Lost class ring returned 50 years later

Bill Huffman lost the ring while trying to save his friend from drowning in a lake.
1:33 | 12/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lost class ring returned 50 years later
A lucky find on a fishing trip with her dad currently connect. Digging around in the actor and I happened looked down in some. A shiny little circle in the mine Belton high school reading class of 1967. With the initials age. Then his dad cleanup and the way. Thirty years later she came across to move she posted on FaceBook and within an how work she answer are you GO. I'm a man does but we're gonna hug. Oh yeah no used to mean cute. Orient the ring belonged to Jim's brother accomplished. Bill lost the ring seating his friend from drowning the late. I guess water was so cold that most rank the story they talked about for years you know all of indenture. The interred hot air balloon and that that took too many people to do. He turned skydive in his today got over to assess bill to the candle lighting and he soared for years until. Tonight an accident we live each day do its force don't think I've ever known anybody. The did bill had just turned forty happen to be the scene year. Amanda found that bring mania was meant to find it that day and hold onto it all this time and find that Boehner and bring it to them in the perfect moment. This just fate you know what's. True or something god works in mysterious ways in Belton Missouri Bianca and and team BC nightly news.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Bill Huffman lost the ring while trying to save his friend from drowning in a lake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67443837","title":"Lost class ring returned 50 years later","url":"/US/video/class-ring-returned-50-years-67443837"}