Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Credits FEMA For Fast-Acting Flood Relief

Hickenlooper says neighboring states have assisted in rescue efforts amid rising flood waters.
12:11 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Credits FEMA For Fast-Acting Flood Relief
This is a special room. Report from ABC news. Look -- I'm -- -- -- in his ABC news digital special report Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is briefing people now in the latest. On a massive flooding that's taking place in what state. Let's listen in. Tactical vehicles. They're not at all it's going lines but they're going up and to Boulder County in two. The hard hit parts -- Latimer county to make sure those people who are risks. Are dressed. We did get a break last night from the -- we're very grateful to. -- Federal federal -- management. Did you see as well as a department Homeland Security in the White House there were people. I was talking to people in the White House at 8 o'clock last night trying to make sure that you get -- -- declaration signed. That night so we can keep people working around the clock and they did that and certainly where. We're very grateful that. The thrust of the country recognizes a -- -- you know. When you need help. They're willing to reach out. Again we're getting continuing to get calls of support from a neighboring states. We are in the process now of recognizing. What types of assets renewed need in terms of doing the assessment. Once this rain begins to recede. We certainly are gonna need help with the recovery we have a web site I think a lot of people. More aware of this -- called help Colorado now dot -- So people go online to help Colorado now dot org they can make contributions to the you know the whether it's a Red Cross or. Which had -- organizations are there people would. Contract or money -- specifically. I think that at this moment is much more useful than people providing Coetzer. Or perishable food or other support. It's when -- -- -- also got here. We're gonna have video conference. It's with FEMA at 1030 -- and again -- at some of these assessments. I did talk to you know acting director. That part of Homeland Security this morning and they are committed to begin to provide it. All the support we could possibly need and make sure we keep people out of harm's where -- harm's way. The -- -- one overriding thing night tall. -- try to say every single time we speak is. Stay that I hear about your vehicle possible stay home -- your home was in a safe place obviously to be told Lou back -- you need to evacuate would be ready be prepared. From whatever your local emergency management folks -- -- these. Any response to emergency like this to a natural disaster always starts locally. They are going to be the best informed but. Most of our injuries. Often in these -- types of disasters of fatalities occur with people trying to. To walk through a gift from their car. Walk through what looks like maybe -- quarter to -- water looks harmless. You got to recognize that this this water is filled with debris and sand and it is it is almost like liquid cement and it can. Even just a foot and a -- water can knock people over. And you can be swept away there's it's much much different than normal water that you see going down down a mountain -- -- -- people to be. Exceptionally careful and to. If at all possible stay off the roads. The corridor transportation house. Issued -- -- central traffic only restriction. And asked for. Jefferson -- armor bolder and clear creek counties. Were having trouble getting numerous management vehicles around the the congestion it's been -- so we're trying to get people is for a couple hours stay off the roads so. That we can get help to word most is the most used to be. I've got much much happens here. Where they'll -- off -- -- Were to go out. You don't to the affected areas in El Paso County in Boulder County. And make sure that we're providing -- direct support. Where we can again. Our that our local. First responders have done a remarkable job and when you look at some of the work that's being done fault though along this about a 150 miles was -- the front range. It should make every -- and proud these these folks these men and women have been out there. A lot of wanted to work close to 24 hour shift. And have you know done just a remarkable job. Any questions. Okay. Lower and in the process right now and then there's we're we're seeking an expert -- but it. Expedited. Process to -- next video. To get this as declaration of a major disaster of a presidential declaration. No fear of somebody although again how -- works out his you know there's. Very. Complex framework matrix of information we have to collect. That's a big part of response to -- -- like this is making sure that we. Get all the information together as we submit those those requests. Certainly this I have not seen final. Numbers for the accumulation of -- there's probably knows more than I -- dots in this morning but for if you -- last night Torres there's got to be the largest. -- -- No I can imagine and in the State's history. You know I think we have. The evacuations. So. Making sure we get everybody especially the elderly the infirm -- -- lions. We've got an evacuation going on commerce city and those evacuations of it. That the highest priority cried and we're trying to keep an assessment and -- assessment with each of the local. First responders say we're do you need help and and how urgent is it happened but how we -- more resources. Partly Lebanese -- pit stop right. German in the flat -- off off the front. -- Why we're seeing certainly more. Flooding in certain parts. Aurora north metro area people's basements. It doesn't appear would be you know in most cases I shouldn't say -- only to black blanket statement but most news doesn't appear to be a threat to life I don't think there. In most cases talking about evacuations outside those few that I mentioned. It does mean people shouldn't go down -- -- and look I mean. You can imagine someone who's got there are a lifetime of photographs this from the basement they just weren't thinking or so distracted by the storm. That it they -- down also and they got six inches of water and it did it takes all those memories from himself. There's. There's a level of preparedness and everybody should go through and and you know checked -- house make -- everything's okay. Well that's assessment but right so and it would you. When you filed got a major disaster. You have to try to assess all of that and and and be very specific and delineate exactly what's from the storm. -- some some places the buckled pavement were already buckled. Generally we have very good records. Places -- we have buckled pavement to where we don't I think will be able to delineate that fairly clearly. And make sure that we get me it's gonna take this is not gonna get fixed and a week. We have lost to agree children structure. Answer to take. You know many weeks. To rebuild -- this. -- -- -- you know one of the issues that I've heard now from several. From several sources is people with their iphones -- I mean people had their media and they wanna get a better -- they wanna get out on the bridge that wanna get out. These are -- Deathly situations right this is not something again -- -- and -- -- for two feet of water doesn't look like it's. It's life threatening but it is it's different than the normal water so we could keeping it continued to encourage everybody. Stay off bridges stay away from -- right if it's a colder over and you see that the culvert blocked and there's a bunch of water -- -- behind it. In that waters all this debris that's sooner or later quite likely could push set Colbert now whole roadway away you don't want to be anywhere near when that happens so our. Our our repeated request. Again and again is stay away from bridges stay away from. Street where -- -- -- beds we -- number of collapses it into the water with. Oftentimes without any. You know you you it doesn't look like there's any any a sign of weakness all of a sudden sixty slides off and -- the into the creek. You don't wanna be -- when that happens let's -- the mother nature of run the -- its course and then we go out look and and and and and marvel at the strength in the power but right now let's stay safe. -- -- Great thanks yes. Are those -- Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. Treating the latest on the situation in Colorado there where. In -- north western part of the state they are dealing with tremendous amounts of flooding. And Raman has been happening over the past 48 hours in fact three people's deaths. Have been attributed to the massive flooding that has taken place up there thousands of people have been evacuated and at last check. At least a dozen people have still been reported missing all from the rising waters in the floodwaters. There have been coming down Boulder County. Down towards the Denver area and as we just heard from the governor saying there that they are in the process of trying to file for a major disaster relief effort. As the National Guard and FEMA are now getting on the scene there and trying to get people that have been stranded in some of that area's. That are just simply surrounded by these images of this rushing water creeks and rivers that have been. Over swell is swollen sometimes ten times their normal height for this time of the year. And we heard from a couple of news releases this morning and yesterday as well that the county is simply -- from the fact that the storm is so unique that every drainage system. Has somehow been affected so. Essentially where the water has no place to go it is simply building up and building all kinds of pressure and that is. What's causing a lot of the bridges to give out a lot of the roadways to simply wash away and the scenes in the sights and just unbelievable of these. Efforts of rescue or people trying to go out there and get people out of cars keep people out of their homes. And -- as -- governor said there is more rain expected for this afternoon. For that hard his state of course we have a complete report on For now I'm Dan Butler New York. With the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from ABC.

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{"id":20251968,"title":"Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Credits FEMA For Fast-Acting Flood Relief ","duration":"12:11","description":"Hickenlooper says neighboring states have assisted in rescue efforts amid rising flood waters.","url":"/US/video/colorado-gov-john-hickenlooper-credits-fema-fast-acting-20251968","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}