Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Penalty Phase

Jury will decide whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets life in prison or the death penalty.
4:53 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Penalty Phase
This is fit for Boston Marathon bombers drove cars and I at closing arguments in the penalty part of his trial wrap up today and that. It's up to the jury to make a choice life in prison. The death penalty anti Hernandez in New York hello everyone three people were killed near the marathons finish line on April 15 2013. More than 268. Were injured let's put ABC's top Thomas who just left the courtroom. Tom are in the midst of closing arguments what happened today. That's right the prosecution just wrapped up their closing arguments. And really what they wanted to do they wanted to focus on three different images to the jurors would never forget. First beat beat up your hearts our night before he plants his bomb. At the Boston Marathon they say he walked up and just four feet away from him were all role of children and he stayed beer. We're minutes leaving his bond they are and then walking off that was one in which they want to remember. And they also talked about him in the boat how he wrote that so called terrorist manifesto how there were no regrets here no remorse they were the words of a terrorist. And they also talked about how. Bombing those people. Killing those two people his bomb killed two people including. Little Morton Richard. He went to whole foods when he minutes later and he by a half gallon of milk they showed that video and of course the infamous video that that it be brought out as a trump card. During the sentencing phase which of course was revealed him in the holding cell three months after the bombings shuffling around fixes here and then giving the bird. To a surveillance camera inside that holding cell. They said that shows someone who was not remorseful all somebody who didn't hear what he was doing someone who was trying to make a political statement. By bombing the Boston Marathon Ewing would get TV coverage. He knew the review multiple victims he knew that some of the victims would be children and they said they concluded by saying his actions have earned him a sentence. Of debt tied. At the same time and of course the jury's not allowed to see this the Boston Globe ran an op Ed this morning. Written by the parents of Martin Richard the eight year of what he was killed they don't want the death penalty. Yet they had penned that op Ed before rod speaking about that they were against the death penalty and the reasoning. For the Fam leave make sense to some of the victims because some of the victims apple is that the same kind of theories about this that. If he gets the death penalty he'll be able to appeal and appeal and appeal and at some point you will never leave their lives and so they're afraid that if he doesn't get life in prison if he does get the death penalty that the media will always befallen him in the always happy you're his name. Reza be sentenced to life in prison he will bowl win that super Max facility in fort Colorado and he will essentially rot in a cell. When he three hours today. Locked inside that cell but other victims if those spoken to like Liz snorted. Percent each lost a leg she wants the death penalty he says he deserves to die so the victims are somewhat split about what break they essentially want the jurors to find. Now we know the defense is coming up next the closing arguments that before all of this happened today the judge the jury some instruction what did he tell them. Basically sort of explain to them what they're the role was it is really complicated because. There and looking at all thirty counts in the indictment because even though you know what brawl focus on the death penalty here they're going to be looking at all thirty counts of that whole. A life sentence as well either they have to wait two things the aggravating factors first the mitigating factors not to break that down. The aggravating factors are things that the prosecution say it all our. Things that cannot be disputed that that indeed was a terrorist that he indeed was over eighteen years old but. He landed executed this bombing mission. And in the mitigating factors or what the defense is argument basically that he only did this because he was under the spell of his older brother. He only did this because he had no father figure because his father was mentally ill and had moved back to Russia. Only did this because his mom was radicalized of that was. Islamists within radicalized Hamlin who became a jihadist still all these mitigating factors or the reasons. Why he had a rolled the bombing. But without tablets are now I have to heartburn I have never ambled on to bolster street and plants those bombs if the jurors buy that argument they believe. Those mitigating factors are the reason why he became a terrorist why he was one of the Boston Marathon bombers and it will choose life in prison over death. Our experts expect to hear some of those arguments in terms of mitigating factors coming up later this afternoon time I want to thank you so much for joining us outside the courtroom. If he's time down as and he can keep up with his story in real time I downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. Anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Jury will decide whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets life in prison or the death penalty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31018531","title":"Closing Arguments in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Penalty Phase","url":"/US/video/closing-arguments-boston-marathon-bombing-trial-penalty-phase-31018531"}