Hit-and-run crash in Miami involves hammer

Video shows the driver of an SUV attempted to flee the accident scene in Miami, Florida.
1:13 | 03/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hit-and-run crash in Miami involves hammer
So full video captured the intense moments after this silver Infiniti SUV crashed into several cars on Biscayne boulevard in northeast 36 street Sunday morning. Watch as multiple drivers get out of their cars and try to stop the driver yesterday from Levy. You you have a Craxi stop. I spoke with at. The meeting minutes he was driving by after the suspect had already taken off. This them as what even his didn't see were the attempts by people who pull that driver from his vehicle before he drove away. Watches one man's screams. As the driver reversed as he then moves west down northwest 36 street where another man pulls off this door handle. Moments before this driver gets out of this white van with a sledgehammer and begins to break every window on the SUV. Actions he meant is it may have gone a bit too far. It is. But he had a hammer. I reached out a city of Miami police who responded to the scene after the driver already taken off investigators tell us there were no injuries to any of the drivers involved in despite. The attempts of that suspect Lee he was ultimately captured. And taken into custody.

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{"id":53683158,"title":"Hit-and-run crash in Miami involves hammer","duration":"1:13","description":"Video shows the driver of an SUV attempted to flee the accident scene in Miami, Florida.","url":"/US/video/chaos-wake-hit-run-crash-involves-hammer-53683158","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}