Charleston Residents Evacuate as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

ABC News' Janet Weinstein talks with evacuees heading to shelter in Charleston, South Carolina.
13:41 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Charleston Residents Evacuate as Hurricane Matthew Approaches
I never mind that the Janet YC. It's apparently did you know rock. And we're in Charleston, South Carolina where they've just told people that they need to get out of there. Needed. And they told everyone about 3 o'clock so we're on a buzz that people that are heading. And we're heading. So did you. More about what's going on re now finding contacts that part run those of us. Sure the governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley ordered an evacuation starting at 3 PM today. Mind. We started running special service. Hillary. Others at emergency stops throughout the region. Tim actually you know. And so is this pretty how far this. And you know very rare it needs. This is certainly at. They begin operation. And sometime. An upgrade but Matthew what are you serious storm. An ever. But it's so let's go meet some of the people there are being evacuated areas both of them earlier murky street. Every. Crying. He didn't get where we. When you bring up. Very healing. And what about you little lady. Larry apple. Yeah. John argument. Okay. You're back. So what did you. Passing running coloring. Yeah. New Mexico the isn't it deliberately held. We'll look at yeah. Coloring right yeah. Okay yeah. At about where we're heading out today and it's your cursor. So tell me. They're not. And so tell me. Okay. I'm originally from. Now. Reeling. And so many years kind of talk snow and Ireland. Starting to get out the Iranian. Again you. My friends and they're living inside do you have. What did you pack over some of these vegetables better man. Luckily yeah. Meaning if you hear 89 busy. I don't think you and how are you. Beginning. And so that's going to be your head is clear about saying heads in the shelter. I'm not yes. And similar words and your essential things you remedy this your bag. Yeah. Okay. I. Winds are you nervous. I'm expecting. The other thing. Israeli right now. Helmets so you are their mother. Grandmother. This little girl you lose everything you've heard me. That was coming in here. Yeah. Compared. Everything that's timing of an analyst sandy lovely homes and everything out again and every day and you without letting. Analysts. I DNN. As I do not the last. Clearly until I'm home alone style man. An evening. And yes. Little. I'm on my brain trying. And I'm let me and I. I'm hoping the meeting. Meaning diners and Miami's. I'm easily. Now. And so I've been hearing a few moments in the lining up oh. Everything in this area and lows merely because. I'm really Lebanon a country that I'm glad it's fitting that glass and everything. This everything else than. Atlanta. Dream and everything now it was illuminating and me in London Oltmanns grant. Some people. Love Israel OK. I am Lynette Smith. We knew everything you know campaign. So are you nervous you know. Yeah. I feel right about now. Think that's. Knocks me down I'm sorry and then there. Meaning. And how high and I do math. I got anybody else. Today things book. Thank him. I can't look like we're kind of getting close now having it. Police are meeting. We're being close that years I think back a beer. The major. Here in. Early yeah. Isn't happy we're expecting. Regular town near the end. I didn't you don't him. And out. That means they some. Back lately. Farther out think we're over. But that's why anyone beating him. This how many positive. It's the need arise. Some of them are going to be OK go to the news. Okay. I guess is seventy. I think I'm. Now I think coming kids right I don't think groups and again. Probably just write them right now we're. And even send you. Ground states they're losing out on the here. We're helping you lose yourself we're to evacuate please bring you further. Grade and were you hear me now. I was kind of spot he. Yahoo! released north Carolina's we have. Killer. I'm pretty resilient place. Another thing says. I think would be prepared. A great job giving. And we got our planners right now and following that I think. How bad Matthews are being. We're going to be up. Well we're nearly there. I'll see. Sitting there. Okay. I think. I think people might ratings. Without this it certainly World Bank released early. An evacuation. Here. Get out now. No better than getting him. OK and that's it for me I can't wait. I'm not a part of us which are helping people are being transported to the shelters right or hurt me. That was but some people on the back kicks in motion a little girl was an exciting and there elementary school. Her name sandy here if you go. Little bit every sense it. So that's in me.

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{"duration":"13:41","description":"ABC News' Janet Weinstein talks with evacuees heading to shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42602997","title":"Charleston Residents Evacuate as Hurricane Matthew Approaches ","url":"/US/video/charleston-residents-evacuate-hurricane-matthew-approaches-42602997"}