California school shooting

Deadly shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California
4:13 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for California school shooting
If folks are watching ABC news live by Matt Gutman near Santa Maria California right behind me is this Saugus high school and that's where. We now know at least one student was killed several others were wounded in. Gunfire that erupted this duty. Sheriff's office saying they fail Asian you can still see an active scene here. Came into the school and allegedly started firing Stevens they spoke to said they heard a number of shots and immediately they went on locked and they had practiced this. One student told me that. Action talked about it with his parents he had a book right in front of him or that's what he had practiced couldn't find a book instead. He got out his large water canteen and was hoping to use it or was prepared to use it at least as a weapon. If need be that's what her high school students are thinking about these days it. Here the helicopters overhead. Far department. Is obviously hear lots of rescuers dozens and dozens of police cruisers here swat teams as well we're gonna get at away. Those firefighters and bomb. We know that there are still students in that school we've seen many hundreds of them let out up from this parking lot all the way down there to a church and that's where they are being debriefed. And then loaded on to buses they're taken to a central area. A mile away from here where. They're gonna find me up at their parents but. Something that you still see here they have like government come with me. Well obviously see lots of rescuers but on the street corners. There are still parents waiting to hear from their children. They're still lining the street even a couple of hours later. And end the looks of anguish on parents' faces who have not been able to see their kids is something that. It's a memorable you don't forget that stuff they're talking about the palpable fear that. Sense of haze in the teeth the stomach acid churning in a fire truck there. The fingers trembling uncontrollable and we don't know what happened here Giles. There a couple of parents still here and that's the school. Officers are still going through the scene. We're gonna go back across the street. They are assessing it. If still students in those classrooms. Trying to make sure that there were no devices or anything else left behind in earlier. We did hear a boom with some sort we weren't sure if it's. Controlled detonation or something else but. Can still see those. Officers. Standing by doubt where it happened was right inside. Beyond that flag pole in the central quad. I spoke to a couple of students who actually. Knew some of the students who were shot. The people they talked to said Iraq we located one critic. Horrifying experience here so many of the parents saying that. No it doesn't happen in the street. We didn't expect it to happen here it as a reporter who's covered this so many times so many different places across the country this is what you always here. Did expect to happen in our community. But unfortunately it so often does it's pretty big high school. And it took awhile to get all those students out but it seems the situation now is finally under control. Obviously canine units here on that helicopter still in the sky up bear cat. Right behind me. Now we are told that he oh. White male aging who is the suspected shooter. Is in custody on this investigations gonna go on for quite a while the FBI the ATF and others are here as well assisting the LA county sheriff's department. We actually see. Canine officer with his dogs meeting in here just making sure that everything is the scope ascetic here. So. Investigations gonna go on for quite some time at least a couple of days. But right now it seems to have this situation here completely under control I Mack got ten games Santa Clarita California. You're watching ABC news line.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Deadly shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67021029","title":"California school shooting ","url":"/US/video/california-school-shooting-67021029"}