Celebrating Juneteenth

ABC’s Deb Roberts sits down with friends to discuss the role of Soul Food in U.S. history, and artist Kelis takes the food back to its roots on her farm, where she hones her culinary skills.
6:03 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Celebrating Juneteenth
I'm sure imitative won't go it might shift there this is and. The soul food three things come to mind. Good friends good conversation and cores would foods if it finds that went right you have to get here I know they'll be here any minute saw invited a few folks over for June 18 dinner co hosted with. My friend and renowned chef in opera singer Alexander small. In. Well are. My. You are. Yeah. All. Couple. Law. And I want to. We're in the kitchen island then do what do you feel if his home. Comfort with joy also a conversation would have festive. Let's turn. All praying. Eighth our guest actors including the green to song who journalist Kayla Steward and chef. Here syndrome we had to do it up right with this incredible spread. I peas Collard greens shifts famous Carolina cabbage corn slaw. And of course southern fried chicken so what is table means. You can't Thanksgiving. People of color hold that nothing that would times we've been on ourselves. But we own that recipe. And to be able to create something that had a sense of bounty. This is what. A table like this. Gracious lord make us truly humble and thankful for the food which are about to receive help us to always remember those who do not have. Payment. On my mom would make something like this and seem to have a press bites an adult and didn't. This that makes me wanna do. Gordon and a pirate this dark this meal Alexander's box deals and Obama. I'm getting down on these -- else they are amazing that's. Up. The braised tail bone of count it has been slow cooked for hours and dished it has very humble beginnings. So listen this was what was left over friends and let me where. Slaves because details. With the parts of the they threw away. What was once scratched from a slave masters table now a delicacy adopted by other cultures. Do you think the African influence on food has been shared. Or appropriate. You can track our influence in the transatlantic slave trade. Share it. I would hesitate to say that anything that we have ahead what's there. Growing up in the south there's this concept of Volvo and then there's southern and I think the other through it has been given. The image of what the look and really southern food comes from African blacks FC south of airlifting in of the attention. In fact up until the fifties cooks were typically domestic workers and most of them black. Then James Beard made white male chefs fashion. He made it a glamorous thirty years ago I stood in this space almost by myself. In order to move follow it I had to own not just the seat at the table but the whole damn table. And people just assume you make self. People definitely assume that as a black sheath that soul food is what you do act ghetto Castro we aim to do is remove those statements that. European food is is the luxury you know. You know for years. African Americans hasn't been told a full wasn't worthy so nothing gives me more pleasure than to see the young chaps now cool. Really are putting it on the line telling their stories food. Among them seem. She sort of a new generation of young black kids connecting back to their roots you've heard you're that things taste really different. And they viewing you gotta. Store. When I bought the farm a lot of people like coming accurately for apparently about nearly it seems so far removed what. Anybody want to hear what was cool what was sexier fashionable rather weary. And it was funny Nixon just like when did this become uncool. Like when did you become not want to live on your own mind and finding a new enriched my army. Oh really came from the guard came from the farm. It wasn't canned it was frozen it wasn't unhealthy think about Mac cheese you think about candied van every was linked him because of the treat. I think our confession of soul food has become warped. Because of the narrative that's been set to. There really isn't universal language to bring people together to give them it'd be most communal thing can I do hope that like it's become infectious and hope that more people that will Clayton. Look at kids want to go and say you know what it is a little plot coming up plants and stuff there and eat better like and sharing and give back to my community kind of like fat. Hopefully you about how these things snowball and become. Mr. Comfort food is so much more than what's on our plate. Think this the obstacles in he's able to calm. I hope that. Those that are eating her killer council like people. And the black hands that have given us this food in this history that have helped form the food and Coulter that exists in the United States. Answer beast came to a close the despite a saints here these cars are feeling grateful and happy can bear. Science S. Fans ask them.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"ABC’s Deb Roberts sits down with friends to discuss the role of Soul Food in U.S. history, and artist Kelis takes the food back to its roots on her farm, where she hones her culinary skills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78421562","title":"Celebrating Juneteenth","url":"/US/video/celebrating-juneteenth-78421562"}