Up close with LA's Skirball fire

ABC's Matt Gutman reports not far from the flames engulfing a portion of Los Angeles.
3:00 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Up close with LA's Skirball fire
Right now I'm just south of what is called this horrible area this is called this horrible like C. That way that you guys have been seeing partner nor its way up. The flames in the trees here is gulping. This entire part of ones and the Republican right here the case that are what you might be able to see over there are multimillion dollar homes in east hills right now. And right on the other side of me right there you can see that's the overpass of the world but we're the most trafficked. Roads in the entire country right now it's shut down many of the roads around here aren't as well. Because this fire is moving so rapidly it is. Not in any way under control. There are dozens of large trucks around me then obviously. Police officers everywhere trying to contain them. First the traffic. Even worried about the buyer and try to evacuate voters from their homes this fire continues to rage. Range out here.

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{"id":51615548,"title":"Up close with LA's Skirball fire","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman reports not far from the flames engulfing a portion of Los Angeles.","url":"/US/video/close-las-skirball-fire-51615548","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}