Church pays medical debt for nearly 2,000 families

A Michigan church said it raised enough money to pay off the medical debt of nearly 2,000 struggling families.
2:07 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Church pays medical debt for nearly 2,000 families
Imagine finding out that your medical debt has been completely wiped out and then you go want to learn. That it's been paid in school by complete stranger it. While for 2000 Michigan Anders that dream has become a reality thanks to this local charge nearly two million dollars. Paid in full by the not for profit organization RIP medical debt through donations from Grand Rapids. Bursts church and I just have to be one time in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and I saw all this church a battle over a year or so ago. Word they had canceled out some medical debt for people and I wonder how did they do that. And so as I begin to investigate we got connected with the organization that helped them. Pastor stand revealed the news that during Sundays church service. And at first the congregation didn't know what to make a. I told my at a special announcement and we have already allocated dollar set aside to were missions are benevolence program to do this. And saws Nortel and we review this and at first they didn't quite register it was because nobody does this kind of thing. It it's didn't register with them and finally they start realizing what we did. And they started clapping and then people started standing. This donation and gifted to random miss a gander its abolishing their crippling medical debt. With no strings attached. I thought what an incredible way. To show people who feel so burdened down. And most these people that they selected for a poverty level that our ecumenical slacks or poverty level. And then to have this medical debt that you cannot control come on your life and then someone is how continue to paid and you know there's no way to pay it. When we saw that opportunity and thought more we could really alleviate a burden. And for the thousands of unknown recipients pastor Sam shares this heartfelt mess. It's where are reluctant to realize is when you thought everybody forgot you. You weren't forgotten. God didn't forget you and his people didn't forget you. In Wyoming Serra macoute thirteen on your side.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"A Michigan church said it raised enough money to pay off the medical debt of nearly 2,000 struggling families.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64081995","title":"Church pays medical debt for nearly 2,000 families","url":"/US/video/church-pays-medical-debt-2000-families-64081995"}