This rabbi who did not want to speak on camera told Eyewitness News he was called at the scene by the victim's family. Doctor Gilbert seen here on YouTube was the chief scientist behind the medical product from -- It's a treatment for premature ejaculation that produces the results might patients' desire doctor Jeffrey lover says he often referred patients to doctor Gilbert which he saw a patient for me as of this morning about 9:30 in the morning -- so recently had contact each other.

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{"id":18342433,"title":"California Doctor Murdered in Exam Room","duration":"1:16","description":"Dr. Ronald Gilbert was allegedly shot by a suspect believed to be in his 70s.","url":"/US/video/california-doctor-ronald-gilbert-murdered-in-exam-room-18342433","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}