Castro Family to Victims: 'We're So Sorry'

Ariel Castro's cousin, Maria, says she wants to help the victims and their families.
3:09 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for Castro Family to Victims: 'We're So Sorry'
Our main concern our hearts go out to these girls you know -- Gina swimming and tonight's show. On behalf of the Castro -- missiles or use for what you went through old. And we aerosols are -- plus. A few -- and lives and then none of that can never be given banks here. But. -- The Castro family my father this community we're all here every year we're pulling for you. Anything that you need from any of us anything your family needs from our family. Now we. To reaching out tonight. We're reaching out to them we want to help them however weak hand in the healing process. Obviously they need their privacy and they need their time and our family needs our privacy and our time as well this is a horrible -- there's. There's many victims. This year those girls obviously. The number one victims obviously the worst of the victims that means horrific. There are families that are suffering here on all sides and hold. Edgy enough and Amanda and Michelle don't let the horrible things that these men dead. Change who they are. They are wonderful strong. Heroic. Men and women and the fact that they survived. This horrible tragedy is just amazing. And I hope that they continue you know -- It's it's it's. Unfathomable to try to find a silver lining to this everyone always says there's always overnight. I wanna call -- -- silver lining no but obviously there's a message here these girls now. You know they can be -- -- -- -- You know. Missing children and obviously now the community there's always been a strong community here these girls parents never let these girls out of the limelight they were always front and center. Families were always. Visible always on the news always keeping these girls. I don't want public you know one of these that we do we know when I'm Stanley is very -- -- at a distance Handley has been longtime friends of our family -- -- just what makes it even more horrible bad. You know of these these families have. -- together and grown up together and you know -- It's just it's unbelievable. An and I know that even now they're looking at this. You know wondering how could this have happened -- someone that that they knew that. They had associated with and I can't even begin to you explained. -- -- -- had these girls now they need to move forward and hopefully there -- lessons for all of us to learn from this you know. We know who you're neighbors are in you know people -- and they -- one -- I I don't know that anything could have ever been done differently. But you know watch your kids love your kids -- your kids and no -- None of us have really ever seen anything anywhere and obviously we're seeing those kind of things unfold more and more in our world in our society -- --

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{"id":19134859,"title":"Castro Family to Victims: 'We're So Sorry'","duration":"3:09","description":"Ariel Castro's cousin, Maria, says she wants to help the victims and their families.","url":"/US/video/castro-family-apologizes-to-victims-19134859","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}