Charges filed in Florida 'stand your ground' case

Shooter seen on parking lot surveillance video is charged with manslaughter.
3:03 | 08/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charges filed in Florida 'stand your ground' case
Let's move to Florida and we have new news coming in and a very controversial. Stand your ground case and victory Kenya is in Coral Gables forests of -- there. What's the latest. You know what do we know about prosecutors in their decision in this case. Well a lot of prosecutors took a close look at this case be refuted it look at that surveillance video. And what they've decided view is charged Michael break up with manslaughter for the death. Of more keys but blocked it lets take you back to that video the shooting happened in July but block that was inside a convenience store Clearwater Florida he was with his five year old son. Meanwhile outside what's his girlfriend with their two other children though she was parked in a handicap spot. Michael Draco was apparently upset about that he approached the car and confronted the Balkans girlfriend and will look like thinking outside salt what was happening. He showed Drake a to the ground. And at that point trait got holes out a gun. The pockets are backing away. And Draco opened fire shooting and killing a block been right there so now the latest here is that Draco has been charged with manslaughter. Lots of lights of a loss of life excuse me over eight parking space in disputes. You know why. What is the community saying about this how are they reacting because obviously Florida has a very controversial history with the stay underground lines. Right they've absolutely had it that you longest through with a stand your ground law initially the sheriff's office decided. Note the torch to break up not even to arrest them citing the stand your ground defense. The community. Members so we were out there protesting. The Hawkins family calling for accountability as well so. This arrest and the charge here the family calls this a small step in the right direction the college you know somewhat comforting here while they're in a period. Of profound mourning here. And do we have any idea what is coming up next of the suspects. So drinker right now he spent the night in jail being held on 100000 dollars bond his. First court appearance scheduled for this afternoon at 130 but we should mention that stand your ground cases are very difficult to prosecute. They're difficult to prosecute and it's something at the sheriff weighed in on two and that they are subject Dave. And you know that there are racial element to this case I think we have to bring that we talk about Florida stand your ground. Train tree about Martin is something that comes up to people's minds. Well in this case as well because you have. The person who died here where he's been blocked in its black and the man who pulled the trigger Michaels rate cut is a white man and you actually look at his history he warned that we've gotten our hands on now shows that. Michael Vick has a history of of threatening other drivers he's done it in that seems like parking lot before it at least two other times he has. It appropriately exhibited. A firearm so this panel says history if there's all things that prosecutors are taking into account here. Victor thanks so much that they on that story.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Shooter seen on parking lot surveillance video is charged with manslaughter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57172946","title":"Charges filed in Florida 'stand your ground' case","url":"/US/video/charges-filed-florida-stand-ground-case-57172946"}