California Family Dies in Dog Rescue

Gregory Kuljian, 16, and his parents were swept out to sea while trying to save their dog.
3:00 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for California Family Dies in Dog Rescue
Anybody who loves their dog will understand how something like this could happen dog fetching the stick at a state beach north of here got suddenly swept out. And that led to a chain reaction tragedy. Gregory getting cool -- and went in first to try to save the dog followed by his father Howard -- -- and mother Mary Scott. All of them drowned. Saturday was a big -- today -- -- and it swells up and you know waves hitting the beach and about ten -- between 9/11 feet. So when that kind of power hit the beach and you can be. One minute on. Sand and the next minute that wave has got to -- back into the ocean. The sixteen year old daddy cool -- was a junior at arcade a high school where many wore green in his memory. -- -- was his favorite color he had at one point I think it's -- two years ago he had green hair. And so everybody just slate waiting for daddy and some people heard crying -- -- there is -- relief group and stuff like that in some people who. -- Happy that they knew him. At least that they got the chance to know him and you know it's a big loss for its community because it's not only seen by his parents to -- -- -- very actively involved in the community. The sole survivor in this family was Olivia cool GM who graduated from -- a high school last year. And watch the tragedy unfold from the safety of the beach. State park Rangers say it's quite common and understandable for dog owners to try to save their pets who are struggling in the surf. But they advise against it. Because as was the case this weekend dogs are generally able to rescue themselves. In eureka George Warren news ten.

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{"id":17817656,"title":"California Family Dies in Dog Rescue","duration":"3:00","description":"Gregory Kuljian, 16, and his parents were swept out to sea while trying to save their dog.","url":"/US/video/california-family-dies-dog-rescue-17817656","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}