'It's too close to home': Veteran describes surviving Vegas and California shootings

"Borderline was our safe space," said Brendan Kelly, who also survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year.
6:03 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for 'It's too close to home': Veteran describes surviving Vegas and California shootings
Good morning I'm with Brendan Kelly and I'm a little disclaimer here Brennan's father and I went to long beach state together we've known each other for most of our lives. Burning you were there last night just tell me what you went through and what eat what was going on. Sure as a as a regular Portland to three times a week. We've been there for maybe 45 minutes or in. There about teaching dance and I noticed that it's wrong for. Dance and have a good time doing a dance and all of us and he's here like a first few shot. Man. Being in a statement Marine Corps and I'm aware of what that sounds like a specially enclosed area and so. I grabbed base to Iraq at around me in just threw into the ground. Try to look at where it was coming from. And just as soon as I identified were the target was over the threat was high. Grabbed at least to be of around mean. Yanks in his heart that. To get ten years as it was happen to be to my career. Which normally is now an exert that we you'll out of given the circumstances. We just got out as its fighter flied out. Your training when it went into play here talk about how. It just. Went into that mode and started getting people. It's a lot less thinking more doing an acting it out when there's no there's not time for a motions to be involved. Use have to deal yet to act because. People live from. Whether that's. Getting them in a few seconds later a minute later who are being get out as fast you can. That's what I not only been training dividend raise to do. You were. At the Vegas shooting last year's thirteen month later months later you got to deal with this. How do you mentally just hold up after what you experienced last year and then last night. It's a close to. You know we. Borderline as are safe space after. For lack of better term as our home for. For the probably thirty or 45 of us that we're all from greater Ventura county that. We're in Vegas. And that was our place that we went to the following week three nights in a row just so we could be with each other. And bird for a place that's been for decades and everyone loves to go wind and an aggregate time. For somebody. Such. A senseless act of violence it. It's truly heartbreaking it and it really and it's really close to home for everyone in the Newbury Park Thousand Oaks area and beyond. What was the like when you were able to get a hold of your mom and dad and say hey you're okay. There's a phone call I was hoping I never had to meet again. But I did. I got out who I was wet. At that point was able to take or vines and vehicles. Grabbed my phone now and you know at home mom she and pick up cycle then got picked up a dad. There's some going on right now just laying on safe. Carl Buck McKeon. Michael my brother and best friend's aid and loan and it and pick a beer to call me back later had to like to be real short and sweet Heyman and good. And if you've heard yet is what's going on I gotta go and get. On in the next that we are so hearing gunshots. My buddies in the navy he'd gotten a good sized gash in his arm so that's why I lost my belt and actually try to do penalties to turn kit. That was really work instructor talking assured to apply pressure. And was able to get into a tree line and of the road. Once I did that was able to talk some the sheriffs are right there and turn around and go back and see what else could do in. Is that doubt where we're still five minutes after apple you know how many there were what else is going on who is all hurt so I wanted to help as best can. It's talk about you helping out we've got pictures of you last night. You're trained for this. Talk about the emotions or the a drone that was gone through where. You always happen you recognize the sound and your training just kicked it. Well to fight or flight and and I understand that not a lot of people have that. Anne's you're an act one or another and some people are just gonna need help and I be frozen they might need that extra push. And I have some you know industry as well so being able to grab said it blows me define who are akin it has extra. Gear guys or whatever compressed advantage that I can use to maybe help somebody that's. When being has the Daschle whatever it is before the paramedics and ever else gets on scene because. As far as they near the scene was a safe anyway. So if we could be the first level of first responders for before they got there. That's all you can do instead of just standing around him not doing much. Have you been able to threaten and around. And just over a year survive. Las Vegas. He's arrived last night but this one was literally down the road from your house now. The only. Only thing I can contribute to. Is protected and over me that night October 1. And loss I easily could have been talking when my buddies by the front door would just come in the door and been right by. This individual easily happens all the time it's just where you are in the barn that moment and I'm very thankful to be sitting here today. And I think your dad's very grateful that you're here with them as well. Brendan I've known Brandon since he was the size of a loaf of bread and so when I got the text from is that this morning. First question I ask the simply does Brandon OK. And you know I talk to another kit it cal Lutheran sent to simply said. This parents call them up from Seattle and as soon as his mother heard his voice. Things were better but. This one has he said was really close to home.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"\"Borderline was our safe space,\" said Brendan Kelly, who also survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59066998","title":"'It's too close to home': Veteran describes surviving Vegas and California shootings","url":"/US/video/close-home-veteran-describes-surviving-vegas-california-mass-59066998"}