Camp Canine Explains How To Walk Dogs Safely In The Cold

What dog owners need to know about walking their dogs when temperatures drop.
10:40 | 01/05/16

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Transcript for Camp Canine Explains How To Walk Dogs Safely In The Cold
Hey everyone's really did ABC news digital back in. Everything New York City I hope that you're watching them from somewhere warm if you're like most of us even trying to stay inside. All day but not everyone have that luxury on cold days. On. Dogs need exercise they need to go out and we are here at camp canine which is a dog. Daycare doggie daycare and LC du grooming. And does he boarding as well and we're gonna talk with a couple of the dog walkers. I'm to give us some tips on cold weather dog's safety. And safety for owners as well and have to go out. And walk their dogs in. Cold weather south. Come on inside it. This is when Aaron and and we are trying. And he says fluffy here. He can you can't. Lucky he is being welcomed dog can't canine. And we also have the top dog of our owner. Can't Kaye came in with Tania hi Ian. And she's going to be giving us tips. And tricks four dogs safety in the wintertime. A couple dogs that are coming out for their afternoon walk. So even in the holds the dogs here at camp canine they need to get their exercise need to go out. So but you still have to there's an option today. Absolutely. It largely depends upon he read that. And there are certain dogs who actually thrived in the bold letters Huskies for example. Golden Retriever us annoyance and a love and outside dogs it's equally flat. In Atlanta where they kidney exit out exactly rain. You know when you get you know down in size to say I had to swallow that not much care is can be very dangerous an unpleasant for them. And there's of course a variety of dogs in between but what what we have we recommend is that any short here don't. It code. You know once it when it's freezing. Get the coast. They're not just our the pucker than. Flattered that you see item on dog they're not just for style I think them and people think that Iraq just yes it's just didn't get. I don't need to staying warm. Sometimes it can be also acts but yes for short your reached him for example in a lot of French bulldogs. Create and I put a coat on them. There are some very small dogs who really don't prefer not to go outside once it gets very very COLT hasn't mentioned there is much Wallace. They will often. Elect stand tight musically we. But and it seemed most of our dogs. Do you like to get out lent no matter how cold out and begins and put some coats on them. Once there's snow on the ground they're different precautions what needs to take. And I believe that we had a couple. Golden Retriever is up and coming back and see them back here getting ready to Gaza these would be done that would be that would be happy to be out in the cold. And I was noticing him talking about war here inside and that it looks like upper west side. Particularly loves principal's hugs and golden doodles. There is an above average number of those there films like meet these guys are not friendly that happened. My problem. So you are definitely impacts all dog. Very very good hands. On yergin coming it's well. Let's go far it. Great I'm to turn the camera around. We can get you aren't these guys I know you are interested in seeing their cute faces. Yes. And we're pretty close to Central Park here so I assume nothing done like to go to the park is booms and though third Tanya these dogs would not be bothered at all by the cold. Eight. He. Yes and so hasn't done locker what you have to watch out for personally think what do you that you're gonna make sure they're gonna keep up with the dogs and called. I mean you're obviously got your hat on and everything but what's important for you to keep in mind. Only makes him. He had gloves along the biggest but rather it is just meaningless statement though that's about it because I see what the TV hot as lows as them. The Muslim. OPEC. Great and so and what about tips for the dogs specifically. I want them behind. Pumps his with the win elected to a solid curved them so what I do is I don't walk in the mobile music heard something about me. Event and I have a bag valued at. I think those of us. And snow in cold weather do you want to make sure that you don't keep the mountainsides too late even if they're having a great time now is they're usually at a time limit you know it really. Depends on the dog and you have to look at those sites signals the dog is giving you. Are they shivering today happy ice balls forming in their cause that that are causing them pain he needs to be in tune with the dark. These guys can probably see out. You know as long as we could stand staying out some of the smaller short haired breeds get you to really do need to limit their time even with the co. And so what about those like doggy glove there Donahue IDC area as peaceful as well do when they went and he's now. Oh. Salt salt can earn. Spots and business are actually essential human in the city. And herself to the sidewalks industries. They are theory important to. There a couple of varieties. Of those things and also alternatives such as. Who mushers which is essentially. Talking chapstick if you will pay that goes on the bottoms of their pause that also protects against assault. But just for the colts I'm we have not found that they actually really need to duties it's more for the assaults and. Did you saying I didn't I wouldn't have known what it thought it would demand more snow okay it would have been Marcel that listen dog owners looks like Amin thank you. In the pudding. We didn't mention that I like to talk to nursing Allen Hunt whoever is a key to staying warm as a dog walker is also wearing hats he. We make sure to provide hats to our walkers that is heat for staying warm. You know you don't you don't want this weather without a hat for switchers have clicked on them as well yeah and that's actually very important step toward Islam you know doing what the united. Ask. Let's do a little locking it got behind and I. Seeing people super bundled up. The dog females I haven't done to thank you want us countless in the Wilbur. We've got nothing. Again there are all pretty friendly with each other that I can't. And each other actually and this here this is Wilbur. You can see rovers exporting any coffee. Love and I'm happy which he needs he's he's you know as you mentioned earlier the very popular upper west side French Bulldog. And again Wilbur sporting a fashionable and functional because. Which is definitely keeping him warm as we take him to the park today. And so how do you as a dog walker how do you find in general that New York City dogs and not the one thing you're walking from his canine that you come in contact bunch of other dogs. Do you find that they are normally pretty well trained. Yeah absolutely using their consulates that you see trying that they're puppies we have training costs as well. I don't think. Assuming blossomed out hundreds of aren't happy. Yeah. Him. That he's got a lot of parents. Another week. The Christmas trees that we see all over the street this time India and 33. Danger with the trees that dogs are much outlet and you never want to dogs eat them think the bigger issue it is it. We faces top partners is really what's stopping all the time usually with these gentlemen dogs. They like to utilize the trees. I'm in a fashion for which there are not intended and it does make our Watsco. A lot longer a little that line and yet so as we wrap up here Atlanta it just didn't like your top tips. Gore a owners. We're Harrington to take the dogs out in the cold blooded and number thank my top three things that they need to turn back. Number one if you have a short haired endorsed small dog couldn't coach put a sweater first thing. Second. Need to signals your dog is giving you pick your jogging shivering. If if your dog is lifting up his or her paws as if they're in pain get your dog inside. Just pay attention to your your dog is going to let you know. Does or does he my tips. Great let's take one last look at heart and I see act. Cody is definitely there and it isn't really gonna giving pot he gives a flying even when I don't half hour here but. And there's an analyst prisons street beat. It's anti yankees 813 and they ended two And as he's not with the dog walkers and possibly the USPS workers. We our thankful that these people who come out and have to do their job even in the freezing cold if you're one of those people want those dog walkers. Thank you so much for being out in the freezing called. And everyone else featured a stay warm and it's freezing temperatures there's warmer day is ahead don't worry. Thanks for watching I'm courage and.

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{"id":36106028,"title":"Camp Canine Explains How To Walk Dogs Safely In The Cold","duration":"10:40","description":"What dog owners need to know about walking their dogs when temperatures drop.","url":"/US/video/camp-canine-explains-walk-dogs-safely-cold-36106028","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}