How Carnegie Hall Musicians make an impact on NY students

ABC News follows three Carnegie Hall musicians as they embark on a 2-year fellowship program to share their passion for music directly with New York City public school students.
8:43 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for How Carnegie Hall Musicians make an impact on NY students
And we knew that I want to move to New York it's like the arts Mecca the United States. And I was and I want. When people see you lock down the street and several mainline airport beings everyone thinks they're the only person in the world it's and then made a comment. Back how big business. And it's huge its big I am not. Musically speaking it's. My favorite. It's really bond between Iraq and forces him response. Very very happy. Yeah that's. I. How can I visit to your fellowship that is. Amazing opportunity for young musician trying to figure out what it means being a professional musician and a 21 century and how we can be relevant. It's not just the regular classical music audience whom we know enough adults. The greater community. This is a big initiative on the part of Carnegie and while in Hilliard to figure out how can we create from the great musical citizens. People who aren't just great players but he will. Actually changed the who can have a really strong voice in the future music education. At its all. When you have a I'd like a rhythmic figure the more black there isn't more interest on the page the Marc confusing days. Hope. Only I don't think there's anything that can't match. Part of an ensemble. As Carnegie Hall one of its homes to be able to. Flames. And you know. When there's so much rich history. Has been so many great performers who performed on that same stage. That we ourselves. The building itself definitely has mystique around is it's Carnegie Hall was well known performance space in the country and was on the world. I think every kid says he's thinking the orchestra moments or they see an amazing artist and some ethnic. Peace really blows the mind for me came to try new car. And I Sunderland fellow playing Brahms to you and my mind this. Concerts all of New York City and you've been bribed. And on top of the performing aspect FiOS education aspect. Re going to school is in me go in says community venues and meekly for people that didn't even know that they wanted music but there's something. Being brought to them and they want to see it tasted so it's up to pastors to share with them why anything. The music realize just beautiful lives are important. Now it can change the way you look at the. The one. That's about me the most was ultimately that means wrote correctional facility and so that was just so exciting business it was so clear that it month. And I really appreciate them taking their time to light meal known music appreciation and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate you much more war. And Tim propellers. Are partnered with your city's Department of Education public school. I was fortunate enough to be assigned for the Celia Cruz Bronx high school. At first it is there's a little bit of a shock I figured out how to get from the frost. Perfectly clean. Backed apparently by voyage wasn't quite as dramatic as some other people I was assigned to a school in Queens PS 63 fold. South. I was assigned to the port Richmond high school and Staten Island I would in the upper west side of the little bit of news that if that happened. So whenever I would go to port Richmond and teach. I really made the point he may be. The lesson plan that I was doing that day on telephone connect and I brought some friends along today play some music for you talking about some. Different musical topics today. You know I understand that a lot of people that I was I was teaching a lot of students really never had a real relationship with classical music. I think that music should be really encompassing and I think as a teacher I think it's your responsibility. To meet the students were there at. So far I've seen first through fifth graders and they've all come sole interest litigation are always asking questions and it's been really exciting. Mistakes. And you say good morning mr. to. Good morning guys put steam and mind. Personal conductor. So that we're review what you ultimately slow and fast. Yeah OK so you ready to nothing. There. I was so nervous electors school. And it had never talked for. I wasn't surprised that is deafening exhilarated by the response take students sometimes. They're clearly in conflict with each other but I started thinking about it as. Just being tutor for any actions in the same thing it's not a happy peace it's not monster race. Businessman it's incredibly validating and says you know what you're doing is actually working in the fifth. She is very cool to payments and they have laid back but she's also very hard working. And persistent and Cinnaminson. Match I I had a good relationship with the day's play. Especially. Cat in time and your and the chamber orchestra they are seniors and their good values they have been playing games together in Arkansas. Since their freshman I was. Maintenance. Meaning for the first time actually. Because I could sense them Nash who is really unique and I have that respect those knowledge as a fair and intonation was more like. I need to understand and I look up team as a person hasn't. Instruments and lessons and bases. New York City public schools don't always get these kind of opportunities to have. Musicians come and give concerts and I think what's especially great is that it's being performed by people they know us who've been their partner teachers on their school. You know point five times a year. The the next time as this. The. I like to think that I have. A long term and short term impact as well suited to watch them grow as musicians and their own right. And the students are left wrist. I'm very tangible very direct difference at the end of the day the best way to know that you know something the justice chimed he's just. I'm the first year is a good start I think I learned a lot. About what works and what doesn't how to structure things. And what's important that is. Is he. As a teacher through the remembers him. Institution we actually understand routine helps us. Told me a lot in this short time machines here so she is really like pushing going to be. Then. They would probably had a bigger impact on me than had on them to do don't mean if there. Aaron good I want the multi. Have a phenomenal relationship with music on it's always been meaningful than anything I can do to help them feel like they have voiced its worth sharing and weren't being heard. Through the aim of music. Communities. A net plus you.

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{"id":56517044,"title":"How Carnegie Hall Musicians make an impact on NY students","duration":"8:43","description":"ABC News follows three Carnegie Hall musicians as they embark on a 2-year fellowship program to share their passion for music directly with New York City public school students.","url":"/US/video/carnegie-hall-musicians-make-impact-ny-students-56517044","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}