Cinco de Mayo Flag Flap Brings Silent Protesters

Anniversary of 2010 American flag T-shirt incident sparks another protest at Live Oak High School in California.
1:53 | 05/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cinco de Mayo Flag Flap Brings Silent Protesters
Cinco De Mayo is not just another day -- live oak high school in Morgan Hill. Ever since for students were sent home from school for wearing American flag T shirts and 4010. The lawsuit surrounding that issue was recently dismissed by judge sparking -- new passions in this heated debate. This morning several police officers kept an -- on east main avenue in front of the campus the local Tea Party group Gilroy Morgan Hill patriots. Held large American flags in silence. Well we didn't bring science we didn't bring any. Any anything with words on it we just were silent and relieving right now as soon as we're done with this because school which we did it before school so we're not disrupting the school. Stand beside. Other. -- -- Although the official protests was quiet it did create an opportunity for others to turn it into a spectacle for students arriving for classes. Two teens were holding a poster saying they were from the donor party. Handing -- pastries and other group of students from Saratoga arrived to show support for the demonstrators. Others came just to watch -- come to watch what happened. Bring out kind of a small town that thing doesn't happen every day here -- live -- students created some banners and place them on the temporary fence surrounding the campus. What does a picture of an -- showing the -- of the tree and other -- united at the roots and the third one says we are all different branches of the same tree. Students also created a video posted it on the school districts YouTube and FaceBook pages. It shows students visiting classrooms to talk about the incident four years ago and respecting different cultures many of them have grown tired of the attention and controversy. What I think the teachable moment answers for us adults to listen to the kids about wanting to. Respect and accept one another except each other -- -- as -- And understand that of the people can have opinions and people can disagree with one another. And still get along.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Anniversary of 2010 American flag T-shirt incident sparks another protest at Live Oak High School in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23598498","title":"Cinco de Mayo Flag Flap Brings Silent Protesters","url":"/US/video/cinco-de-mayo-flag-flap-brings-silent-protesters-23598498"}