Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Sought: 'Armed and Dangerous'

Police believe suspect is responsible for shooting of three cops and slaying of an Irvine couple.
6:33 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Sought: 'Armed and Dangerous'
And I say good morning. Following a night of extreme tragedy in Los Angeles area. As you all know Billy -- is working in coordination. With law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California. In apprehending Christopher Jordan garner. Christopher garner is -- -- for a series of crimes. Including assaults on officers and three homicides in Southern California in the past week. The Los Angeles police department and -- -- law enforcement agencies are implementing all measures possible. To ensure the safety of our LAPD personnel and their families and the Los Angeles community. We will continue to do so until garner has apprehended. And -- threats have been abated. Garner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Christopher Jordan garner is described as a male African American approximately six foot tall 270 pounds. He's 33 years of age he has black hair and brown eyes. Orders photos are displayed here. -- -- -- owner's vehicle is described as a late model Nissan Titan pick up. It's a four door dark gray in color. The vehicle is equipped. With a roof rack and a -- cover over the truck bed. The truck has black rims and a Department of Defense sticker on the driver's side of the front windshield. We're ensure the license plate as we believe he has switched place. There's a possible plate. Eight. 83997. Photos of the vehicle are also on display. We -- and anyone. Who sees him or this vehicle. Should not approach or attempt to contact him but immediately. Immediately call 911 and go to foot notify law enforcement authorities. The LE PD will remain in constant communication with the -- agency is to garner is apprehended. It is believe that the Warner was involved. In the following incidents. On Sunday February 3 2012. In Irvine California. At double homicide during this incident. We believed to -- shot and killed Monica Kwan and Keith Lawrence while they sat in a vehicle in a parking structure. Wednesday February 6 about 8:30 PM. In San Diego and attempted robbery vote theft garner attempted to steal a -- from a boat owners San Diego. He was not successful and fled the location. This morning. At 125. In Chino, California LE PD officers. Assigned to -- protection detail. Received a tip from a citizen that door maybe in the area. The -- door. And -- fired upon the officers. Officers returned fire. And one officer received a non life threatening wounds to his head a graze wound literally inches from killing him. Garner -- and -- damage to that to the police vehicle because of his gun shots the officers were unable to pursue him. Today. At 145. And Riverside California. The murder. And attempt murder. Of Riverside police department officers. Garner. Ambushed two Riverside police officers were -- resulting in the death of one. And the severe injury of the other. I am confirming that -- was previously employed as a Los Angeles Police officer between February of 2005. And September of 2008. His employment was terminated. Based on -- threat the LAPD initiated more than forty protection details throughout the region. These protection details were based on information. Contain in his manifesto. Much of which has been posted on line. During the course of the search for garner. An officer involved shooting occurred and -- city of Torrance. During that incident which occurred about 5:15 this morning. LE PD officers received information that a vehicle. Matching the description of the suspect's vehicle. Had been seen in the area of one of our primary protection details whether people that was under the most serious level of threat. The LAPD officers assigned observed a vehicle matching the suspect's vehicle driving down the street with the lights turned out. Officers approach the vehicle and an officer involved shooting occurred. -- individuals and that vehicle were hit by gunfire. Most were transported to a local hospital. One as a minor gunshot wound. -- in the process of being released the second person is in stable condition with two gunshot wounds. Tragically we believe that this with a case of mistaken identity by the officers. The -- Los Angeles police department and my own. Go out to the families that lost loved ones -- -- donors criminal actions. Anyone who sees garner. Should contact nine -- want anyone who has information or tips regarding these crimes is asked to call the robbery homicide tip line. Number is 2134866860. For the LAPD 24 hour tip line at 877. LAPD 24/7. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous. Should call crime stoppers. At 180222. Tips. It just may also contact crime stoppers by -- -- two phone number 27. 4637. This crimes on most -- -- -- text messages begin with the -- LAPD. Tips -- may also go to LA -- the on line and report. Information and we will act on that information. The city. Mourns. The deaths of Monica Kwan. Keith Lawrence. And our brave Riverside police officer. I also. Feel great sadness. For the injuries suffered by my officers. The second Riverside officers. And the two and involve citizens. In Torrance.

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{"id":18431806,"title":"Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Sought: 'Armed and Dangerous'","duration":"6:33","description":"Police believe suspect is responsible for shooting of three cops and slaying of an Irvine couple.","url":"/US/video/christopher-dorner-lapd-officer-sought-armed-dangerous-18431806","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}