California man charged in school cyber-threat case

Brian Hernandez, 26, is being charged with threatening to use an explosive device, threatening to injure students and the sexual exploitation of a child.
3:39 | 08/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California man charged in school cyber-threat case
I'm Josh make or on the United States attorney for the southern district of Indiana. Many in this community here in Plainfield course remember December 2015 in early January 26 team. In response to some very specific. Very graphic threats over social media. That threatened mass shootings. Bombings and violence in this area. On December 17 2015. Plainfield high school closed. The school for today. Subsequently. Danville high school did the same and close their school for a day. His stated goal roots social media. Which we received. In his words. He wanted to be the worst. Cyber terrorist. That ever would. The evidence showed he was well on his way to achieving that goal. He victimized. Individuals in ten. Federal districts. Brian kill used and he similar pattern to to meet commit his crimes. Each one involving exploiting our youth. Through social media it would contact victims. Usually minor girls. He would claim to have pornographic images of those girls. He would threatened to release those images on social media and less. They would send him more images. Of themselves more pornographic images this is commonly called sex torsion. He continued repeating those request. And here in Plainfield we found out what happened. If you refuse to comply. He made very specific very clear threats to the schools in Plainfield. Those threats are very graphic I won't repeat that now as I cannot. But he threatened to kill the victim at the school to kill the victims entire class. To use claimed to have pipe bombs a rifle. Firearms he made similar claims with regard to. Stand bill. Public high school. Threatening to kill people he considered as sub humans. Law enforcement responded here in this community in federally. We use traditional law enforcement techniques. To try to Trace Brian kill back in January 26 team. We have an excellent group oh cyber investigator. But those techniques initially proved ineffective. The individual labor unions labeling himself is Brian Hill. Used what is referred to as the Tor network TOR. This was a sophisticated. Dark web which allowed him to mask. He is IP address. Media bought you could not be found. And at the cyber world. This was the heat modern equivalent. Looking for a needle. In a case. Here at this press conference I am here to announce that the cyber terrorist. We knew as Bryan Kindle has been arrested. His name is Brian Hernandez age 26 years and he will face federal charges in beef sub district of India.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Brian Hernandez, 26, is being charged with threatening to use an explosive device, threatening to injure students and the sexual exploitation of a child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49079322","title":"California man charged in school cyber-threat case","url":"/US/video/california-man-charged-school-cyber-threat-case-49079322"}