Teen Takes Action Against Gun Violence in His Small Town

Meet the teenager who inspired his community amid rampant gun violence.
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Teen Takes Action Against Gun Violence in His Small Town
Future. Yeah. I. And here. Any yeah. Rezko UV at a future president. My name is Christopher found fixing your soda and kids can Villa. Chris was always very inquisitive. He lives always. Trying to learn something new every team. Of interest to him. My had a really great the house say. Home my parents my aunts uncles grandparents were a really good support system for me. Glenn Obama always say there's nothing for he would do in case. I knew not to be true Kiffin is a very small southern town. 2014. Was kind of hard you work here and home and going through a lot of violent thing crowned the shootings in there really involving young people. Kids in police report thirty shootings in the city's so far this year seven shootings in five days there were 61 shootings in Kingston kiss and high school freshman Chris percent is doing his part to begin making it more positive difference Suggs went before the City Council with plans on using violence prevention. When us with phone call with the issues going on outside the start it contains a group trying to make Gifford Chris had been punished in the issue. Holiday in a town hall meeting in or. Stockton of that nature most of the things that we're going our gain related and I didn't want him to do anything aimed at people would perceive as a challenge to. The gains he was very Hanson in about one thing. He pressured me into allowing him to move forward and now really claim an anti. Watching this really inspirational. A list. From the cult hit people in the community who organized McCain town hall of young people are local and they petitioned. Regarding the mayor's City Council members and school board and county news. Lawyers and judges who pioneered writing table we discussed everything from cotton hosted treatment for the finish races and if nothing there. Yeah. That was this isn't anything New Zealand Bloomington yeah sure. And LogMeIn free is he doing out there and raising advantage. Here in case and we've got. Chris activity is doing unbelievable things holding a media used that town hall to adopting a street capping a vacant lots. And I know give this woman you're looking real good. Hope we push hard for beautification. When that he would have an opportunity prodigy. Who improved solved out he did a good job there. Anytime we can make connection who. Where their community we're we're going to be in Christian newscast and his is teams. Have been reportedly. Pistol at a proactive measures that are depletion response initiatives. Disappear where ward border door and cut that people ask him about the problems of you see different causes no question occurred. Base and there will. Police not just him enough to risk somebody that goes a long way. Chris have that mindset that I want to make the case and in time together used to chairmen like Chris is the McCain. He he's on softball. Earlier. What Chris has his body. And has been com is a manifestation. Of all the holds his dreams they we have this teachers in this areas as members of the community. This amazing we can come together what I've known people like you. You know you've played it passes and a talented. As a young person I know firsthand how important it means. Our planet right now that we're gonna help them and it took best of it that the world and oh yeah there's right the only GO for the Dayton. Among he'd graduated high school a year early even taken some college credit classes are raised after college I do think they return home to kids animation kit contains his throwing it sustainable and it. They continues on continues make an inmate. World climate living room when they haven't transferred to the community in power. You know we education teacher was happy to hear every day lot records. Years decades. Politically the life of former teachers students and administrators could conduct outside of the schools talk about these things. Yeah hello I can't. Volunteering you know you've been really really great Mia and we're doing admit filling in Cleveland you know made so many gifts this. Took a huge leap of faith not starter kits contains we acknowledge god and all we do you know got to hit about personal lives in about organization. We've accomplished the homeless and we have so many young people Borges. Tried to make it gives us in our community. Chris is bright young man. Within incredible future. And total amount if you read a run for mayor today I'll vote for and I think Christopher is truly what you would holly community Chad. This is my friend but he. But. I just want to encourage value and those that hear this you know Connie young person support imports and they'll make sure that you know they needed something you know Hilton out of this. It can really into worldly young birthday me so much to work thank you all.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the teenager who inspired his community amid rampant gun violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41747285","title":"Teen Takes Action Against Gun Violence in His Small Town","url":"/US/video/christopher-suggs-takes-action-gun-violence-kinston-north-41747285"}