Cleanup underway in Alabama after deadly tornadoes kill at least 23

People in Alabama are taking it upon themselves in the aftermath of the powerful storms to bring relief aid to survivors devastated by the horrific destruction.
4:11 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Cleanup underway in Alabama after deadly tornadoes kill at least 23
We're starting in Alabama today where rescue crews continued to search for any survivors after 23. People. Lost their lives after devastating tornadoes ripped through towns there you can see some of that devastating damage. And we are just starting to see the faces of some of those who lost their lives some of them children. Brittle Scott joins us live in borer guard. Alabama and racial what you heard so far from authorities and their continued its search for survivors. Hi there Stephanie well the last 48 hours have just been. Filled with heart break. And this is why just look at the widespread damage through this used to beat all home here now. All that's last as this materials and belongings scattered here you see. Dresser is and pillows mattresses. Have things just scattered here. And in this happen after that tort deadly tornado made its way through this area 170. Mile per hour were wins came through this area. And I just want a ticket take a walk with amusing concealed little bit more of the damage and just the widespread destruction that we're seeing here. Now most tornadoes are only on the ground for May be just a couple of minutes this one was on the ground for nearly thirty. And as you concede that combined would just this sheer force of those high speed winds. Has caused this amount of damage we know that school when he three people. Have died right now families are fret are planning funerals for 23 people three of those were children including a fourth grader Taylor store in. Those two to a deadly tornadoes actually hit this area at nearly the same time and officials have upgraded this the deadliest of the two to an EF four. As I said that rare and violent storms set a 170 mile per hour winds whipping through 24 miles. And as you can see here it left a trail of destruction in its wake. It's just completely startling to be here. And you know in this just talking to fueled the homeowners here. They lost everything. And on top of that they are now learning. That some other neighbors didn't make it out alive. We know that most of the victims most of those who died from this tornado work. Living in just one square mile for each other so they were neighbors they were friends. A but also in this moment Stephanie we have seen the hearts of some good residents who say their homes were spared. I spoke with a few woman yesterday who were actually Kara banning threw out. The different parts of the state dropping off care packages and water. Pizza and any sort of food for not only of those that lost their homes but also. Search and rescue crews that are working very hard to bring had civil rent to rehabilitate this area and help those people that are suffering. Rachel definitely some incredible stories coming out of that area devastating stories as well but. As you said it's those people who were killed living within one square mile of each other just incredible. What stood out to you the most since you've been on the grounds. Yet will I mean just look at this damage rate day I spoke with one homeowner yesterday they've been living in their home for. Eight years in it was just come completely flattened. And just on the other side another home was perfectly okay. And we've also been hearing just these terrible. Harrowing and just horrible stories. Of folks that were injured I spoke with one woman yesterday that set her grandfather was actually walking to his truck. At that time that one of those tornadoes was hitting the ground would. He was launched into the air he'd landed on his back he broke his hip he broke his neck she said and he is currently recovering an icu. Luckily hopefully he's going to be okay but we don't even know how these homeowners behind us aired out we are obviously hoping that they made it out okay. All right Rachel thank you so much this tornado that that hip or regard Alabama had reportedly been worst to hit the worst tornado to hit since the Moore Oklahoma tornado back and won thirteen.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"People in Alabama are taking it upon themselves in the aftermath of the powerful storms to bring relief aid to survivors devastated by the horrific destruction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61483804","title":"Cleanup underway in Alabama after deadly tornadoes kill at least 23","url":"/US/video/cleanup-underway-alabama-deadly-tornadoes-kill-23-61483804"}