California 'Sextortionist': Alleged Victims Include Minors

Karen "Gary" Kazaryan allegedly used computer hacking skills to coerce women to strip.
1:09 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California 'Sextortionist': Alleged Victims Include Minors
This is the man the feds say hacked into the social media and email accounts of hundreds of women ankle forced them into showing him their naked bodies. We found on his computer thousands upon thousands of pictures of women. In various stages of -- 27 year old Karen Gary -- -- and appeared in federal court today charged with fifteen counts of computer intrusion. And fifteen counts of aggravated identity theft authorities say he knew some of his victims. So he -- able to talk to them and find out what street they grow up finding their favorite aunt or other information that would allow him to gas. The password reset answers qatari and allegedly would -- his victims out of their accounts while he searched for naked or semi nude pictures and personal information that he could used to extort them if they did not stripped down for him oversight. He would post their pictures on FaceBook -- would get telephone calls from their friends saying. They're naked pictures of you up -- your face that account what's going on because Arian describes himself as a business development consultant on his Linkedin page he listened this Glendale apartment with his family tonight we tried to ask his father for comments. Could we talk to you. About Kerry Butler. Just not.

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{"id":18356689,"title":"California 'Sextortionist': Alleged Victims Include Minors","duration":"1:09","description":"Karen \"Gary\" Kazaryan allegedly used computer hacking skills to coerce women to strip.","url":"/US/video/california-sextortionist-alleged-victims-include-minors-18356689","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}