Clouds threaten maximum totality viewing of solar eclipse in Illinois

One astronomer explains why some people may not be able to see the sun's corona during the eclipse.
8:31 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for Clouds threaten maximum totality viewing of solar eclipse in Illinois
Next up Carbondale Illinois. Ought to go back because we checked it but TJ Holmes and this is the so called capital eclipsed only to getting it this time but they're going to be in the route but next time as well he was worried about the cloud cover. And as you can see five and it's 24 seconds now. It's a maximum totality giants a giant crowd inside that stadium look I can see sunshine on your base TJ out pretty excited. Well don't get too excited about the sun surrounded. Do the crowd getting excited right now we're particularly women get this. But out here. They're looking up because this might be the only and that's not but they did David artistic game with a meteorologist for the line up all over. You see that big cloud cover. They believe it's gonna take possibly another ten to fifteen minutes but that being sick get through now that let me and we are being covered here. Right now holds. At the eight that moment. Up a total of totality right. Ali that would be a problem because this has been proud people that that's been active safety he capital that you could say we're very good reason to minutes and forty seconds the longest appear to totality that anywhere in the country both the things got 50000 but you print you've invited to a party and then they don't exactly get to see the show. Now there are still it's gonna get there are few and they'll get that experience but to be able to look up at the soul and that and to get that experience. Well folks again a little nervous that they might not get that again do you feel a little break in the cloud that blue that you see. Bureau to scoop friend of mine over the weather channel Reynolds wolf tickets that moves up a little bit. We might give a couple of minutes sort of maybe a few seconds. But right now David will look nervous about outlook Reagan and yet we've been talking through diplomatic get here with me and every don't wanna bring during sees that something to be a moment ago. That really kind of startled me at which he wanted to know if if it did okay. To go crazy just ring because right now the cut at the point. We have this loud just teasing us. Any little capital a good thing. There. You can see. Any little man. We can't let them. The loving thing. They're going to say right now because they've been holding might not get awful. It's. Critical into the ground. Stoically fumbled away the totality. What a game repeat again I don't lose but this might unfortunately David it's a sort of fades activate. This might be. We went through this a few seconds and not. We thank the doctors tell me. How does this change which you were able to study. If the clouds of cardinal still gets dark you still get cool but we won't be able to see and you lot got mobile study like you've got to. We won't be able to see the outer extended layer of the corona I personally it was most thrilled to see that I think we might still see it. You know keep positive attitude today and another couple minutes here there's some gaps in those clouds. You're absolutely right and we can't against the and I didn't we were might be getting lucky here actually David there they there the break in the cloud diversity at the huge. Pretty big ticket pretty significant. Well bad that we are getting a gap here is that we might actually get this totality here it just a moment you'll get help me I don't let the countdown necessarily that the Pope speak. The total eclipse here but we haven't we haven't it's arguable dark it's hard to feel a little different in the stadium. Here we're starting to get that experience with with the glasses back on here because we aren't getting decked out. Connecticut did regain the crowd gets so excited because they know they absolutely no this could be their only shot at picking you got physical with Google won't give. It's great to you look down at the country David in the country people data from thousands of miles around. Although the consumer at the 42 and now finally deported but that that's. Moment if you look around you there's plenty of amazing things to see this shadows. This is one of the under appreciated in the shadows become serious art. It looks really very strange much different than anyone is used if there's. Usually that light is coming from all around you could easily and here it's really up. It's. Nineteen minutes. In Seattle stating your did you hear him. Davis got a dog to get your daily news CNN near being. I can't. This is just really incredible because you know it all the preparation could be this great American eclipse TJ you know what I'm talking about is that so many insiders said. It all has to do with the pick a fleeting moment and whether or not a system was passing by with a particular type of cloud that's going to be stubborn. And you guys have you guys have brought us into the drama you've got 45 seconds there it all depends. On the other weather system above you. And it's getting incredibly dark right now where we're getting a huge change the life. And that little's lever is going away. Is there if you if you guys can see this American instructor got not knowing the in the control room to put to go that is on. But right now we have a pretty obstructed view of the sun right now it's barely peeking through one little gap but it's still pretty much covers. By clouds of frankly how these glasses on and I can not the a cleaning up. Out there we are hitting that moment of totality could even if you can. This son being locked down right. Its. Relatively unconcerned as well we got 50000 people gathered under for the quarter. And tonight. Right now people are thinking that they let you do have the cameras out a lot of people don't have anything at all that this is counting all the moment and I think this through. This started. This these vehicles were beside you do with the complicated because like you third fourth grade science that went against deadly so all around us the darkness asphalt. With apple question but he did unfortunately not giving the experience of he's glad that don't go Edmund. You know we talked about this earlier we mention of the areas in America where your mind is going to be blown and where your heart could be broken by. Whatever the weather system is about the I gotta tell you get a minute. 48 seconds left of Max totality there in Carbondale and as folks at Palmer sort of feeling this moment everybody in that stadium. Just hoping for the cloud to pass because he's seen each team's blue sky above you. So we're review on this I should mention to people watching our coverage right now is that this city. Is one of the very few cities in the path of totality just a few years from now and 20/20 ports he did mention this. Earlier sort of a rare thing you go the next half TJ it's going to be from the south and taxes coming across from Mexico to Texas. In straight up to the northeast almost the opposite of the diagonal we're seeing this time. Well David out all I don't know that was it took to comfort us here necessarily but yeah we got revenue growth. You don't gotta at seven years that I could come back here tonight again tentatively. But that's though we have invisible at this was thought to build up. And until you figure yet you know you've been covering it would be talking about this old days when everybody put into this but the Sicily wanted a lifetime event. What people here in Carbondale it don't want any seven year of it so if there was any place that what they're necessarily. Going to feel it was gonna get welcomed a baby at this place and maybe they'll come back again sending news right now you can't tell. What it all right there we go if you can David restored to give. Little break in the cloud if you can update me about the clock. We might view of the thirty seconds left good luck until Dell will be complete got a flat out that's really messing with us. But. Things are staying there eighteen seconds left. Anything changes TJ we'll come right back to you as you mentioned it anyplace they can handle the clothes were moments and Meredith. Indecisive they're there whether you can see if you can see those. Okay. Loaded. Just to him right there just before it ended. Wouldn't extraordinary gifts not quite there the last final few seconds. We'll take a good look good. All right TJ but they seem.

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{"id":49340914,"title":"Clouds threaten maximum totality viewing of solar eclipse in Illinois","duration":"8:31","description":"One astronomer explains why some people may not be able to see the sun's corona during the eclipse.","url":"/US/video/clouds-threaten-maximum-totality-viewing-solar-eclipse-illinois-49340914","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}