Blind Teen With Autism Inspires Others With His Voice

The YouTube sensation and podcaster is using his talents to inspire people with disabilities.
3:00 | 10/24/16

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Transcript for Blind Teen With Autism Inspires Others With His Voice
Music brings Georgia. And she is a gift share. Example I see people of my heart for they truly are concerned with the local. On the out. Also on course for roughly a year from Manchester, New Hampshire and it's personal stand podcaster. And joining me in the studio today is my cause and great mom Christine. I would if history is against easing employment news music from plants. Since taking. It's difficult to imagine how many people. He is helping. To achieve. And understand what life is about. On the high yeah. Packaged up inspiration for. I'm always able to anybody and perfectly. It was for came to us under special circumstances. I knew that my brother was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. And prisoner was born prematurely. At twin six weeks one pound twelve. And those beginning weeks we're very cramped home and there were times that my father was told he was beneath. I period of time past time we heard knew more about what happened to Christopher. And when I called social services they told me that he was in Foster care. He wasn't looking to be a super pac man planning to do this to the right thing. Basically showed signs of loving music from the womb room I paint can you talk to action fifteen. Patty cake as his first. Kate did. It is. Gore. His Spoelstra was simple rule words. He can answer questions but you know what he was answering you just knew that was the answer to that question or meanwhile an increase school they felt that this was. Pretty significant. And it was pretty obvious to me that this wasn't something has to take him. So we had an evaluation with the evaluation payment options and insists inside. Who brought into music school in hopes that. She could help the communication. My fourth grade who is turning to comprehend things patter. Sank from season. Interesting music marry me. That Christopher was really able to communicate with us. The teacher taught in the national. What a proud man was teen being there in an auditorium was honest and veterans and gaming partners in to hear himself. Or. A meant. Okay. We went from. Singing the national hero two singing only he has heart idiot every child with that huge night. Okay. There was on trial. Place station he was crazy. This case and. Whether or not they have. Got five million views in me. So I said Wallace occur in three weeks five million views and that and June against. 22 and a half million views in one week I'm home and humbled by Elvis. And it's because of that video that we do it again. Minds here any yeah. And I loved. No room. Mr. working with Chris and 2014. Kindness. Music coach mentor files at times. Just wrong and extremely stow. Again and prepare for what's going on in his mind. Mom. Working at Chris at first is a little more challenging and has become because the way this is spontaneity isn't he just kind of says. What Evers in his mind and there's no. Filter. Which is really find. Has taught me to be a little bit more compassion and I think. In my own life to live my family and may be more compassionate with myself seated and you know addicted to gain more blunt. And it's in a helpful way. He says funny he knows how to package even you can say a joke analyze and you know and is in no way means I'm going to show you what. There. As. I see Chris arm impacting my generation. It's not just in the music then just making music he wants to advocate for people and he wants to move other people take action miners. It weighs. Policy which if you. He's delivering. Something to them it's like a special package and that might this history and and that's what's so wonderful when you can touch all sorts of different people at the same time. That's a gift. Rule home might have something of yes that's me yeah. In the rise apartment he shows us how I think he's turning to better advocate for himself. As the high caste system. He's not really great expressing his feelings that's why it's nice to have my cats to see him. Sit back listen to it added to make it sound the way he wants to see. Mission possible. Happily and today. To hear about other. Person on news. I am I part catfish and possible because. With god. All things are possible and the people later new line are people that house commission. On him. Yeah mom Marla. She's. Pressure nozzles on editing and engineering that's what he loves. He gives voice gets all control costs and his old house had his own. I try accomplishing. I am hoping for an interview sound engineer or radio station on there isn't cool. Because we want global successful. Yeah I am lightest boxes. Fighting does stop pain he has a healthy level and high. Pride and arrogance but he has this healthy sense. You know lambs could go forward without thinking. Ears and he really just thinks that he can talk to anyone it doesn't matter who it is a mean. Let's get him on the phone and he's gonna just do this everybody has. Are based on purpose for life that's. Him that's what everybody's. Does let everybody. But he sings. It's a whole experience. It's his whole being its whole body proclaiming something. Whether it's lean on me irritable in the eyes. It's. It's and in total and buying them a message and it brings them great joy and great pleasure. It really most people's hearts because they kind of get out of there itself and they realize this little boy can get through all the struggles. Minds struggles are nowhere near. And he can still have joined us and our.

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{"id":42059570,"title":"Blind Teen With Autism Inspires Others With His Voice","duration":"3:00","description":"The YouTube sensation and podcaster is using his talents to inspire people with disabilities. ","url":"/US/video/christopher-duffley-blind-teen-autism-inspires-voice-42059570","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}