College football super fans live on billboard

Alabama and Clemson fans tell ABC News why they're camped out on a billboard in San Jose, CA.
4:39 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for College football super fans live on billboard
College football playoffs get under way tomorrow night right here on ESPN and throughout the process. For fans aren't diehard fans are living break up there. On this billboard in San Jose where happen to be joined by two of them again today this time it's aliases and Alabama fans good. They Tia as well as Nancy who's at Clemson tiger man who's gonna win. And I'm. RA it's. Usually guys were talking to some of your other comrades who are up there on the billboard yesterday he's been there now more than 24 hours. It's obviously it's lately chilly up there how has it been for you Nancy. And even now it it's been a wonderful experience is a great opportunity but it is called. And I'm being from Florida it's it's it's chilly especially when UN plays like it did last night yeah. You have a daughter did she think you're insane for tip for doing this you might be up there for. For several weeks. I have two daughters what went to cleanse them willing to I'll burn. Yeah and but both of them thought I was very crazy for doing that spent another 100%. And I support and Miami when batteries on. A Twitter this morning. Contact now they all Clemson football team to see if they would start following me so we get more Savard. Higher rates than no doubt and I do get a sense based on affiliates and you're here. Wardrobe head to toe there that they're so light to ban it ban but when you first heard about this and I was it an immediate like I gotta do this. As is that we're song when I got the email I was sure is that what was going on. Sop plot anyway and sales than other guys I forgot about it. So once I got the call I could not turn this opportunity now and I'm grateful to be here right now yeah what are you guys. In the past your time I mean there are no football games on right now. No college football games until then what do you what are you gonna do when there's nothing else to do play some games I see it's a chick fillet. Obviously we have different games and different challenges that we have to us today. We sit around get to know each other better and all talk football. And does have a good time and this is reminds me of my military days of this. In doing the most that. Yeah in fact that regiment. A lot of flexibility. Due. Let. In fact last night we were between higher on fans asking for questions because we can interact in so. Tonight we're gonna try to have a question and answer in the tuxedo if we can work it out and that we're just put things to do and just really truly its net that didn't get to know each other. I see you're gonna live tweet during the game as well the games. Tried to bomb leave more focused on the game if you're going to be more focus on the game. What do you think it'll what do you think has more stressful. Oh as being deployed in Iraq as you work. Four in the US are being there and watching your team. Playing and getting so close winning enough. Of course most Russo in Iraq. This they got their doubts about those days but my family left me on town when I do watch today is that they just those Sears and a lot of times call plays for the blazing a half mile how to you know that they're I don't football so. I'll play football Haas school wash a lot of football and I just that he game I love the game. If the primary and NCAA say that tigers lose what team would you would you root for in the final round. The final game. You know competitive Earnhardt fan and written it if we were to lay. Minister who had pulled her because. I actually last year was kinda pulled in for George grave and I hate Georgia. But then in an apple I'm proud Manhattan wouldn't. I daily and heard came came in Damon with such as teens and for two. Let me and the moment if we're not there on just wait and see it's at that time in the game. Very cruel sea will get looked all of you and any say that to your teams as well as. The endurance record that you're going for up there in San Jose Greer appreciated of course the playoffs do. Get under way and right on our sister network ESPN. Tomorrow. At 4 PM eastern time Clemson and Notre Dame will be first up.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Alabama and Clemson fans tell ABC News why they're camped out on a billboard in San Jose, CA. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60053526","title":"College football super fans live on billboard","url":"/US/video/college-football-super-fans-live-billboard-60053526"}