Cockroaches Movements Controlled With Computer Chips

Students experiment in manipulating the insects by attaching them to electronics.
2:26 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cockroaches Movements Controlled With Computer Chips
Students are studying electrical impulses finances and -- and yes they are stepped in to much higher learning on the back -- cockroaches. Eleven advanced biology students are about to break new ground with American cockroaches they -- transformed into Cyberworks. First they stunned the -- speaker of ice water next they snip off a leg. In the hands of service electrodes -- the -- an election. Like a conductor report. They have about five minutes to gauge the action potential from the muscles and nerves that you got to put and when in the muscles -- actually respond to. Students touched the fiber on the -- with another man -- and samples and -- it and monitor on their ipads. Every -- a jump like that that's just won the -- When. Signals running things it. But this is just step one class graduates to human application. Delays over there -- actually using it on their hands but tests next potential in the muscle and nerve cells using your hands. Finally the cockroaches fall under remote control that's right students connect the cockroaches antennae with silver wine. In the super glue this receiver on its back -- a battery pack. Sophomore Brandon sperling is fully engaged. Include for the backpack on we can actually. We can actually control what he's doing we can send and neurological impulse. From this controller. And I hear. Mean so much going polls writer -- And there you see the students -- the cockroaches around in the -- -- it's simple controls. -- -- -- -- -- But the cockroach do what we want it today in these budding scientists haven't dismissed meaningful applications down the road. Say in a collapsed building because there's. All and they typically travel and well that's or could travel in -- -- be easy to put a little a miniaturized camera on the back of one -- -- -- two collapsed building and determine what's happening we're just trying to stimulate them to. To go forward. And have fun with signs. He -- they had I mean it's been crazy. Coincidentally this week is international brain awareness week. And two of the students in the sibor cockroach experiment told us they want to be neurosurgeons. And John made -- news channel mind.

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{"id":18746063,"title":"Cockroaches Movements Controlled With Computer Chips","duration":"2:26","description":"Students experiment in manipulating the insects by attaching them to electronics.","url":"/US/video/cockroaches-movements-controlled-computer-chips-18746063","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}