Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to mailing bombs targeting prominent Democrats

Sayoc pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to 65 counts.
1:48 | 03/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to mailing bombs targeting prominent Democrats
We have breaking his pipe bomb suspect say that's payoff is in federal court right now here in new York and moments ago he pled guilty. The 56 year old is accused of mailing bombs to prominent Democrats and others who were known critics of president trop Eyewitness News reporter Stephon camp asked the. With the latest upon. We'll Diane does Mel miles put the city on edge for days as the NYPD counter terror units scrambled to figure out where they were coming from. Through their set out in the court appearance today cried during his appearance for the judge. And admitted that he knew it was wrong to send them it was back in late October when cops traced these sixteen. Improvised explosive devices to the 56 year old. Living in a white van outside and auto parts store. In Plantation, Florida politics on federal court he pleading guilty to 65 counts in connection with Millie knows pipe bomb that targeted CNN. And trump critics before the midterm elections. Federal prosecutors called it domestic terrorist attack. They phased out sent explosive devices to thirteen victims throughout the country prominent Democrats including Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama as well as actor Robert dinero. He was living in a white van covered with images and slogans often found on fringe of right wing social media accounts one digit one image of her call without Hillary Clinton. Under cross hairs fifth was set to go to trial this summer. They indicted on thirty federal charges including using a weapon of mass destruction and interstate transportation of explosives. Ten of those counts carry a maximum sentence of life in prison this plea deal leaves open the possibility of a lesser sentence. Sentencing is set for December 12 where it now awaiting his attorney. The potential. Comments from the media we'll give you posted here alarm and had reported live eleven ends up on him channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Sayoc pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to 65 counts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61847935","title":"Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to mailing bombs targeting prominent Democrats","url":"/US/video/cesar-sayoc-pleads-guilty-mailing-bombs-targeting-prominent-61847935"}