Too Close to God: Susan Schessler's Story

A former nun hopes the Catholic Church will one day allow women to become priests.
5:44 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Too Close to God: Susan Schessler's Story
Paul and his officials since there is no changing the word of the lord. There is no changing the word of god. Speaks volumes to me. Because I feel free. Of anyone who is trying to change God's word. My munitions and chancellor. I was in the content for 32 years. When I made my first communion. There was an instant bond. Consciousness. Of the presence. Of Christ. I was the all around. American girl and considered sports and various things but I always had them. A sense the being present to me. It was when I was in high school. That I began to them solidify my desire to enter the confident. My mother said don't even think about it. You are not going to do them. I was a religious sister four. A third. I have been hearing. About when becoming priests and it was appealing to me because it to me it was a step. Closer to a relationship with god. Canon law simply says that in order to be ordained a priest who have to be male. And I explored at night. This is a matter of justice. And no longer am I going to live. Under somebody else Islam and somebody else's rule I'm going to live as I believe the spirit is working in me and that's when I made the decision to become a priest. I am in fact excommunicated. Because of this pronouncement. And expected to be so being the person who. Is excommunicated. Means that I cannot go to my former parish church. And receive communion. You remember the music can remember the word can you remember. The candles to light you miss that I'm I missed that part of that ritual. He tried to go to a church community. Where I'm not known. So that I'm not a scandal to anyone. You. Our organization Roman Catholic women priests is not really congregation. Tonight a community it's an organization we want to open the doors. As John Tony third did in Vatican two and say. Let's really and truly start living. And changing the rules that bring about exclusion. Of people. I saw Benedict has the person who was. Legal lipstick and the person who thought the trick was gonna survive. Through. Structure. Francis. On the other hand. This just totally the opposite he talks about inclusion. And he talks about kindness and mercy and we're. People to not be rigid and for priests and clerics in the church not to be rigid he does all those things. He does not however change rules. Being. A woman priest. And making the decision to be a woman priest and realizing that the church will not accept me as a woman priest is not a test of faith it's not. Me saying to god why can't you make this happen because that's not my concept of god. My concept of god is the flow of more than life. And if the church. Does not connect. The flow of loving life. With acceptance of women. And acceptance of women as priests. It's got a problem. It's not a matter of faith for me. It's a matter of feeling sorry that the church has not evolved yet I feel sorry for you church. I really do I feel sorry that you have to be so exclusive. And so protective. Of the way you. Treat people and the way you see people I'm sorry for you.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"A former nun hopes the Catholic Church will one day allow women to become priests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33983093","title":"Too Close to God: Susan Schessler's Story","url":"/US/video/close-god-susan-schesslers-story-33983093"}