California teachers union, school district resume negotiations amid strike

LAUSD teachers brave another rainy day as the nation's second-biggest school district continues to fight for smaller classrooms and better pay.
3:46 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for California teachers union, school district resume negotiations amid strike
Back on the West Coast remember how we saw some of those range well. There are a lot of people out in that rain right now because the teachers strike. In LA did this the country's second largest. School district's teachers are still striking their I want to turn to remain approved our correspondent on the ground there remain at what do you sing. Hey Brad so it isn't gay people are on the teachers like as you can see behind me where Hancock park elementary school. Kind of teachers parents students. Cake eating even across the street as well they had their music on their chanting cars are honking at me come by. These teachers and students are braving the pouring rain this morning pulled its raining forties in a row. Of hard rain here in LA not the best week for a strike but they're all out here. For something that they believe it again this district includes 900 schools and put into perspective right here in Manhattan right now this district is 32 times the size of Manhattan affecting 30000 teachers. They're striking without pay this alone has about two or three teachers that are married to other teacher is. Both striking and their families that are not getting any income during the strike but there is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel and AM noon. You. LE SP NDP UT LA aren't eating its nor hopefully negotiate the contract again. With the mayor's office mediating to send teachers are hopeful but I spoke to them ET Alley rats Jill and Larry. Who are saying that teachers shouldn't expect to get back into the classrooms tomorrow night what do you think we'll come on today's negotiations. I'm not very hopeful at all and he has our superintendent Austin Buhner. Is not an honest person here's a vocabulary word for the day duplicitous. He is dishonest and deceptive. We have a two billion dollar surplus the biggest in history. And he says he can't use any of it I'm not very hopeful today honestly. Tomorrow you guys are expecting to have another big rally you think that'll still happen. I'm absolutely at SF think we're downtown City Hall over 30000 of us will be there again. I actually feeling a little more optimistic in the sense that we had avoid member. Who is willing to speak his own mind they were told Davis was to have one voice and stash Mellon and spoke out and believes in the teachers and I am so proud of that and I'm really excited that that did gave me some hope. Stack the board members are starting to speak their own mind and not just following blindly to whatever they're told that they half. Filling them. Feeling a little more. I think that's that that's the right attitude. And am proud I wanna go prevent some of the demands again it's not just higher pay but it's also essentials staff bloody schools don't have. Full time nurses we met one parent Kevin. Who signed it needs to have insulin shots throughout the day that he or his wife have to come during their breaks because there's only winners once a week they're cutting can you tell me that about. What union like. Well we have to. Children go here Aden in London and paid in this type one diabetic. So my wife had to stop working to take care of them because we only having one nurse here one day a week. Again so she has to commend him as some four months and reckless. They are hoping that with this strike we'll get more resource is for the schools and your kids will be taking care. Yes we only have one nurse him which is send us any better managed is a really really governors what is its only one day weekend and any more nurses him. Take care much if you think this much and then there. Brad. I remain a food on the ground there it seems like people are still singing and chanting behind you. Even in that cold rainy weather right there I've we'll check him until later.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"LAUSD teachers brave another rainy day as the nation's second-biggest school district continues to fight for smaller classrooms and better pay.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60447670","title":"California teachers union, school district resume negotiations amid strike","url":"/US/video/california-teachers-union-school-district-resume-negotiations-amid-60447670"}