A closer look at Biden’s first 100 days

Four ABC News correspondents break down how things have changed from Donald Trump's presidency to Joe Biden's and discuss Biden's first 100 days.
6:55 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for A closer look at Biden’s first 100 days
It's a night. The first 100 days. I Robert why do you do songs where as president Joseph Biden closes in on that symbolic milestone. Closer look at the promises he made and the problems he must now confront him from the virus and the vaccine. To an economy in need of a lifeline. A democracy. Tested. And a nation divided. With the new flash point of the border or whatever. And new calls to address. Gun violence. What's next on his agenda. The first 100 days. President Biden takes office here now from our nation's capital senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer. Hi everybody and Devin Dwyer thanks for streaming with us well for every American president the first hundred days Ari symbolic opening chapter our honeymoon. Park high stakes political test in for Joseph Biden's past few months have been unlike anything an American president has had to navigate before. In the next half hour we hope to take a closer look at this historic transition all of us are living through and ask what's in store in the months ahead. The white. Hi Joseph Robinette Biden junior do songs where the 46. Presidency began in the most extraordinary of circumstances. And the heels of a deadly riot at the pinnacle of democracy in the midst of a global pandemic its claim more than half a million American lives. It is voters Republicans and Democrats remain bitterly divided this is our historic moment. Of crisis and challenge. Unity. Is the path forward for our country wearied of crisis mode many see Biden has given them reason to hope the private. Chris we've made on vaccinated in this country is a great American story. 150 million vaccine shots an arms in 75 days 14100 dollar stimulus checks in the mail or already delivered. A military transgender band lifted construction of the border wall put on hold. A return to global alliances sealed on. America. Is back. America is back as promised Biden's presidency has been heavy on empathy my heart crews out to all. All the family members who lost someone in those horrific shootings but so far it's damn light on bipartisanship. Yesterday Republican tried to pasture is proposals Democrats rejected. The original one. Biden didn't get a single Republican vote and its Covert relief bill and is yet to meet with GOP leader Mitch McConnell. The times we live and make it very difficult for the parties to work to gather. But the person who's best positioned to do it is depressing it's because he has the bully he's really. Not included Republicans or their ideas. And so I don't give him high marks. Kroll. ABC news has been tracking dozens of Biden's biggest campaign promises they were endorsed by a record number of voters in November. Many have been checked off but most remain works in progress. By any measurement when you look at what he prioritize. He certainly has delivered in his first eighty days and that he's against. Plans for new gun controls LG BT equality voting rights police reform and legal status for dreamers have all been passed in the democratic controlled house. But all face a potential graveyard in the 5050 senate without compromise I believe that when you build consensus. You build permanency and policy I think when you look at younger voters millennial voters will become the largest voting bloc. In the American will continue to agent that system. They care about mine they care about. Results climate infrastructure health care immigration. You think all of those are dead in the water the filibuster stance I think they are. We can't get any Republicans on board for impeachment after the insurrection. Republicans are not going to be on board in fact they're staking their claim. On challenging him we should be pushing forward but it is Biden who is holding. On infrastructure president Biden faces division within his own party over an ambitious two trillion dollar plan. If you happen. The administration has put forward it's just not not. I think he's being true to some principles and then they're then the unexpected crises we begin with breaking news in the Atlanta Georgia area. At least eight people killed in three separate shootings mass shootings rocking more American communities. Provocations by Iran and North Korea raising fears of a clash. It is the first strike ordered by president Biden and make no mistake this was a retaliatory strike and a historic surge of young migrants across the southern border. Creating new humanitarian emergency. In dealing with the border crisis wasn't in your hundred they've planned and you read the room. The reality is we knew that we were inheriting that crisis and you didn't handle it well while we're gonna like the Republicans taking advantage of them. For every president is endless list of challenges colliding with sky high public expectations. So far most Americans think Joseph Biden is doing a good job. He had to get a letter grade what would you give I'd give emanates a minus Y a minus what's disappointing you I think that there needs to be better communication to the American people on what the plan he has to deal with what's happening and that's how west or what grade would you give him. Gonna give them and I feel like. Again that any crisis that he had to deal with right at the outset with room if you had to get a letter grade so far from your point of view. C plots is over arching goal is to bring this country. He's not the greeting will continue for at least three more years and has Biden's political honeymoon in the White House comes to an end. Many wonder where his presidency. Will go from here I think I know is much about the subject matter have is firmly held positions and capacity understand how the system works is anybody's been present at least. And soon the last fifty years. That fear is expression Harry Truman the buck stops here. Up next we hit the road to the state that saved Joseph Biden's primary campaigns South Carolina and hear directly from voters. Oh where he's meeting expectations wary may be missing the mark. How they're feeling about the direction of the country important 41 stay with us.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Four ABC News correspondents break down how things have changed from Donald Trump's presidency to Joe Biden's and discuss Biden's first 100 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053235","title":"A closer look at Biden’s first 100 days","url":"/US/video/closer-bidens-100-days-77053235"}