California Man Allegedly Sets Girlfriend on Fire

Police are searching for Dexter Oliver, whose girlfriend sustained life-threatening injuries.
1:26 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Man Allegedly Sets Girlfriend on Fire
A smoldering sweater in the middle of the street -- -- 25 year old star Lamar was wearing when her family says her boyfriend 22 year old Dexter Oliver. Doused with gasoline and then later on fire. Her sister precious Craig says she's in critical condition at Saint Francis -- All they got to hold it down with the -- -- and my Monday. And T and the women to see a unit that they -- she's doing finds that according to Le -- family the couple began yelling at each other at this laundromat down the street. At one point the argument got so heated he allegedly ran all the way home to get some gasoline and ran back towards the laundromat. That's on poured gasoline and in a bottle. And he -- that in no -- -- -- a program we watched as investigators collected gasoline canisters from their home. Witnesses who called 911 say they heard the couple arguing in the street then saw the victim on fire. They agreed to talk to us on the condition that we not released their identities because they're concerned for their safety as it -- Schering AG -- set up there and they showed banging like Hewlett shows she got friends for the -- And paying the diet I get that had -- -- spotlight -- took her prayers and ran off that way she basically -- -- but I -- And she was just screaming because as a salute her life thousand -- this Google there. As part of this investigation police are collecting images from video cameras in the neighborhood.

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{"id":18148906,"title":"California Man Allegedly Sets Girlfriend on Fire","duration":"1:26","description":"Police are searching for Dexter Oliver, whose girlfriend sustained life-threatening injuries.","url":"/US/video/california-man-allegedly-sets-girlfriend-fire-18148906","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}