Cleveland Man Arraigned on Rape, Kidnapping Charges

Ariel Castro is accused of abducting three women and keeping them in his home for a decade.
5:43 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Cleveland Man Arraigned on Rape, Kidnapping Charges
The prime suspect charged in the Cleveland kidnapping case aerial Castro made his first public court appearance this morning the 52 year old -- -- -- the charges were read in court. -- -- -- -- -- -- With respect to mr. Castro is waiting. K. Let's check. You can't -- -- with its New Year's. You're live in the area for 39 years. In the unemployment -- okay. And fast my mind he has -- -- And poor felonies or. West side streets. To use whatever software. Way. He's off pit. -- more -- working -- for more than a decade is third. -- Women follow. All along that it. We'll found parade Saturday in -- they never were. -- as well. That's not what happens back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today the situations turn your honor protesters here. -- In captivity. Prisoner. ABC's Devin Dwyer is watching all of this now and joins us with more hi there DeVon hi Tonya. So the -- I want to ask you the charges for against aerial Castro. We're specific to these three women but his two Brothers were charged with -- related things is that -- That's right the -- Is facing Pedro -- -- Castro Peter is the older. Brother 54 O'Neal was fifty. Those were -- related to this -- case of the missing women they were actually both -- had an outstanding. A charge of an open container -- from 2011. The younger one O'Neill also had an outstanding drug abuse charge from 2001. -- case that -- judge dismissed the charges he's free to go now. We in -- case the judge essentially sentence him to time served four days and give -- hundred dollar fine so they're now free from the courtroom. And then you did see their their aerial Castro. Declined to -- to opine on the charges against him for cases. Kidnapping and rape some very serious charges he's back behind bars -- -- by the four counts of kidnapping the fourth. Count is the six year old girl cracked. That's right that's the six year old girl we learned her name is Jocelyn. Given birth inside that home some six years ago she's also considered one of the victims here. Interesting to note that the prosecutor asked for five million dollar bond set for Castro the judge actually what a lot further said it. At two million dollars for each of the four victims -- totaled eight million dollar bond. For aerial Castro we heard from the defender there that he's on unemployment insurance right now it's it's unclear if he'll be able to put up that money and get out it certainly seems. Unlikely mean in the meantime all of these. Including. Information that perhaps they suffered multiple miscarriages. Many of the that's right and -- just absolutely horrifying gruesome details are ABC station bearing Cleveland that he -- US heard from the law enforcement official. In the past couple of days you describe just one scene. Michelle might she was the one that's been held the longest pregnant apparently -- investigators she was pregnant five times. And reportedly was punched by aerial Castro are to force a miscarriage. In each of this case is just absolutely horrifying. Claims from her. But it what are the other astonishing facts about this case is just how no one knew I'd been in their Revere police say there's really no evidence that anybody else is aware these women were in there. And that's because aerial Castro kept everybody including his own family at such a distance from that home and that they left that home only twice in ten. Years that's just seems threat un imaginable. Totally on a management at an unimaginable apparently in the backyard taken to the garage in disguise. We're learning and that is some other troubling details about Castro aerial Castro apparently at the same time that -- to -- -- One of the victims went missing he was seen helping handy hand out to you know missing posters and this girl and even -- recently as last year. Played in a -- -- a fund raiser for her family even while she was kept inside his home so -- disturbing details continue to -- ABC's Devin -- thank you. -- --

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{"id":19143151,"title":"Cleveland Man Arraigned on Rape, Kidnapping Charges","duration":"5:43","description":"Ariel Castro is accused of abducting three women and keeping them in his home for a decade.","url":"/US/video/cleveland-man-arraigned-rape-kidnapping-charges-19143151","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}