Celebrating Juneteenth

Sam Collins, co-chair of the Juneteenth Legacy Project, talks about what’s next for Juneteenth after President Joe Biden signed a bill to make it a federal holiday.
6:08 | 06/21/21

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Transcript for Celebrating Juneteenth
Well Saturday marked the first new federal holiday created by congress in nearly four decades June 18. Recognized as national holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States. What enslaving Americans in Galveston Texas. Learned they were afraid to and a half years after the emancipation proclamation took effect. But today we got a Galveston residents Sam Collins co chair of the June 18 legacy project to talk about the significance of June team can. What's next now that it's a federal holiday Sam welcome thanks for being with us. Thank you for them to those who speaks. So out June 10 honors black emancipation the hope of equality. How much do you think a federal help opt out a holiday helped get us down the road towards those goals. Well you know we all of the miss American house then we're all would be ending America now says acquire foundation. The national holiday helps us feel better car or truly terrible crack. It also has merit weren't in the how bad information. False narratives so we need to career a narrative and empire and a national holiday best and help us to tell the true history. Of what happened here on the south what's more. 22 strain and go. It is wrong. In this has been a holiday is celebrated. First in Galveston in the years following civil war and then really across Black America over the years and now. The nation will celebrate just a little bit about that. Tradition and how important June 18 has been in the black community there and beyond. Yeah and point one we of course you achieve became very popular. The June trip has always been important for the former enslaved individuals and their descendants. So we have been celebrated peers and 1860 problem gals. There are all parades festivals are more. A pair touched. We get a mural dedication Saturday with the new trial thousand square foot art shouldn't be probably mural. Are done rock artist original Adams and his team to creatives. Created us we. We have many vets on the island celebrate freedom soldier who are what that's what corporate Burke buried in June 19 there's also remember that it. So we want to celebrate from June 19 drew our Walt freedom. In tradition. In that tradition now. Living as a federal holiday there and it was welcomed it seemed really across the board there were some critics is there is it's America we're divide there's going to be some of that but. I get some of the critics were saying that have in the day as a federal holiday. Is nice but there are more pressing matters I've heard people say that affect the black communities voting rights addressing race to the classroom. Is freedom something everyone can celebrate and embrace. Or Drew Stubbs a long way to go in and how does June 18 fit into that. Mullah. So that we could just reached a true history and individuals could warrant giant ball has spoke on these innocent people or trap them and history. They don't understand and until they understand it they can't be removed each moment so we are hoping that as individuals and to the south course on it goes out below qwest or they will learn the true history of being ransom eighteen succeed are in which. Seven to Carson of those soldiers that came into Texas where United States color troops in Texas we're taught to remember the Alamo which was a law. But we're not torturing history of these union soldiers who were winner. There for a three don't. Two Texas have been enslaved people and also brought notification to billions laborers brits slavery had ended and no we're not where we want to be well we're on this continued. More toward perhaps mood equality. As you can see in this mayoral with the people one mentions his Clark. That's it's great history in Galveston now destination form and I got have a confession sim which is that. Really I grew up in suburban Chicago didn't hear I'd learned about June teams probably. All within the last ten years maybe fifteen years I'd say. So four and there may be a lot of people like me how how should we celebrated how should my family celebrated next year would what's the best way gone about. Commemorate auto again as a country. Yet can she do our focus look at remember it for the country June 19 is a freedom were quite of the Allman each slaves and justice and a friend you have are or children three of them ever faced within three weeks. I cannot have one Berkeley border and they all want individual orders so our solar company and join with us oh let's come celebrate because the same way he was celebrated. On the fourth of July. All Americans can celebrate the state because June entries all over its evolution of our country to a more perfect union. We're not perfect and 1528161970. Certainly 61865. Or even today but this gives us an opportunity. To move. Also Chua no more perfect union. As we do the repair work to the samaritan house commitment and so that future generations donor bill would put our foundation bear plumbing. All bear warm. This great Sam Collins coach you're the June teen legacy project congratulations on this first holiday and thanks for helping us celebrate. Thank you and you come on the Galveston album it's out. Will do already.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Sam Collins, co-chair of the Juneteenth Legacy Project, talks about what’s next for Juneteenth after President Joe Biden signed a bill to make it a federal holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78408812","title":"Celebrating Juneteenth ","url":"/US/video/celebrating-juneteenth-78408812"}