Child Caught in Middle of Multiple Car Hijacking, Chase

Police go on an hour long chase for the suspect after he trigged an amber alert.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Child Caught in Middle of Multiple Car Hijacking, Chase
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report. It began a gas station just outside Denver and took Colorado cops on a high speed chase. That lasted nearly an hour in that time the suspect hijacked two different vehicles and tried a third time. The first of van police say had a four year old boy inside triggering an AMBER Alert. You can see that car driving it's often that area. We're joined now live from Denver by ABC's Clayton send out Clayton first of all that first to ban the red one had a child on board. Here we can see if we can show some video the suspect ditches it for another right. Do we -- -- intended to take the vehicle with that child or child inside. You know at this point Michelle we don't know whether he knew. Or intended to kidnap that child or whether it was just by chance he was trying to steal -- vehicle that. At a gas station and and the child just happen to be inside police are sorting all of that out right now. So this started at a gas station give us an idea where that this had occurred and how it went down. Sure so this started at a gas station in long -- Colorado which is roughly. An hour north of Denver about fifty or sixty miles. And the suspect came driving down I 25 the big interstate that once -- Colorado north the south. Came south towards Denver and then headed over towards so they'd be north east portion of the city. And ended up coming down. -- road by called C 470 now along the way it was driving. As you saw was carjacking other drivers. Got in another vehicle at one point was driving on the wrong side of the road -- his terrifying to watch you saw him coming head on towards all kinds of traffic. And many headed south past the Denver International Airport. South west the southeast of the city pardon. To an area -- -- Douglas County called lone tree now. From start to finish this is about sixty miles from long -- all the way down to lonetree involve all kinds of law enforcement agencies you can imagine and helicopters as well. Annie. On the scene looking for him. -- and it had to be it had to be dozens because we're talking about law enforcement from long -- Colorado state patrol. Local sheriff's departments over there were dozens of officers that were closing in on him when he finally. Crashed into another car and and got out on foot. China shed as close as he went one thing we should mention also is that at one point along the way it Colorado state patrol. Trooper. Was actually hit and injured we believe this trooper was trying to lay down some of those spike strips. In front of the suspect's vehicle to puncture his tires and stop the vehicle at some point during that chase. This trooper was hits and is now in the hospital with what we understand are pretty serious injuries. And give us an idea we're looking at this video here of as this drive driver. Who hijacked these vehicles just takes off gets in and out of the vehicle. Let's go back she do this -- one area where he collides with. A woman in a smaller car and she seems to be a little bit more willing to stop. Perhaps not realizing what's happening -- give us an idea of where this was all happening in relation issue. Everything else -- Cleveland along. Right so this was this would -- -- closer to the lone -- area towards the end of the chase you saw him collide with that car and and carjacked this woman she seemed it. At least from from my vantage point seem to try and put up a bit of a fight which ship probably is not the best idea in a situation like this but. This was -- just a couple minutes later that he crashed in the area of of lonetree. And don't know anything more about the suspect at this time what what how did it start what was he doing at the gas station and why was he trying to get away. At this point out we don't know who this guy is yet police are sorting that out and trying to figure out what he was -- in lone -- what his intentions were with that vehicle and why he didn't stop I mean -- -- -- was pursued by so many cars of the so dangerous and very fast. Luckily it didn't end with anyone getting hurt as far as we know and immunities crashes but it could -- A lot worse CL lot of close call that let's take you to the ending of this where he begins to sort of run on foot. And he's fleet clean on what he's -- in and that he takes his jacket off. And is thinking about scaling a fence coming up here shortly and just finally running out of the energy himself and finally. Police are able to catch up with him we're gonna watch that play out as you describe what happens next. Yeah yeah yeah you can imagine I'm sure even though he was running from the police -- -- his adrenaline level was. Was pretty high at that point having been pursued for an hour and then crashing into another vehicle it seemed like he was maybe. Trying to to shed those close as a way to that maybe changes description but. At that point there were just too many officers nearby he. Made a run at one point taking a shirt completely off made a run toward that fence and looked like he was trying to climate but the officers where were right behind -- with their guns drawn. And three or four of them were able to. Cornered him right up against that fence and if it didn't appear that he put up a fight at that point got on the ground and they were able to get in there and it's in handcuffs on -- and at that point the whole thing was over and now it's just sorting out all the details because. This took place like we -- over over sixty miles or so multiple cars were hit there were multiple crime scenes along the way -- could be a lot to sort out. -- Clayton certainly has some very dramatic moments of course -- plain out during the morning commute. In your area and as dramatic as it is to watch from the air and what we're seeing -- the visuals on the ground certainly a lot of very close moments as you mentioned do we know the condition of the small boy the four year old boy inside that first red vehicle. We don't know -- -- the Colorado state patrol says that he is okay which is obviously great news pentagon. The other way he could have been injured -- one of these crashes but -- they tell us that he is -- we don't know yet whether he's -- that reunited with -- with his parents or -- for long -- I'm sure they'll -- that -- Very good ABC's Clayton send out thank you for joining us from Denver appreciate it very much. Keep up what this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the go this has been an ABC news digital special report. -- -- -- --

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{"id":22878070,"title":"Child Caught in Middle of Multiple Car Hijacking, Chase","duration":"3:00","description":"Police go on an hour long chase for the suspect after he trigged an amber alert.","url":"/US/video/car-chase-man-hijacks-cars-colorado-child-inside-22878070","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}