Colorado Governor Mourns Slain Prison Chief

Governor John Hickenlooper hails Tom Clements as "best choice" for the job.
4:12 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Colorado Governor Mourns Slain Prison Chief
Well we. -- stand here. With -- hearts. And institution words. You all know that. Tom was shot last night in his home. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Lisa and their two daughters. Certainly with all the employees of the -- of corrections who. Tom books so hard -- we lured Tom. The way he -- was retiring. Its number two guy corrections in Missouri after. 31 years. He was. Far away. These. The best choice would -- find anywhere in the country. He understood the importance of the building it's a team. And an operating and enterprise. -- -- Your staff is motivated. Focused. You know he first. -- that was gonna go to another state. And then upon reflection. Came to Colorado. And we are so grateful. The time that he gave us. He was. Dedicated. Committed. Funny. Caring. Expert. At but corrections. He had a sense of humor that. All of us. There. You almost can't describe it but his sense of timing when he would -- A zinger fly was so unpredictable and yet so. Astute. He was a great friend to me to I think all of us. -- approached -- corrections -- is all about. Best practices and using. Data and information to -- two continuously improve the way. The way we do things. How do we make. Our prisons safer. Not just for the employees but through it. The inmates. How do we do a better job of preparing inmates for returning to the community. His. And failing. Good nature. Would come through. And in everything he did. And his. That the depth of his caring. About again not just the people who work with but the inmates who were there. But those of us -- that he worked with. Was. Was remarkable. She was so dedicated to his staff. -- you would have. Town hall meetings. At the various. Prisons around the staged. On a regular basis. He would ask in those meetings. Almost always. How do we uplift staff. How do we. Help our staff. Do a better job and also how to be uplifted and make their days. Better and -- Yeah. Thompson has dedicated his life to be a public servant. Speaking. Our state better to making the world a better place. And he is going to be deeply deeply missed.

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{"id":18772324,"title":"Colorado Governor Mourns Slain Prison Chief","duration":"4:12","description":"Governor John Hickenlooper hails Tom Clements as \"best choice\" for the job.","url":"/US/video/colorado-governor-mourns-slain-prison-chief-tom-clements-18772324","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}