Cleveland Officials Release Video of Police Shooting Which Killed a 12-Year-Old Boy

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police after he was seen waving a BB Gun in a park.
27:26 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for Cleveland Officials Release Video of Police Shooting Which Killed a 12-Year-Old Boy
Outrage in Cleveland four days after a police officer shoots and kills a twelve year old boy. Officials are about to release the surveillance video. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York police say two near rice refused to raise his hands. And reach for what looked like a handgun but it was just a pellet gun Cleveland police are having a press conference right now. Let's listen in. This incident involved an eight year old boy. And we've done some things in this during this time in this investigation that we. Typically having done in the past. We've never examine their represented is on several occasions. And we consider their wishes. Asked to. The path that we've taken as far as the release. Video and audio evidence. A couple of days ago we allow the young. Were presented is the attorneys for the family to view the video and at that time the family. Decided not to review and they relied on feedback from their representative. Once that was done the family. Then decided they wanted to see that it hill. We know I don't excuse me to view new video. The family initially did not want the video released. But after reviewing it in consultation with their represented to us they decided that they would express the wish to us to have it released. And as part of our investigative process at our review with. Our units. Kelly prosecutor's office. And we're taking the wishes of the family and mine. We are pointing to released that video along with some audiotapes of the sense. I just want you to bear in mind again this is a twelve yo boy. We want people to view this video with that in mind. And we also would ask that the media wants you get a copy of this that you consider the family because they're gonna have to see this over and over Kia. What does I'm donated bring deputy chief Edward tomba. He's gonna give vehicle or remarks and we're actually gonna start reviewing some of that audio and video evidence. Yeah and she's. Can. This afternoon. Program provides you with the 911 call we're gonna play that first. Weren't put in a 911 calls you can hear Jack what came into our dispatch center. We're gonna play the call. That the dispatcher gaze to the officers. That responded. To these incidents at Cadel. And they were ensuring the video. We're gonna show you the video twice. The first time we're gonna let it play in its inspired eight the second time there is a little bit of a narrative that I'd like to provide you with you. And oh this is. I respect and with all due compassion for the family for the officers that were involved. Four community. As a whole. It's a very very. Difficult. Time for everybody and out of respect for them. We do want to provide this two members are two of our community. So at this time I'd like to ask. Time to look to start with the original 911 call from a call. College and area. I'm sure you're. Where people aren't eligible under contract. Here's a guy helicopters. Gosh golly I don't usually quiet the weak hand. Believable from. He had a pocket where you could tell me what people are marvelous all of our trips wrecked our contract situation and I'm sure there are strained it. In fact he's blown it out of the engine power and great. Channel speaker and I don't. He had enough careful lush hair. I don't want. A great. Call eight Kull one we're actually east Italy and being black or white and black. He can get involved I think ridden. I'll hair careful lush hair contractors. And yet there star. Paris jacket it is. Great. Pay cap sleeves. Station arm's length right out pretty hateful and have ever heard next. Week pentagon. You stop future you know. Well you know the aren't your. I'm generally function or you don't like you know that you Cheryl what have. The gentleman sitting in that receive always the gentleman that call. It short dispatch center the first call that your. During this time the view that the caller has. Then that's what a personal call and that's a description. That he gives us the call times. And the video was consistent they they match up with each other. That's the blurred. The burdens of vision that you see it there is someone that we have not identified yet. And dom we're we're not gonna we're not gonna show that but there's someone that we need to talk to that has not been identified. It's to me are reaching and not talking on his cellphone. Our callers no longer in the guys you know he's up. Walked away. Members of division are dispatched and making their way into this location. And they arrived at 1530. The is any effort to try to explain the actions. Other divisional police are all the young man. We need to hear honoring the wishes of the family. And releasing this and also in a spirit of being open. And fair when our community. Approximately. Three minutes and 49 seconds. After that took place. There was a first district detectives. Along with an FBI agent that were working in the first district. And they were working on bank robbery detail. They occurred the assignment and they responded to the scene. And provided first aid the FBI agent is a nationally registered paramedic. So lots of Mair was given first aid. Under an underperform enemies and approximately three minutes after that our emergency service medical unit. EMS showed up and they provided. Medical services to the unmanned. Currently I am gonna provide an aims of our officers. Four procedural purposes. Both of our officers are on administrative leave. As per our policy. And our coral call with any use of violent deadly force. That evening for clarification purposes. We had members use deadly force investigative team. We have representatives from the office of professional standards. We had representatives from our community relations board and we had this city prosecutor. Who was out there we had members of our integrity control section. Also numerous members of the community were there column and they were briefed on what took place that evening. My myself. The two officers were involved. Officer number one was a passenger officer. Officer Timothy lawman. Page 1231. He's 26 years old he was appointed to the division of police march 3 2014. Officer number two who was the driver of the vehicle. Officer frank. One fares once fighting to ease of 46 year old male. Frank was appointed to the division in February of February 25. 2008. Frank and Tim I'll work and not a shift together. Frank was a certified. Field training officer. He was also a crisis intervention. Trained officer. And doctor and was new to the in Cleveland not division of police. He started out he did the a tour of duty in the fort district and then was assigned to the first district. Currently we have obtained statements from our officers and they will be. Continue to be on administrative leave. This case will continue to be investigated. Although all of our findings. Are going to be turned over to the calorie counting prosecutor's office for review. And for a final determination. As to exactly. What the legal system while provide in this case but as I said before. This is neither an effort to. Exonerate. That's not an effort to special public that anybody did anything wrong. This is an obvious tragic event were young member of our community lost their life. They get to officers at work. I'll terror protecting a public. That just head to you know did do something that nobody wants to do. So at this time. I will. Answer a couple of questions myself. Or that Schieffer available Jack. Yes three commands were given touch shall we are hands. By officer moment. Has he pulled up to the to think it's eagle there. Now you heard out the door his door was open as he pulled up. And you regional and a gallon not three commands CEO three times as they pulled. But. Ways he just. You know when it well. Firing was once well I can't say that has not been compressed for time what was can pressed for time is what we put up there. On when. Julio ignorant when there was nobody in the frame we took that out that's how we compressors for time but that was real time exactly. Out his own car pulled up and exactly how long it it took for that. Confrontation to take place. Oh. More I have. One and one and a half to two seconds on its right in between that. Oh. Well that's. That's a legitimate question and dom we do have really a process for that next question will be asked what. Per our guidelines we have what's called late tactical review committee. And on the our results of the criminal investigation. The administrator investigation. Then it comes back to the division of police and there's a group of officers from our training section and are from different parts of the division that will review. The file and review that tape to see if there was. Anything tactically that could have been done. Better that is part of our training. We've we've actually improve their quite a bit under chief McGrath and now chief Williams about. About tactics and tactically approaching people but that will be reviewed it. Oh. Actually answer this the other day. It was under ten feet. The medical Examiner's office will. When they complete their review they'll be able to tell you exactly. What it was but that was confirmed by them they said it was under ten feet. She. You know that's that's also part of the investigation I mean that's something that we have to law definitely. Look at the need to get information too that's own car. Particularly a cold one with the need. To give every bit of information we cancel. Hmmm I really can address that there is part of our investigation. I. Army. I. Frank officer car wreck did assist. The medical service guy from the FBI he did assist along he didn't provide assistance to. As you can see he us secure the weapon first. By taking an out of the way. And then there's you watched a tape you see there was a little bit of law. A little bit of confusion but the short answer to that is he did it in assistance with our FBI agent. Sooner or didn't walk people need. He. He was would. War is this. Or. Yes I can. Clarify that yes they did that was dispatched to long and they had a conversation about it about. It be what we term a good Enron and about their approach so I'm I'll take one more question he. It. Jarrett Jack go that parents want that are talking. What. Well and then also we did talk to officer lawmen but that's part of our investigation he didn't provide us a statement and that's something that the there were have to turnover to the prosecutor we're not gonna release exactly what he. What he said that statement like last question does. On Monday. That is officers saw. That you got up off the table they were quite you just elaborate on the present what they saw as they lose as they report about what the days. This is as they are pulling out these concede that as you're looking at the screen to the left that's west 100 streets. Trig. A funeral Mac is familiar with the area. He's into the park before he'd always that there's an area where sometimes people wrong when the police are called there actually thought that's the way that they would. That they would approach it so it was it it was a way they were approaching geese he ran so. Com. But it's. We're. This is part and there are that was part of their statements all I can answer that exactly what they saw. But on the engage your question a first time but now I can answer right now so. I'll below to bond now is. Monitor them back over who officer Chester public information officer. She's gonna tell you how a law. This can be made available to thanks her time. And that concludes a news conference by Cleveland police officials where they. Showed for the first time surveillance video. Of the incidents where twelve year old to near rice was shot and killed by police who believes he had. And real weapon turned out to be safe one. That he was brandishing about let's bring an ABC's Tommy Thomas to talk to us a little bit about what we've just seen the top police saying this video was not released to exonerate anyone or explain anyone's actions. But what value does it have for us. Well they were say they were really acting on the wishes of the family which is incredibly strange because there is protocol on these types of situations. In every police department across the country and that is public record. Because it is of surveillance camera that captures something that happened. Outside in public now the police originally said they were not released the video program asked the family what they wanted to do. Initially the Philly getting wanna see the video then they saw the video than they did not want it to be released then they finally said we do you want the video to be released. And that's where we are today about what we saw the video it's not perfectly in real time it's two frames per second. To give you an idea we usual news footage video sixty seconds sixty frames a should say per second so that's why kind of looks like it's time lapsed in this video as you can see right there he's brandishing what's an air soft called an air soft. Pistol now we've been covering the story for a while you're soft pistol the pistol that. To me a rice actually had in his hand. Looks very real looks just like a gun. I interviewed chief of the police department in New Jersey told me even at two feet away you can't tell the difference between a real pain gun upper right assay. And it air soft gun because they are made to look just like the real thing. Now they shoot obviously a soft palate not a bullet like a gun does. But nonetheless in many cities across the country they considered a weapon in fact in a crime he used an air soft gun or Beatty got a lot of times police departments. Will charged with a crime as if you were to use our real weapon. Now that being said you can see in the did you hear that he's brandishing a weapon that's what we hear the 911 call not what's really interest in what what really the most important thing we learned. So far today even even with this video. Is that enough when one caller says three times he's not sure if the gun is real he says twice it may be fake and then the third time he says such he's not sure it's real or not. But when the police dispatch actually talked to the officers that are responding. They talk about a male subject was black was wearing a camouflage hat and gray pants who has begun. They never mention at least that what we heard they never mentioned once the possibility. That the gun may be fakes of the responding officers from what we understand it from what we for today had no idea that that gun was fake. Now when the police do show up something else that was in Pristina that. The police were asked about why it. Cop came so close to to me you're right she caught a shows up. In a very aggressive manner he's not using the road actually pulls up to the snow on the dirt road just just beyond that that's sort of what in. Pseudo fence you see there where he's walking now and it's the reason why they did that is because they respond to calls in the past were subjects lead on a side road there were trying to cut. This person off at a time. So they pull up. And it appears as though will see this later on this video it appears though it. That the police officer isn't even able to get out of this car it's still unclear. When he starts the fire now police are saying that to me your actually. Reached for that weapon that air soft gun and that's what led the police officer to fire his weapon. Q lean. This young man now to me rice is only twelve years old but when the police officer. Calls in saying that shots have been fired he says that he's a black male and that he is. Appears to be twenty years old with a pistol about forty and twelve there's a big age gap there but. The police officer at least as police transmissions was operating under the assumption that this man was at least twenty years old. From that point we're told that they try to administer CPR was rushed to the hospital to Mir would die later on Sunday or early Sunday morning this happened on Saturday afternoon. In broad daylight so a lot of new information coming out of this so far from what we seem but the key thing so far. We learned that the officers apparently were unaware that gun could possibly be faced. That as soon as police approached this happen within seconds. They they hold to me are the least the office of partisan weapon pulled to me or at least three times allegedly to raise his hands to put his hands up. That never happened that officer fired we also want something else. Very critical I'm looking over my notes right now the Armas who fart is weapon has only been a police officer Cleveland police officer. On that force since March we'll talk about first has only been on the job eight months he's been described as a rookie police officer only 26 year old 46 years old. We know his name is Timothy Loman the other officer who was driving the car lots of experience lots of tactical experience. But even the deputy chief said that they're going to be reviewing the way. That the approach to Mir with that car back to come under review as well so lots of new information to come up this afternoon on this story. You know time you mentioned this and we see very clearly in the video how quickly. This all came about at and unfortunately the police car at least in my view blocked a lot of what's happening and we don't have audio as they did claim. As they were approaching they shouted three times for him to drop that gun. It. Does this video. As a police say they're not showing it to exonerate anyone but doesn't give more credence to the story the police have been telling all along guilt but I. I watch this video inside of our control room with with a lot of producers a lot of technical staff. It just to got to get their view is well on this because a lot of people going to be watching this for the first time just like what like we did. And it's tough to tell the video as you said the car blocks. The shooting dead the surveillance videos not completely in real time things are highlighted at we just showed you about five seconds ago right before you came back to me that. Police had circled went to Mir goes into his waist band putting his hand into was waist band. Right when police approached when there they see less than ten feet from and it looks like they're probably probably fight be maybe even closer than that. But that's tough to tell it's up to solve his hand was and indeed. Inside of his way spend that time because the video is such poor quality what we do see what is clear is that this happened very fast. Very quickly. Police firing the weapons within seconds. Because they said this part of that of the video was not compressed for time. So I'm not sure one I don't I don't think it definitively shows. One thing or the other we do know that Bailey one of his pediatrician to be shown were not sure why. It's the is to reason they may want the speeded to be shown. To show that their son should not have been shot they probably think that is of course it's her son it's a twelve year old boy. Who had an air soft pistol not a real gun and he's now dead. So we did a walk will hope to learn more from the family of from the Phillies representatives. On why they wanted to release the video. But the police releasing this video and standing by their actions at this point. Of what happen it and even right after happen as well. You know the officers were operating under the assumption that that was a real gun. That Damir was not twelve years old but he was not a child. And when an officer fires a weapon they farther weapon to kill is not to wounded is not to stop anything when when an officer is trained to fires weapons. It's to shoot and kill and that's what happened the situation. Something else pretty striking about the video and this is before the police arrive on the scene is that to some it really may look like a twelve year old kid. Playing with a toy he looks. Perhaps board he's walking around I mean we can't know. He his mood are are are really you know we it's a pretty grainy video but at one point even encounters another person that person doesn't run away. That person by the way potential witness in all of this but that video leading up to the shooting. You know even the person who called ended this facts and it could be just a kid you know playing with a toy. You know it's a good point you you know in the not one call I think the caller uses the word juvenile at some point again he makes that the gun could be fake. At least three times but from what we heard the officers didn't know that they were on another call when the dispatch calls them at all they get. Is that there is a blackmail on a swing gray pants camouflage hat and he has a gun. They were responding to a weapons call that's all they know. From what we heard from what they played for as the officers were never told it is could possibly be a kid paid the weapon could possibly be fate. If they would've known that information you would think it would respond differently it would roll over car ride up to that is evo not a road but on a field cutting off. To me are you think they may have responded differently. From the way it looks like in this video the way it's played. Is what led to a weapons called it they thought there was somebody armed with potentially gators who could potentially be shooting that weapon and that's what we saw that video. Before the police arrived we see a total of three people the man of prayer was pretty close. Two Tamara rice who called made that 91 long call he's sitting in magazines and then we have this third person. The police blocked that person's image they're looking for that person is a potential witness how important. Is that witness to their investigation. What really important one you know the questions that are to be raised why wasn't anybody running if everybody thought this kid was such a threat why are people sprinting off weren't they taking off running. That's going to be one question. And that witness that we blocked there it's unclear that's another child this happened on a playground at 330 on Saturday. So there were other kids in the area. So want to find out that's an adult of that indeed is a child and what was said. The caller and said the busy Bo said that. To Mir was scaring everybody by waving the gun around. That he use an expletive. That he was scaring the expletive out of every one at a park so people were clearly concern and and it caused enough concern for this man to call my when one even though he was very close to near. And could see that may be to Mir was a child but again. Two Beers twelve years old. We do not have all of a recent photo that we we have a photo of him a couple of years ago so we're not sure exactly what he looks like or what he look like last week. Look at that photo there right now. So you know we don't know if he looked like a mature twelve years old but. Twelve years old us twelve years old regardless if you know when you develop and officers after they responded after the shot and said that he appeared to look like he was twenty years old that's a big jump at eight years. And twenty and twelve is is a big difference because we talk about somebody who's twelve years old you were clearly. Talking about a child. All right ABC's Tommy on the thank you so much for joining us and helping shed some light on this very important piece of evidence. But clearly so many more questions left in the story this story of the shooting death of twelve year old to near rights time bounds thanks again. And he keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now on Thai Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"27:26","description":"Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police after he was seen waving a BB Gun in a park.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27206790","title":"Cleveland Officials Release Video of Police Shooting Which Killed a 12-Year-Old Boy","url":"/US/video/cleveland-officials-release-video-police-shooting-killed-12-27206790"}