Capezio responds to calls for dancewear to be skin color inclusive

Michael A. Terilizzi, president and CEO of Capezio Ballet Makers, discusses changes coming to the company.
3:18 | 06/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Capezio responds to calls for dancewear to be skin color inclusive
Welcome back. Dancewear brand capezio recently announced they will be making pointe shoes more inclusive after a petition after a petition called on the brand to provide skin color inclusive dancewear. Here to discuss is capezio CEO Michael a. Terlizzi. Thank you for being with us. And we know that over 300,000 people signed that petition calling for your company to provide skin color inclusive dance clothing. What was your response? It was great. For the company, our inspiration comes from the dancers, right, so to get 300,000 people knocking on your door and thinking that you're missing an opportunity to help them and create -- break down some barriers, so internally the conversation was really, how did we miss this? More than doing something wrong. We have the skin tones in a majority of our product lines. However, it becomes not readily available when you're dealing with thousands of retailers who have limited availability to stock. We have to do a better job internally to figure out to satisfy this need and help them feel included and not neglected. We have to take some responsibility for not offering this product to them. So it was great. It was -- it was inspiring, for sure. And to that point, I understand you're also planning to re-label some of your shades, correct? Yeah, what came up, once you start reading the 300,000 petitions, it was really more of not being inclusive. We do manufacture all these colors in the product line. What happens is limited availability and the price tag for the special makeup becomes an issue for them. When you peel back and get deeper into the conversation, you know, my nude is not necessarily the nude of a woman of color and what we found is that we can't just generalize, we have to be extremely specific and more inclusive, and I think it's going to be an industry opportunity to not only include people, but break down some barriers, if in fact there are. To that end, you provided an e-mail address for consumers, encouraging them to weigh in to send feedback to you and the company, why was that so important? I want to keep the conversation alive. This is obviously not about dancewear clothing right, we're a portion of this -- a lot of my peers across the fashion industry received similar petitions. This is a greater conversation, it needs to be had and focused. And we feel that if we provide a platform where they can continue to communicate with me and our company and our family, it will provide an opportunity to change not only our industry but hopefully the world, and that's what we want to be a part of. When will capezio make these inclusive colors available to the masses? We're looking at fall 2020. Obviously, covid did some horrendous things in our manufacturing facilities. We're looking at fall 2020. That's very exciting news to so many, at least 300,000 and counting. Thank you so much Michael Terlizzi to take the time. Thank you. Coming up next right here when we come back --

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Michael A. Terilizzi, president and CEO of Capezio Ballet Makers, discusses changes coming to the company. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71257983","title":"Capezio responds to calls for dancewear to be skin color inclusive","url":"/US/video/capezio-responds-calls-dancewear-skin-color-inclusive-71257983"}