Caught On Tape: 7 Yr Old's Dog Stolen in Broad Daylight

"Why would anyone do this on Christmas Eve"
2:58 | 12/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caught On Tape: 7 Yr Old's Dog Stolen in Broad Daylight
A new -- eleven -- little girl is heartbroken this Christmas -- her beloved dog Marley snatched from the streets as her family was shopping. But fortunately it was all captured on camera and you're about to get a good look at the thief eyewitnesses report Josh honour her here with the video and why this time review makes especially painful for the family jobs well Dave this is a very familiar sight all across the city dogs tied up outside store some -- -- -- -- guilty of doing it ourselves. But this is something that would make you think twice in broad daylight watches this stranger -- ties Marley that dog. And snatches them right off a Washington Heights street corner and if that isn't bad enough it turns out -- belongs. To a seven year old girl. You're digging its Christmas. Seven year old media -- -- is heartbroken she's struggling to understand why. Why anyone would steal. Her very best friend. He's paying for heat and he's still in -- and eighteen to make she would -- news. Treat diet. TV -- at. -- is a king Charles spaniel me -- Christmas present from three years ago but this Christmas Eve he's gone. After this man grabbed him off the street. To think of them creek taking your dog. Know what they do whatever. How good adds up it. It happened at 10:30 Monday morning news mom's boyfriend tied Marley up to a pole outside La Rosa foods -- -- 176 and Broadway. To pick up the family's Christmas dinner. Barely a minute later the store's security system captured this man walking down Broadway and heading straight for morally. First the men detached Marlys leash from his collar and then on tied -- leash from the pole. You can see Marlys tail between his legs it's playing -- -- he wanted nothing to do with the man. But that didn't stop him from snatching -- squirming dog and nonchalantly walking away. Like nothing happened at all. Somebody bottom. Please return and we'll -- you. Meals -- is beside herself a whole families paper the neighborhood with flyers looking from -- And now the police have taken a copy of the video as they hunt for the heartless dog snapper. Who's broken -- his heart. I can't pick -- -- -- next game. It's really -- Now we want to show you this apparent dog Napa from another angle police are hoping that you recognize this man or spot morally on the street they're looking for him and the dog -- hope that they'll. Give you a call you can at the seven on line for another look at the raw video and by the way Marley does have a microchip in his neck so if he ever winds up at a reputable shelter or -- he can be reunited with his family. But of course Dave no one knows what can happen between now and that. That's for sure all right Josh thinks about reportedly telling us exactly Tenet Doug so right there unbelievable and they're always friendly and every once I had done really since it was on -- -- -- when -- hit the little girl talking about it.

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{"id":18062145,"title":"Caught On Tape: 7 Yr Old's Dog Stolen in Broad Daylight","duration":"2:58","description":"\"Why would anyone do this on Christmas Eve\"","url":"/US/video/caught-tape-yr-olds-dog-stolen-broad-daylight-18062145","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}