California faces COVID-19 crisis

Mass vaccination sites are opening around California as COVID-19 cases surge
3:14 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for California faces COVID-19 crisis
The voices of some American heroes nurses on the front lines of the corona virus crisis that is clearly not letting up that ball. The global death told hit two million today there were more than 3900. Deaths in the US. This week 25% higher than any other week since the pandemic started southern California's situations especially dire. AA in the icu is an Los Angeles county are still at 0%. Capacity no more from Rome now the state is struggling when vaccine roll out. Because the health care system is already overwhelmed. But there is hope things could pick up Dodgers stadium transitioning from the largest cult league testing site in the country to a massive. Vaccine distribution center are Caylee Harding is there had Dodger Stadium with the latest Kelly. How might this. How the big vaccine hub that they're setting up their help California turned the corner on this. Can't carry and based on those numbers you just shared it certainly is now Holden and its mega site can help and I. Do you like the largest testing site in the country anymore processing 121000 testing day. Now the goal once this site is fully operational needs to get 121000 vaccinations administered day this night we'll just hoping today the city of 2000. Appointments scheduled we're expecting the governor to be here with any Howard to officially open incitement there's been so much frustration across this country about the slow roll out. I'm the vaccination process of not more than thirty million doses that it didn't. Distributed across the country only about a third of those first doses have been administered. And that ratio is reflected here in the state of California California is doing as a poor of a job. As any state in this country I'm distributing these vaccines so again when you have this. The operational capacity at this site at this stadium holdings to be a live acts need 121000. People a day by next week carries. That that now is he's begun California now allowing seniors to get the vaccine but the LA county health commissioner says there aren't even enough doses. And in the state to vaccinated every health care workers so how does that work was being done solve that issue. I wish I had a good answer I wish I could tell you that officials here have good answers to solving that problem what we do know is that. Local officials have requested. Additional doses but the fear is carried at. Even though the governor is said vaccination should be opened up. Two adults over the age of 65 info on the CDC's guidelines of recommending anybody who's an adult with a preexisting condition should be acceded to the concern is that it could be weeks more. Before we are able to get vaccines to those people like you said they are not enough vaccinations in his state right now. To even. Saxony health care workers settled C a 2000 people who have appointments here today those are health care workers there's a lot of confusion across the state and and trickling across the country. About who is eligible what those criteria are on the local level. And that's how he's back seasons are being handled upon that local level but you know the questions about distribution. Go to a higher level the the mayor here in LA air Garcetti he has said this is the largest logistical challenge. He's ever seen in his lifetime and they are trying to one day at a time. To get right Terry. Yeah they they have to get it right as does the country Caylee heartening. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Mass vaccination sites are opening around California as COVID-19 cases surge","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75283558","title":"California faces COVID-19 crisis ","url":"/US/video/california-faces-covid-19-crisis-75283558"}